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Monitor | Your call is important to us |
arms race between voice recognition for call center quality control (counting "that's great" and "I understand") and the call centre coachers teaching employees how to prompt for those words.
march 2008 by gnat
The Coming Wave of Gadgets That Listen and Obey - New York Times
speech recognition coming. Vlingo, Yap Inc., Microsoft's TellMe, SimulScribe.
future  trends  voice 
january 2008 by gnat
Jabphone - Jabber to phone gateway
Call out to a real phone from Google Talk
voip  voice  google  talk  jabber 
january 2006 by gnat
Internet phone calls on the rise
Article with numbers on the penetration of VoIP
voice  numbers  radar 
november 2005 by gnat
Skype opens marketplace for voice services
Run voice services off Skype apps. But only 400 developers?
voice  radar  skype  tellme 
september 2005 by gnat
VoIP with POTS connection. 4.9c/minute to New Zealand
voip  voice  pots 
september 2005 by gnat
SiVuS - VoIP Vulnerability Scanner
First publicly available vulnerability scanner for VoIP networks
voip  voice  security  radar 
september 2005 by gnat
What we use our mobile devices for
Pictures is number one, voice is FIFTH on the list! Remember, Nokia ships more digital cameras than anyone else.
mobile  voice  radar 
september 2005 by gnat
Smart Talk: Speech-enabled apps deliver bottom-line benefits - Computerworld
Prices in the speech-enabled apps market dropped 30% in the last 5 years, proprietary systems being replaced with standards, lots of tuning required.
voice  ui  radar 
august 2005 by gnat

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