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Lost Garden: The Princess Rescuing Application: Slides
Awesome talk on design of games and some lessons for applications. Not enough specifics for applications, though. It's one thing to say "this is what made games successful", another to be able to apply those things to more staid and utilitarian projects.
games  design  web2.0  ux  ui 
november 2008 by gnat
Cappuccino Web Framework - Download
Cappuccino and Objective-J LGPLed. github hosted.
web  javascript  ui  opensource 
september 2008 by gnat
haptic UI device
hardware  ui 
september 2008 by gnat
adaptive path » aurora concept video
Very impressive work from Adaptive Path. Although I disagree with some of their UI choices, the first video alone inspired me to think differently about how I use a browser (and how I want to use a browser).
web  ux  ui  future  media 
september 2008 by gnat
Wiimote without the Wii
Python lib for Wii remote access using lightblue Bluetooth library (OSX and Linux).
python  osx  linux  hardware  ui 
september 2008 by gnat
ubiquity-firefox: ubiquity/chrome/content/cmdutils.js@d6547213ec53
the cmdutils package, which has the basic helper goodies for building commands
firefox  javascript  ui 
august 2008 by gnat
Touch Computing Hits Its Stride
Businessweek covers multitouch. Only mentions MS and Apple.
multitouch  ui 
july 2008 by gnat - the unofficial google shell.
very clever, and somehow comforting. I'm used to having features integrated in commands rather than menu options.
javascript  google  ui 
june 2008 by gnat
Mind Hacks: Playing mind games, off the shelf
re: EEG. "the electrical activity from something as small as the eye-blink muscles drowns out the signal from the brain."
brain  ui 
march 2008 by gnat
BBC NEWS | Technology | Beyond the keyboard and mouse
Guitar hero => Wii => MS Surface => homebrew Wii hacks => Emotiv brain reading
march 2008 by gnat
~ NUI Group » Wiki » index
"This wiki contains information about the software & hardware related to multitouch and multi-model input systems. Also you will be able to find out general information about our community here."
hardware  multitouch  projects  research  hacks  ui 
march 2008 by gnat
Weather map interface lets you feel the wind - tech - 05 March 2008 - New Scientist Tech
bump table where bumps correspond to high or low pressure/wind zones. feel atmospheric pressure on a map.
haptic  ui  hardware 
march 2008 by gnat
Cyber Goggles: High-tech memory aid ::: Pink Tentacle
"a smart video goggle system that records everything the wearer looks at, recognizes and assigns names to objects that appear in the video, and creates an easily searchable database of the recorded footage."
ui  hardware  research 
march 2008 by gnat
Touch-Screen Voting Machines Not Counted On - SD Times On The Web
Avi Rubin against touch-screen machines. Fortify offered their scanner to all state governments to check voting machines and so takers.
democracy  security  ui 
march 2008 by gnat
Microsoft's Lucid Touch transparent, multi-touch mobile device, LucidTouch photo
semi-transparent device you interact with by touching the back of the screen (you can see your fingers through it, very weird). From Microsoft Research.
microsoft  research  ui  multitouch 
march 2008 by gnat
The iStuff Project
iStuff is a project that includes a toolkit of physical devices, and a flexible software infrastructure, designed to simplify the exploration of novel interaction techniques.
hardware  ui 
march 2008 by gnat
Haptics: Georgia Tech Gesture Toolkit: Supporting Experiments in
toolkit to hide the HMM model. you build the models, give it examples of gestures, train it up, and can get 93% accuracy. not sure if i want 1 in 10 of my interactions misunderstood, though.
gestural  ui  research 
february 2008 by gnat
Japan: Google's Real-Life Lab
Google's challenges in Japan with savvy consumers. They hope to roll out what works there to the rest of the world. Obviously highly dependent on rest of world getting unsucky mobile bandwidth.
google  japan  ui  mobile 
february 2008 by gnat
YouTube - reactable: basic demo #1
drop things on a table and cool shit happens. making music. good vid.
ui  media  hardware 
february 2008 by gnat
Will the future really look like "Minority Report"? -
John Underkoffler interviewed about Minority Report tech
multitouch  ui  people  media 
february 2008 by gnat
PlayMotion puts the body in games and computing
"The company did a project for Disney World that resulted in an Atlanta Business Journal Article. It added an interactive game that people could play while waiting in line an hour for a three-minute ride. It had up to 300 people playing simultaneously. "
gaming  ui 
february 2008 by gnat
Grand Challenges for Engineering
National Academy of Engineering's grand chall
science  research  future  bio  education  energy  environment  ui 
february 2008 by gnat
Haptics: A Survey of Hand Posture and Gesture Recognition Techniques and Technology
This paper is the survey paper dealing with the survey of hand posture and gesture recognition techniques used in the literature.
ui  cv  ai  research 
february 2008 by gnat
Motorlab - People
brain machine interfaces
ui  brain  research  people 
november 2007 by gnat
Main Page - Interactive Gestures Pattern Library
This site is for the collection and dissemination of gestural interface information and patterns, such as found on such devices as the iPhone and Wii. Please feel free to edit and add information and patterns as you see fit.
mobile  ui 
november 2007 by gnat
Laser guns, webcams, marshmellows, python and Halloween! []
great UI! i love the feedback loop. it reminds me of Rael's idea for a cheapo shared whiteboard made from iSights and real whiteboards.
ui  mac  games 
november 2007 by gnat DarwiinRemote
add wii remote capabilities to your os x apps
hacks  ui  apple  mac  opensource 
september 2007 by gnat
The Jack Principles
21 principles for online conversations, from the makers of the You Don't Know Jack game.
ui  design  gaming  interaction 
september 2007 by gnat
ZK - #1 Ajax project in
1 XUL and 82 XHTML off-the-shelf components, such as grid, tabbox, tree, combobox, chart, splitter, slider, audio... Macro components - developing new components without programming Modal dialogs Drag and drop Context menus Browser history Customizab
javascript  ui  web  design  programming 
january 2007 by gnat
Firebug - Web Development Evolved
CSS, HTML, Javascript debugger editor and monitor built into Firefox
web  design  ui  css  javascript  programming 
january 2007 by gnat
Macworld: News: Microsoft reveals details of Office 2008 for Mac
Mac users won't get the ribbon, just "similar features". Ships in 2nd half. Can read/write Office Open XML Formats.
microsoft  software  mac  office  ui 
january 2007 by gnat
Everyware - iaretreat05 - JotSpot
notes from a talk on user experience in ubiquitous computing
design  hardware  ui 
november 2005 by gnat
United Keys - Home
LCDs in keys for a fully programmable keyboard
hardware  ui 
october 2005 by gnat
Wikiwyg - Home
Javascript addon for any textarea to give you WYSIWYG HTML
javascript  html  web  ui 
september 2005 by gnat
span that does suggestion/completion. Code ready to go.
ajax  ui  web 
september 2005 by gnat
Smart Talk: Speech-enabled apps deliver bottom-line benefits - Computerworld
Prices in the speech-enabled apps market dropped 30% in the last 5 years, proprietary systems being replaced with standards, lots of tuning required.
voice  ui  radar 
august 2005 by gnat
stamen: vox delicii
Nifty visual tool to explore what's been popular on delicious in the last week. Check out the other things Stamen have done--they're making some pretty pretty things in Flash.
flash  tagging  viz  ui  radar 
august 2005 by gnat
Interesting UI with no clicks.
ui  radar 
july 2005 by gnat
Dashboard Rant
An interesting contrarian position to the "I love Dashboard!" love-in I've heard since Tiger's release.
apple  mac  dashboard  ui  radar 
may 2005 by gnat
More on GPS and Cameras
Nice interface! Drag the mouse along the route on a map and see the photos from the dashboard-mounted camera.
geo  gps  mapping  ui  python 
may 2005 by gnat
gaming/fantasy fonts
buffy, alchemy, morpheus, etc.
design  fonts  ui 
june 2004 by gnat

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