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Twitter data accurately tracked Haiti cholera outbreak | Global development |
.@rgkirkpatrick: Twitter data predicted cholera outbreak in Haiti 2 weeks earlier than official records. #strataconf
twitter  journalism  wisdomofcrowds 
october 2012 by gnat
This is the repository for the Effective Scala document from Twitter.
twitter  scala  programming  tutorial 
may 2012 by gnat
Birdfeed - A very nice Twitter client for your iPhone
direct messages as conversations; local caching
twitter  iphone 
june 2009 by gnat
Clay Shirky: How Twitter can make history | Video on
Clay is a fantastic speaker. Love his slide of the most clicked links on Twitter during Chinese earthquake: 9/10 were related to the earthquake. Last was laughingsquid's pointer to "kittens on a treadmill".
internet  culture  twitter  politics  social  software 
june 2009 by gnat
NPRbackstory: Finding value in news archives through automation » Nieman Journalism Lab
NPRbackstory uses Google’s Hot Trends data to determine what topics people have suddenly started searching for in large numbers. It uses NPR’s API to search the archives, then uses Yahoo Pipes to create an RSS feed that then gets cycled into the NPRbackstory Twitter account.
twitter  news  journalism 
may 2009 by gnat (Birdfeeder)
distributed Twitter protocol
twitter  distributed  rest  web 
april 2009 by gnat
The Failure of #amazonfail « Clay Shirky
Though the #amazonfail event is important for several reasons, I can’t write about it dispassionately, because I was an enthusiastic participant in its use on Sunday. I was wrong, because I believed things that weren’t true. As bad as that was, though, far worse is the retrofitting of alternate rationales to continue to view Amazon with suspicion, rationales that would not have provoked the outrage we felt had they been all we were asked to react to in the first place.
internet  culture  twitter  amazon 
april 2009 by gnat
Lefsetz Letter » Blog Archive » E-Mail Of The Day
the times they are a-changing fucking dramatically, when pong-twittering with trent reznor means way more to your fan-base/business than whether or not the record is in fucking stores (and in my case, it ain’t in fucking stores).
twitter  media  business 
april 2009 by gnat
Twitter Celebrities
I follow @stephenfry and @neilgaiman
twitter  people  socal 
february 2009 by gnat
Twitter with tags and federation, designed as the message bus for human- and machine-readable messages. Tagging is the routing.
business  web2.0  social  software  twitter 
november 2008 by gnat

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