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API Value Creation, Not Monetization « Laura Merling’s Blog
On the side of the unexpected but interesting outcomes, Kevin said they have seen a flurry of internally developed business applications. In the past many valuable, internal-facing projects were turned down because the programs had to meet strict top line to bottom line ratios. With the availability to data and services, many teams within the company now have access to things they didn’t in the past, and project costs have been minimized. Throughout the company, consumers of the API have been able to launch successful projects that have created additional revenue and have reduced the overall development costs for new projects.
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june 2009 by gnat
mySociety » Blog Archive » What the government doesn’t understand about the Internet, and what to do about it
Accept that any state institution that says “we control all the information about X” is going to look increasingly strange and frustrating to a public that’s used to be able to do whatever they want with information about themselves, or about anything they care about (both private and public). This means accepting that federated identity systems are coming and will probably be more successful than even official ID card systems: ditto citizen-held medical records. It means saying “We understand that letting train companies control who can interface with their ticketing systems means that the UK has awful train ticket websites that don’t work as hard as they should to help citizens buy cheaper tickets more easily. And we will change that, now.”
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june 2009 by gnat
The Accidental Businessman: Smart developers update often
the opportunity to build a following by updating your app often
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february 2009 by gnat / Home UK / UK - Break free from the tragic folly of crowds
pre-programmed scripts and mental shortcuts as recipe for trouble
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october 2008 by gnat
Technology Beats a Full House
the greater the spend on IT, the greater the gap between companies performance. "proof" that IT is a "game changer". (gag)
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july 2008 by gnat
MediaPost Publications - The Fight For The Second Click - 01/03/2008
"fight for the second click" = battle for content. Google's won the first (search with Google) click. The second represents the user's choice from the list of results--do they go to a Google property (more GOOG ad$) or to a third party (no GOOG ad)?
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february 2008 by gnat
VisionMobile Forum :: The significance of Google’s Android
This is a fascinating insight. I think BSD vs GPL isn't important--someone will open source all their platform, and then the competitors will be reduced to competing against open source ... we know how well that works.
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december 2007 by gnat
Spice Girls VC (Skrentablog)
"the process of seeking VC ended up calling your own competitors into existence" those who fund you get to see your business plan and have grilled you about your ideas.
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november 2007 by gnat

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