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Yahoo! Query Language - YDN
Quite a stunning accomplishment! A simple SQL-like interface to all public Yahoo! APIs. I wonder whether it's something people would use for real, though, or whether it's just a "simple and once you're hooked you'll be using the individual APIs" gentle introduction.
web2.0  yahoo  sql  open  apis  axehandle 
november 2008 by gnat
Pig | Yahoo! Research
SQL-style language for parallel processing of data sets. Works with Hadoop. BSD license.
data  parallel  programming  research  yahoo  sql  opensource 
april 2007 by gnat
Dataface — Dataface: Put a face on your database
automagically generates the appropriate forms, lists, and menus for a user to interact with the database without having to know any SQL (structured query language).Dataface gives developers the flexibility to customize the features and behavior of their D
programming  opensource  databases  sql 
february 2007 by gnat
Ajaxian: JavaScript Database: In Browser
Store JSON data in a local system and query it on the client with SQL.
web  ajax  javascript  sql  databases 
october 2005 by gnat
WWW SQL Designer
In-browser GUI for building database definition SQL. Drag and drop to form relations, export to SQL.
ajax  sql  databases 
october 2005 by gnat
Clever! They index code snippets from books whose code tarballs are available on the net.
code  programming  opensource  php  perl  sql  java  python  rails  c#  javascript  flash  shell  xml  ant  html  books  radar 
august 2005 by gnat
Crystal Reports written in Java, with MySql, PostgreSql, Oracle, etc. capabilities
programming  sql 
april 2004 by gnat

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