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The Nature of Code
love the humblebundlesque "decide how much you pay, and how much goes to the foundation" sliders.
book  processing  programming  simulation  business 
october 2012 by gnat
James Governor’s Monkchips » Living In De-material World: On Microsoft, Train SIM and the Virtual Everything
"Microsoft basically wants to model the entire world as accurately as possible, embedding “real” physics into the system. The ambition is stunning-and so is the work. Microsoft is not only looking to establish a simulation of everything, but then to integrate it, with, for example, Virtual Earth."
simulation  microsoft  games 
september 2008 by gnat
The Blue Brain shows gamma oscillations « Neuronism
Does this mean the brain has a clockrate of 40-80Hz? If so, it's definitely testament to the power of parallelism.
brain  simulation 
september 2008 by gnat
original simcity was written for the Commodore 64! that's awesome.
games  vintage  olpc  simulation 
december 2007 by gnat
The Gerris Flow Solver
Gerris is an Open Source Free Software library for the solution of the partial differential equations describing fluid flow. GPL. Supported by NIWA in NZ.
nz  opensource  physics  simulation  math 
august 2007 by gnat
Werewolf Statistics
results of simulating werewolf with different #s of players and allocations of werewolves et al.
gaming  statistics  simulation 
august 2007 by gnat

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