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The rest of the (virtual) office found this Easter Egg amusing:
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march 2011 by gnat
Circos - visualize genomes and genomic data
Circos is designed for visualizing genomic data such as alignments, conservation, and generalized 2D data, such as line, scatter, heatmap and histogram plots. Circos is very flexible — you can use it to visualize any kind of data, not just genomics. Circos has been used to visualize customer flow in the auto industry, volume of courier shipments, database schemas, and presidential debates.
perl  open  source  data  viz 
april 2009 by gnat
Badger Power
perl  web 
august 2008 by gnat
Pulp Perl
brilliant and funny
books  fun  perl 
june 2008 by gnat
Tenser, said the Tensor:
Perl code to find cliched patterns like "X is the new Y", "one man's X is another man's Y", "have X will travel" using Google results
culture  language  fun  perl 
december 2007 by gnat
CPAN Testers Statistics
awesome in its awesomeness. Graphs of how well people's modules work, leaderboard of which maintainers make the least smoke, etc.
perl  community  testing  statistics 
november 2007 by gnat
The SVMTool is a simple and effective generator of sequential taggers based on Support Vector Machines. outperforms other taggers for speed and accuracy. Perl implementation as well as C++.
language  nlp  programming  ai  opensource  perl 
august 2007 by gnat
Don't Fall Asleep in the Wrong Place
This is why Perl rocks. No camel ever ate a person.
perl  python  animal  fun 
july 2007 by gnat
Clutter Toolkit
an open source software library for creating fast, visually rich graphical user interfaces. The most obvious example of potential usage is in media center type applications. OpenGL
python  programming  gui  library  opensource  perl 
april 2007 by gnat Charting Data at the Bottom of the World
I have an odd job: I'm the only programmer for about 500 miles. I look after experiments on a remote Antarctic research station and look after the data they produce.
perl  programming 
march 2007 by gnat
Regular Expression Matching Can Be Simple And Fast
This is a tale of two approaches to regular expression matching. One of them is in widespread use in the standard interpreters for many languages, including Perl. The other is used only in a few places, notably most implementations of awk and grep. The tw
perl  programming  regexps 
february 2007 by gnat
a grep replacement that ignores .svn/CVS/blib directories, understands file types, uses Perl regexes, and much more
programming  opensource  perl 
january 2007 by gnat
Backstage competition winners anounced
Kudos to Leon ("acme" in the Perl world) for winning! mighTyV is fantastic.
bbc  backstage  tv  media  perl  radar 
october 2005 by gnat
mail2mysql is a script which reads a mailbox file, parses the messages and inserts them into a MySQL database
mysql  perl  mail  databases 
october 2005 by gnat
Clever! They index code snippets from books whose code tarballs are available on the net.
code  programming  opensource  php  perl  sql  java  python  rails  c#  javascript  flash  shell  xml  ant  html  books  radar 
august 2005 by gnat
Call PHP from Perl and vice-versa
This is incredible. David Wheeler (of Bricolage fame) hired George Schlossnagle (of Advanced PHP fame) to write a PHP 5 interpreter embedded in Perl. You can run PHP 5 code from Perl, and because there's full interop of data types, the PHP code can acce
perl  php  programming  radar 
august 2005 by gnat
SendSMS - Send SMS messages
Perl script to send SMS to AT&T, Bell Canada, Bell Mobility, Cellular One, Cricket, Sprint PCS, SkyTel and T-Mobile phones
mobile  perl  software 
may 2005 by gnat Leo Lapworth / SVG-TT-Graph
generate charts and graphs in SVG from Perl using Template Toolkit
graphics  perl  programming  web  viz 
september 2004 by gnat
user-friendly multi-protocol open source IM
perl  programming 
june 2004 by gnat
Perl Cookbook
it's an "off site backup" of my book
books  perl  programming 
june 2004 by gnat
BSFPerl Project
bean scripting framework, for Perl
java  perl  programming 
may 2004 by gnat
Extreme Perl - Home
extreme programming in perl
perl  programming 
april 2004 by gnat
KCachegrind and Perl
Devel::DProf support in KCachegrind
perl  programming 
march 2004 by gnat

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