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Unskilled and Unaware of it
research showing how poorly people rate themselves
social  psychology  business  papers 
june 2007 by gnat
Programming Parallel Algorithms
use "work" and "depth" rather than "running time". support for nested data-parallel constructs. NESL programming language. examples of // algorithms.
parallel  programming  research  algorithms  papers 
march 2007 by gnat
PLoS Biology - Evolution by Any Other Name: Antibiotic Resistance and Avoidance of the E-Word
we show that the actual word “evolution” is rarely used in the papers describing this research. Instead, antimicrobial resistance is said to “emerge,” “arise,” or “spread” rather than “evolve.” Moreover, we show that the failure to use
religion  language  politics  science  papers 
february 2007 by gnat
5th USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies - Paper
We find that in the field, annual disk replacement rates typically exceed 1%, with 2-4% common and up to 13% observed on some systems. This suggests that field replacement is a fairly different process than one might predict based on datasheet MTTF.
papers  hardware 
february 2007 by gnat
Sentiment classification
Sentiment classification on customer feedback data: noisy data, large feature vectors, and the role of linguistic analysis.
ai  cs  papers 
october 2004 by gnat
Video Tooning
cartoon animation from video
cs  graphics  papers 
october 2004 by gnat
A Large-Scale Study of the Evolution of Web Pages
crawled the web and tried to figure out which pages change and how often
ai  cs  papers  web 
october 2004 by gnat
Snowball: Extracting Relations from Large Plain-Text Collections
cool, a version of #perl's infobot that learns patterns like "___'s CEO, ___"
ai  cs  papers 
october 2004 by gnat
Planning and Markets
a collection of papers on effectiveness of markets at planning and allocating resources
fm  papers 
october 2004 by gnat
A Comparison of String Distance Metrics for Name-Matching Tasks - Cohen, Ravikumar, Fienberg (ResearchIndex)
Using an open-source, Java toolkit of name-matching methods, we experimentally compare string distance metrics on the task of matching entity names
cs  papers 
september 2004 by gnat

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