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NPRbackstory: Finding value in news archives through automation » Nieman Journalism Lab
NPRbackstory uses Google’s Hot Trends data to determine what topics people have suddenly started searching for in large numbers. It uses NPR’s API to search the archives, then uses Yahoo Pipes to create an RSS feed that then gets cycled into the NPRbackstory Twitter account.
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may 2009 by gnat
Man Bites Blog: Hey, You Media Wimps! If You Want to Save Newspapers, Learn to Love Your iPhones, Then Go Join Facebook | The New York Observer
“Google is great for Google, but it’s terrible for content providers, because it divides that content quantitatively rather than qualitatively. And if you are going to get people to pay for content, you have to encourage them to make qualitative decisions about that content.” -- WSJ managing editor
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february 2009 by gnat
How the newspaper industry tried to invent the Web but failed. - By Jack Shafer - Slate Magazine
"What you're really worried about is an electronic Yellow Pages that will destroy your advertising base, isn't it?"
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january 2009 by gnat
The Media Equation - Will Someone Please Invent iTunes for News? -
great headline, but it's just more bleatin about falling newspaper revenues. iTunes model not good for news, anyway--I listen to songs again and again but don't want to read the news again and again. Yesterday's news lines budgie cages. Perhaps there's just too many newspapers--we can get opinions and bare details on what's happening in the world for free, and they're largely undifferentiated. Let most of them die, and perhaps news will become valuable again.
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january 2009 by gnat
UAL Story Blame Is Placed on Computer -
Google News surfaced an old article about United being close to bankruptcy, triggered trading bots to sell, price went from $12 to $3, recovered to nearly $10 within the day--still a loss of $300M of market cap.
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september 2008 by gnat
Big Daily's 'Hyperlocal' Flop -
dangers of trying something new in a big org, unwillingness to cannibalize existing sales; prom should be big news
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june 2008 by gnat
The first EveryBlock 'special report' / The EveryBlock Blog
more journalism with code: "special reports" are for one-offs that don't deserve their own long-lasting layers (e.g., a crime investigation, or the Olympics, but not "food inspector reports')
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june 2008 by gnat
The Guardian on Google Maps
Guardian reporters on a Google Map
news  geo 
february 2008 by gnat
smart-arse daily video cast of the news
news  fun 
february 2008 by gnat - Why are you angry today?
interesting view of what disgruntulates journalists
media  news 
february 2008 by gnat
Yahoo! News Tag Soup
Uses Y!'s content analysis web service to auto-tag news stories from the Y! News RSS feed, then builds a tag map showing what's popular.
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may 2005 by gnat
treeview of Google News
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march 2004 by gnat

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