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Whither Sockets? - ACM Queue
All of these calls have one thing in common: the calling program must repeatedly ask for data to be delivered. In the world of client/server computing these constant requests make perfect sense, because the server cannot do anything without a request from the client. It makes little sense for a print server to call a client unless the client has something it wishes to print. What, however, if the service being provided is music or video distribution? In a media distribution service there may be one or more sources of data and many listeners. For as long as the user is listening to or viewing the media, the most likely case is that the application will want whatever data has arrived. Specifically requesting new data is a waste of time and resources for the application. The sockets API does not provide the programmer a way in which to say, "Whenever there is data for me, call me to process it directly."
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may 2009 by gnat
MSR SenseWeb Project
"SenseWeb is a peer produced sensor network that consists of sensors deployed by contributors across the globe. It allows developing sensing applications that use the shared sensing resources and our sensor querying and tasking mechanisms. SensorMap is one such application that mashes up sensor data from SenseWeb on a map interface, and provides interactive tools to selectively query sensors and visualize data, along with authenticated access to manage sensors."
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november 2008 by gnat
Bioenergy pact between Europe and Africa
underground sensors to collect soil moisture, temperature, and nutrient info.
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october 2008 by gnat
Distance no barrier to reef care | Australian IT
reef-based IP network monitoring Great Barrier Reef. Sensor measures water temp, salinity, pressure, and acidity.
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september 2008 by gnat
Greentech Media: Green Light » Blog Archive » Green Light Interview: Fred Wang, Trinity Ventures
"To Trinity Ventures, green technology largely revolves around networking. Rather than place investments on biofuels or solar panels, the firm is largely focusing its green efforts on companies that hope to cut power and water consumption with IT technologies, according to Fred Wang, general partner. (ed note: It’s a strategy that’s similar to one that’s led to pretty good results for Foundation Capital.)"
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august 2008 by gnat
Ragel State Charts
to create rock solid network servers
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march 2007 by gnat
IT - Network Statistics & Visualizations
a Google Earth overlay to visualize LCG Tier0-Tier1 network statistics for Service Challenge 4.
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february 2007 by gnat Tiny Asynchronous DNS lookup library
TADNS is small, portable asynchronous DNS lookup library written in ANSI C. Works on Windows and UNIX. Extremely simple and clean API. The source code resides in single .c file.
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february 2007 by gnat

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