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The Inform 7 Handbook
adventure game writing tutorial for middle-school kids
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april 2009 by gnat
ivan krstić · code culture » Languages and security: a short reading list
# The “My name is Correctness, king of kings” people say that security problems are merely one manifestation of incorrectness, which is dissonance between what the program is supposed to do and what its implementation actually does. This tends to be the group led by mathematicians, and you can recognize them because their solutions revolve around proofs and the writing and (automatic) verification thereof.
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march 2009 by gnat
Joe Gregorio | BitWorking | The professionalization of scripting languages
I concur: lots of research into making dynamic languages perform, with consequence that you'll need to know a huge pile of compiler theory to write the Next Big Scripting Language.
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june 2008 by gnat
Jim Hugunin's Thinking Dynamic : A Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR)
DLR adds a small set of key features to the CLR explicitly for the needs of dynamic languages. These include a shared dynamic type system, standard hosting model and support to make it easy to generate fast dynamic code.
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may 2007 by gnat
2006 Lang.NET Symposium
symposium on porting languages to the .NET CLR. Hosted by Microsoft in Redmond after OSCON.
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may 2007 by gnat
Dryad - Home
Microsoft's own programming language for mapreduce coding.
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april 2007 by gnat
Main Page - TransterpreterWiki
The Transterpreter is a small (2000 lines of code), portable (strict ANSI C), open-source runtime for a growing family of massively concurrent programming languages. Capable of supporting thousands of threads on small devices, it is well suited for embedd
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march 2007 by gnat
Stevey's Blog Rants: The Next Big Language
I'm going to outline the characteristics that a language needs in order to be a megahit
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february 2007 by gnat

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