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How we made Blue Peter | Television & radio | The Guardian
UK kids show *had Anne Frank's father on*. Can't imagine that happening today.
tv  kids 
february 2013 by gnat
Not sure of silence - Imgur
are kids silent or doing something horrible wrong
kids  funny  image 
september 2011 by gnat
The Concept of a General Education
we’ll propose a different approach: to provide our children with ideas they could use to invent their own theories about themselves
education  kids 
january 2011 by gnat
Talking about the past | Psychology Today
why early childhood memories aren't formed
science  kids  brain 
january 2011 by gnat
Make: Online : Children's Arduino Workshop
eleven year old kids having a great time with an Arduino project
hardware  hacking  kids 
april 2009 by gnat
The Inform 7 Handbook
adventure game writing tutorial for middle-school kids
kids  tutorial  games  languages 
april 2009 by gnat
Art and gifts for kids babies nerds parents etc
Forget Pat the Bunny -- your baby wants to Pat Schrodinger's Kitty! Help baby search for subatomic particles and explore the universe.
books  kids 
april 2009 by gnat
Art and Code
conf on "programming environments for artists, young people & the rest of us"
programming  kids  events 
february 2009 by gnat
The Serious Need for Play: Scientific American
kids with unstructured play, even playfighting, are more creative
kids  science  health  psychology  parenting 
january 2009 by gnat
The case against Candy Land - Boing Boing
"What’s irritating about the games is that they are exercises in sheer randomness. It’s not that they fail to sharpen any useful skills; it’s that they make it literally impossible for a player to acquire any skills at all."
kids  learning  psychology  brain  evolution  life 
january 2009 by gnat
Welcome to I CAN Learn Online
$30/mo for computer-aided learning courseware for basic math, pre-algebra, and algebra classes. Video lessons, etc.
math  education  kids  web 
november 2008 by gnat
Microdocs: Home
short documentaries on environmental issues. Fantastic!
video  teaching  science  movies  environment  kids 
november 2008 by gnat
ASCD Inservice: MathML Strengthens Digital Math Texts
"In Kentucky, a small pilot study is demonstrating the benefits of this textbook technology for students with different learning styles. Instead of re-creating a complex math problem as a static image file, digital texts that use math markup language, or MathML, are able to speak words and equations while highlighting corresponding elements on a computer screen."
web  math  education  teaching  kids 
october 2008 by gnat
Math Skills Suffer in U.S., Study Finds -
The open problem is: how do you create acceptance and excitement around math in high schools? Particularly problematic if high schools draw from multiple primary schools, so you must work with >1 institution.
education  kids  gender  math 
october 2008 by gnat
dy/dan » Blog Archive » Confronting My Own Irrelevance
A reminder that some people face greater problems in their jobs than debugging threaded Java code: "what kind of sales pitch is that to a kid who's raising himself and his sister and who is, at fourteen, a high-functioning alcoholic, who is, right now, feeling pretty proud of himself for just catching the metro line to school. How am I supposed to tell this kid to solve for x?"
education  kids  jobs 
october 2008 by gnat - The Schools We Need Presentation at Ignite Philly 2 - Uploaded by tdlifestyle
I wish every teacher and principal had his passion, and their schools had his resources.
education  kids  technology 
september 2008 by gnat
FRONTLINE/WORLD . India - Hole in the Wall . The Story | PBS
Sugata Mitra set up a web browser in kiosk mode in a slum. Amazing results.
kids  education  india 
september 2008 by gnat
Danny O’Brien’s Oblomovka » Blog Archive » the dynabook, javascript, and real computer literacy
True literacy is computer literacy! is his call to arms, which doesn't so much roll trippingly off the tongue as it lurches zombie-like from behind your larynx, ricochets off your uvula, and sprawls over the tongue, past the lips, and into the world.
education  kids  computers 
september 2008 by gnat
CSMATE Home Page
to visit the next time I'm in Colorado
education  science  kids 
august 2008 by gnat
OpenWorld Learning - Technology Education Program
501(c)3 that runs after-school 3 hour classes for kids, focusing on writing, reading, computing, and physical well-being. Great stuff. Uses another MIT product, MicroWorlds (commercial Lego).
kids  programming  learning  mit  education 
july 2008 by gnat
A Playground Where Creativity Can Run Wild -
WANT. It's a kid maker playground--build your own toys, play structures, water games.
kids  design 
july 2008 by gnat
The Web Offers Lots of New Ways for Pre-Teenagers to Reinvent Themselves - New York Times
"this is silicon valley, kids trade beta invitations the way previous generations traded baseball cards"
kids  web 
may 2008 by gnat
New York schools | Six books a week |
numbers on success that are hard to argue with
education  kids  school 
may 2008 by gnat
Orange Cone: Information Shadows in children's experiences
webkinz and a disney toy. Big brands => must be hugely successful
kids  ubicomp 
may 2008 by gnat
Money Math
teach kids financial literacy
kids  education  money 
may 2008 by gnat
RFID game system. Not sure computers can bring lasting pleasure to running around if it's not there already.
kids  gaming  toys  hardware  rfid 
april 2008 by gnat
Heading East: Lies I've told my 3 year old recently
The lies are all the kind that would make great short story premises. compare "lies told to children" view of science in "Science of Discworld II". is anything in science as poignant as the last one this list?
kids  parenting  fun 
april 2008 by gnat
At L.A. school, Singapore math has added value - Los Angeles Times
Singaporean math textbooks more focused, better structured. Not all teachers capable of using them, as it assumes some familiarity with math (how unreasonable).
math  education  kids  usa  singapore 
march 2008 by gnat
Pester power | Sob story |
rather a daring and unwise extrapolation from banded mongooses to humans. "Over-fussy" has many causes (e.g., not getting enough milk from breast, colic, gas pains, reflux) and it's never that infants are gaming their parents. Irritating!
parenting  bio  kids  psychology 
march 2008 by gnat
Mathematics for the President and Congress
fantastic rant about state of mathematical education
math  education  kids 
march 2008 by gnat
Making Economics Relevant Again - New York Times
giving Kenyan kids textbooks didn't lift scores, but worming the kids did.
education  africa  kids 
february 2008 by gnat
Textbook Revolution
free college level textbooks. This is good for universities. Are there CC sites for primary age classroom materials? I wonder what can be done to simplify those teachers' coursework development.
education  kids  open 
february 2008 by gnat
OLPC One Laptop Per Child Easy to Repair and Recycle
5 year old Nigerian girl started a repair shop, a "laptop hospital" for her school.
olpc  kids  hardware 
february 2008 by gnat
teaching binary arirthmetic with The Socratic Method
the author taught a group of young kids binary notation using the socratic method. fascinating reading. i'd love to be able to do this. the preparation seems daunting!
education  kids  math 
december 2007 by gnat
Scratch@MIT conference
conference for people using scratch. july 24-26. think i'll go.
education  kids  programming 
december 2007 by gnat
At 71, Physics Professor Is a Web Star - New York Times
professors become internet celebs for great teaching. AS THEY SHOULD. this is fucking awesome for anyone who loves education.
education  internet  itunes  kids  learning 
december 2007 by gnat
Welcome to Webkinz® - a Ganz website
model: sell plush toys to kids, each comes with a code to get access to the "webkinz" web site. clubpenguin but with a one-off purchase model, it appears. not sure it's as good a winner.
kids  business  web 
december 2007 by gnat
Private schools | Feeling uncharitable |
This article implies Brits are questioning their charity-run private schools, saying "if you have high fees and snobby attitudes, that doesn't sound particularly charitable to me so maybe you should pay tax you toffee-nosed fuckers". Or so it seems.
kids  school  england 
december 2007 by gnat
Solar-Terrestrial Environment Laboratory, Nagoya University
Japanese comic books (in English) on science topics like solar wind, global warming, ozone layer, etc.
kids  science  comic  books 
december 2007 by gnat
Practice Evaluating Online Resources: Activity 2
Below are three rubrics designed for different student age groups that you and your students can use to assess web sites. You can download and use these rubrics to help you evaluate the richness of web pages.
education  kids  school  computers 
november 2007 by gnat
New York's schools | The great experiment |
Reform came from centralizing power. NZ has decentralized, given schools a lot of discretion in who they hire, what they spend $ on, etc. What's the right balance? Was centralization a means to an end, structural changes being the real reforms?
education  kids  usa 
november 2007 by gnat
Curvy mothers have brainier kids - being-human - 10 November 2007 - New Scientist
CURVIER women may have smart children because hip fat contains polyunsaturated fatty acids critical for the development of the fetus's brain.
bio  body  health  kids  science 
november 2007 by gnat
Jason R Briggs : Snake Wrangling for Kids
printable ebook for kids who'd like to learn to program.
books  programming  kids 
october 2007 by gnat
Philosophy for Children
question sets for popular(ish) books intended to explore aspects of philosophy. e.g., Where The Wild Things Are leads to questions about what makes something real, can it be real for one and not all, does all saying it's real make it real, etc.
philosophy  education  kids 
october 2007 by gnat
Micahville » Blog Archive » The First Personal Computer That Almost Changed The World
makes me feel old when kids are shocked by line-mode wordprocessors. ``The commands were so arcane that I had to type 5 characters just to make something bold. Think about that. And there is no specific “Delete” key. Just a left backspace.''
retro  hardware  kids 
september 2007 by gnat
Morphonix - Neuromatrix
fun brain game for kids, fps-like, based on neuroscience's mapping of brain regions and functions
games  kids  science 
august 2007 by gnat
Paleontology, Science Education, Dinosaur Expeditions, Discoveries and Exhibits - Project Exploration
Has strong opinions on teaching kids. "rational thought more important than any particular curriculum points about math, science, etc."
scifoo  science  education  kids 
august 2007 by gnat
The Science of Spying at Science Museum - Museums - Around Town - Time Out London
It’s hard to imagine a ten-year-old who won’t love ‘The Science of Spying’, though parents wanting tales of Cold War derring-do or Bletchley Park might want to head for the Imperial War Museum – or, indeed, the Science Museum’s own hilariously
london  science  travel  kids 
march 2007 by gnat
PicoCricket: What Is It?
lego mindstorms but with sound and video and a little movement, instead of trad robots
kids  programming  hardware  robot 
january 2007 by gnat
The Official Blitz Website
BlitzPlus provides developers with a complete 2D programming solution for the PC. Utilising a BASIC/C hybrid language for use with its compiler, BlitzPlus is capable of creating any type of 2D program, with minimal development-time and with minimal hassle
games  programming  windows  kids 
january 2007 by gnat
Scratch is a new programming language that lets you create your own interactive stories, games, music, and art.
kids  programming  games 
january 2007 by gnat
The Phrogram Company
games programming made easy
games  programming  kids 
january 2007 by gnat
Main Page - Context Free Art
context free grammars for design and art
programming  kids 
january 2007 by gnat
collision detection: SquidSoap!
another case of "do the right thing by making it fun"
kids  fun 
january 2007 by gnat
Life before Lotto? Not for 18-year-olds
Things that 2006 highschool graduates have always known.
february 2006 by gnat
Society for Amateur Scientists Home Page
As mentioned at FOO Camp. They have a section on their LABrats program that teaches science to young kids.
hardware  hacks  kids  radar 
august 2005 by gnat
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