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FRONTLINE/WORLD . India - Hole in the Wall . The Story | PBS
Sugata Mitra set up a web browser in kiosk mode in a slum. Amazing results.
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september 2008 by gnat
Indian property | Lights on, nobody home |
The shocking figure in this Indian real estate bust stor is that inflation has tipped 12% in recent weeks.
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august 2008 by gnat
The Coming Death Of Indian Outsourcing -
"Meanwhile, the workforce is getting comfortable in their cubicle chairs, just as the turkey gets comfortable before Thanksgiving." There's a hell of an agenda in this article. Only one negative number is cited (US:India cost going from 5:1 to 3:1)
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march 2008 by gnat
Pregnancy becomes latest job outsourced to India -
surrogate mothers are paid ~$4500 (four years' income) and there's medical supervision and care.
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january 2008 by gnat
The car industry | Not for the faint-hearted |
Tata one of the finalists in the running to buy Jaguar and Land Rover. A sign of the times.
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november 2007 by gnat
"India and China's precocious economies have done more piggybacking than leapfrogging. An economist finds much to laud. A country should face the risks and frustrations of invention only when it has no easier route to economic progress."
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november 2007 by gnat
Onions draw tears again in Maharashtra- Hindustan Times
Onion prices are a hot-button issue, with governments often falling because of rising prices.[...] Onion is an important economic indicator, one of the five foods whose prices influence the inflation rate. Rising onion prices => rise for other essentials.
india  food  politics  economics 
october 2007 by gnat
Asia's skills shortage | Capturing talent |
China has 70k fewer lawyers than California, shortfall of 500k professionals by 2010, India 1st year sweng makes $45k/yr, in 2006 1M Chinese went to study o'seas 70% stayed there, HR manager in Shanghai makes $250k/yr, wages rising above inflation
china  india  economics 
august 2007 by gnat
Outsourcing | External affairs |
Wipro opening software development centres in Austin, Raleigh, and Richmond. Outsourcing jobs to ... America? Part of an interesting article on outsourcing: "gains-sharing" cost models, "intellectual arbitrage" euphemism, single-digit industry growth.
economics  india  usa 
july 2007 by gnat
Fou Camp 2005 - Jace’s Pages
Indian FOO Camp-style event
india  foo 
july 2005 by gnat
Gnunify '05
Indian FLOSS conference
march 2005 by gnat
Q&A: Author of <i>Dude, Did I Steal Your Job?</i> sounds off - Computerworld
predicts Indian programmers will stay in India in 5 years, as job opptys there will be as good as in US
march 2005 by gnat

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