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a well-argued case against using xhtml
web  html 
june 2008 by gnat
The B-List: The future of web standards
great rant about the w3c's immobility and microsoft's enfucktitude
web  html  w3c 
december 2007 by gnat
24 ways: Minification: A Christmas Diet
compress html, css, javascript, and png files with these tools. best name: jsiin (jasmine) for javascript
javascript  css  html  web  design  opensource  tools 
december 2007 by gnat
How to Nail a Sexy Layout Part II: Crop and Style
Taking the design from Part 1 and adding styles
css  html  web  design 
october 2005 by gnat
How To Nail A Sexy Layout Part 1
Common skeleton for all designs, how to customize it
web  design  css  html 
october 2005 by gnat
Wikiwyg - Home
Javascript addon for any textarea to give you WYSIWYG HTML
javascript  html  web  ui 
september 2005 by gnat
Clever! They index code snippets from books whose code tarballs are available on the net.
code  programming  opensource  php  perl  sql  java  python  rails  c#  javascript  flash  shell  xml  ant  html  books  radar 
august 2005 by gnat
An accessible bar chart
HTML only with repeated images
html  web  design 
february 2005 by gnat
Color scheme
design a colour scheme
design  gui  html  web 
april 2004 by gnat
CSS Sprites: Image Slicing’s Kiss of Death
rollover image effects with transparency
css  design  gui  html  web 
march 2004 by gnat
The format=flowed FAQ (f=fAQ)
Understand what your mailer is doing
html  mail 
march 2004 by gnat
The Big Website "Don't!" List | Google AdSense Wishlist
should come with every domain registration and ISP signup form
design  html  web 
march 2004 by gnat

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