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Jonathan Oxer: Blog - Arduino telemetry payload in a class C rocket
Because class-C rockets are so small and light they can't lift much of a payload and I had to keep the mass of the electronics as small as possible. You can get a sense of scale from this photo which shows a small white bundle in the bottom of the nosecone. Inside that bundle is an Arduino Pro Mini 5V/16Mhz, a 433Mhz transmitter module, and a Lilypad 3-axis accelerometer
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may 2009 by gnat
The link between autism and extraordinary ability | Genius locus | The Economist
RRBIs (Restrictive and Repetitive Behaviours and Interests) => 10k hours. savants arise from "ability to see differences where a neurotypical would only see similarities". RTMS gives rise to 1hr improvement in drawing, faces, proofreading, and true memory.
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april 2009 by gnat
Zoom-Zoom-Zoom — Get Multi-Touch Zooming Support on your T-Mobile G1 TODAY « Luke Hutchison
this guy added multitouch to the G1 by tweaking the open source operating system. go open source!
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january 2009 by gnat
Source for "Megaupload auto-fill captcha" –
neural network as greasemoney script (Javascript) that completes Captchas for megaupload.
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january 2009 by gnat
Rise of the garage genome hackers - life - 07 January 2009 - New Scientist
story about diybio, glowing yogurt, math bugs, and nitrogen-fixing bacteria
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january 2009 by gnat
The ‘micro’ enterprise that is chip repair |
Stanford PhD student rewiring chips. Amazing technology!
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december 2008 by gnat
Gear Heart
A heart made out of gears. What an incredible physical toy. WANT.
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october 2008 by gnat
Peak Energy: The Turning Of The Worm
a table with a worm farm built in, and even a cctv that lets you spy on the worms' activity in the top 9 inches of compost. Worms are harmed by white light, so the tv has to show infrared. no mention of whether you want rotting waste in your living room.
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august 2008 by gnat
Annals of Medicine: The Checklist: Reporting & Essays: The New Yorker
checklists help doctors and nurses, raise standards of care, and save lives. Even when everyone thinks they're already doing what's on the checklist.
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may 2008 by gnat
~ NUI Group » Wiki » index
"This wiki contains information about the software & hardware related to multitouch and multi-model input systems. Also you will be able to find out general information about our community here."
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march 2008 by gnat
Life from Scratch: Science News Online, Jan. 12, 2008
creating life by piecing together small molecules that themselves are not alive
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january 2008 by gnat DarwiinRemote
add wii remote capabilities to your os x apps
hacks  ui  apple  mac  opensource 
september 2007 by gnat
Petscii Forums "PETSCII.COM" - Unveiling the Picodore 64 - a Commodore PDA!
Dude built himself the case and innards. It's wood covered with silver paper! Works, though.
c64  retro  hacks  hardware 
july 2007 by gnat
i am pleased precariously
A couple of weeks ago I was fooling around the the <canvas> stuff in firefox, and wanted an involved test of it animating something. I couldn't find one, so I ported one of the xscreensaver modules, "ifs", to javascript.
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april 2007 by gnat
Wired 15.04: Mixed Feelings
hey look, it's Quinn's "Body Hacks" talk but without attribution. that's pretty crappy.
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march 2007 by gnat
mobile 802.11 antennas from Chinese cookware
mobile  wifi  hacks 
january 2006 by gnat
Society for Amateur Scientists Home Page
As mentioned at FOO Camp. They have a section on their LABrats program that teaches science to young kids.
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august 2005 by gnat

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