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Greenwashing vs social change
CFL doesn't lead to massive lifestyle alternations necessary. I support Saul's statement that the market is about to force a lifestyle correction upon us.
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july 2008 by gnat
Microsoft and Cisco eye Iceland for green server farms | The Register
Both Cisco and Microsoft will investigate the possibility of establishing server farms in Iceland powered fully by renewable energy.
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may 2008 by gnat
BBC NEWS | Business | First zero-emission home unveiled
ventilation, solar array, high level of wall insulation, biomass boiler. burns wood pellets (carbon neutral). meets UK's level 6 standards, which all homes build in 2016 will have to have
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june 2007 by gnat
Khosla Ventures
Vinod's talks. The energy ones are real crackers!
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may 2007 by gnat

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