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Government digital guru Loosemore stumbles into diplomatic incident
The service has replaced the old "triangle of despair" - legacy systems; lengthy and complex procurement processes; and PRINCE 2 project management - with the iterative process of alpha, beta, and live, informed by constant user testing and feedback, he said
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may 2013 by gnat
Government Digital Service thumbs down to apps - The Information
The case for delivering services in mobile optimised formats may be clear says Loosemore but "investing in native apps is rarely justified". And his post lays out a number of hurdles which must be cleared before “ stand-alone mobile apps” will be allowed.

“For government services, we believe the benefits of developing and maintaining apps will very rarely justify their costs.”
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may 2013 by gnat
oreillymedia/open_government · GitHub
compiled versions of the open_government book which Aaron Swartz contributed to
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february 2013 by gnat
Technology trial ends, but no offers | Unlimited Magazine New Zealand
"Innovation and government don't go that well together. You can see it in their eyes, they want the right things but a businessman looks for opportunity and mitigates the risk; bureaucrats by nature look for the risks and then mitigate the opportunity."
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december 2012 by gnat
Premise: Publishing policy papers I wrote for politicians & advisors, some regrets, and a statement about my personal politics
the inestimably awesome Tom Steinberg releases the papers he's written for politicians over the years
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november 2012 by gnat
Fact-checkers: Talking crap in Holland v America | The Economist
In the Dutch electoral system ... Two months before the elections, every political party is expected to submit a detailed budget plan to a non-partisan agency called the Central Plan Bureau (CPB), which plays a role similar to the Congressional Budget Office in America. The CPB produces an analysis of the economic consequences of those budget plans. The effects are assessed in detail for 2013-2017, and there's also a prognosis for 2040 to discourage parties from larding up their budgets with short-term candy that leads to negative long-term consequences.
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november 2012 by gnat
Public Strategist » There is no such thing as the government
And that matters. It matters because once you recognise that fact, you can start to do things differently. People do, of course, recognise it at the level of caricature I have described here and nobody will admit to believing that they can get things done simply by pulling the levers of power. But inactions speak louder than words and the myth of the lever is harder to eradicate than any of us like to admit.
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december 2010 by gnat
Can Martha teach the government not to think it’s Google? « Labour Uncut
During my time at the cabinet office, not a day went by where there wasn’t a Jim Hacker moment. “The problem with Google, minister” said the very high up IT man “is that it doesn’t find the pages we want people to read.” His solution was for the government to develop it’s own search algorithm in order to give citizens the information the government wanted them to find.
december 2010 by gnat
Government Launches Web Site to Track IT Spending -
"Maintaining and updating the databases is also labor-intensive and some agencies say the initiative creates an enormous workload for them." aka "we don't have tools and processes in place to make this S.O.P."
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june 2009 by gnat
California Loves to Vote - TIME
Amusing piece about the flaws in California's ballot initiative system
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june 2009 by gnat
The (Australian) Govt 2.0 Taskforce – introduction and initial thoughts
"Also, we’ve quickly realised that you are often working with something akin to 6 different interlocking jigsaw puzzles, each missing 20% of the most crucial bits"
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june 2009 by gnat's Data Transparency Called "Significant Failure" by Watchdog Group
One arguement against raw data came out of the woodwork during the successful push to get the US Senate to offer mashup-friendly XML (extensible markup language) feeds for Senate voting history. "The secretary of the Senate has cited a general standing policy," John Wonderlich, policy director at Sunlight, told Politico's Victoria McGrane, "that they're not supposed to present votes in a comparative format, that senators have the right to present their votes however they want to."
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june 2009 by gnat
No Raw Data on Significant Failure — Sunlight Foundation Blog
“If the Recovery Act is to fulfill President Obama’s promise about taxpayers being able to go online and see how every dime is spent, then we need sub-recipients’ and sub-sub recipients’ data online, too,”
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june 2009 by gnat
Government debt: That’ll be £2.2 trillion, please - Telegraph
“What is prudence in the conduct of every private family can scarce be folly in that of a great kingdom,” wrote Adam Smith.
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june 2009 by gnat » Government Information – does it want to be free?
"ownership" of government information is a thorny question unless you have an ideology that makes it easy ("of course it's not owned by the government, it's taxpayer's information -- we paid for it!" vs "of course it's owned by the government, how else can they justify selling it?").
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june 2009 by gnat
Open Up Government Data - Wired How-To Wiki
This is your place to report where government data is locked up by design, neglect or misapplication of technology. We want you to point out the government data that you need or would like to have. Get involved!
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june 2009 by gnat
Obama in Cyberspace | The Public Domain |
all is not good in Obamaland. Re: Copyright Czar: "The goal of the law that created this position is simple. It is to give unprecedented high-level governmental representation to the interests of a particular set of industries"
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june 2009 by gnat
Yahoo! Developer Network Blog
The first part is a new batch of YQL tables providing data on the U.S. government, earthquake data, and the non-profit micro-lender Kiva. The second part is an incredibly easy way to render YQL queries on websites. After all, what good is data that no one can see?
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june 2009 by gnat
mySociety » Blog Archive » What the government doesn’t understand about the Internet, and what to do about it
Accept that any state institution that says “we control all the information about X” is going to look increasingly strange and frustrating to a public that’s used to be able to do whatever they want with information about themselves, or about anything they care about (both private and public). This means accepting that federated identity systems are coming and will probably be more successful than even official ID card systems: ditto citizen-held medical records. It means saying “We understand that letting train companies control who can interface with their ticketing systems means that the UK has awful train ticket websites that don’t work as hard as they should to help citizens buy cheaper tickets more easily. And we will change that, now.”
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june 2009 by gnat
In Development » Government in the global village
Firstly, we know that government acting alone cannot achieve the outcomes - stronger economy, better education, sustainable development, safer cities, healthier communities - that New Zealand needs if we are to have affordable government in the future.
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april 2009 by gnat
Biotech in North Carolina | Pipettes at the ready | The Economist
The state has invested more than $1.2 billion in biotechnology in the past ten years, between facilities, research, training programmes and incentives for companies. Those efforts have paid off. North Carolina now has more than 54,000 people working for some 500 biotech companies.
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april 2009 by gnat
OpenSecrets | Goes OpenData - Capital Eye
Center's Researchers Clean Up, Categorize Government Data
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april 2009 by gnat
GSA signs agreements with Web 2.0 providers -- Federal Computer Week
The General Services Administration has signed agreements with Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo and that make it possible for federal agencies to use new-media tools while meeting their legal requirements, GSA officials announced today.
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april 2009 by gnat
Government 2.0 Meets Catch 22 - Bits Blog -
“We have a Facebook page,” said one official of the Department of Homeland Security. “But we don’t allow people to look at Facebook in the office. So we have to go home to use it. I find this bizarre.”
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march 2009 by gnat
A special report on entrepreneurship: The entrepreneurial society | The Economist
policy comment: Policymakers in the larger European economies need to learn from the Scandinavian countries that it is possible to have a safety net without clogging up the labour market. If people are hard to sack, start-ups find it more difficult to get off the ground. And high unemployment rates discourage people from branching out on their own because they might not find another job if they fail.
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march 2009 by gnat
mySociety » Blog Archive » Why I Want a Million Quid
"systems where each person who is helped to solve a problem leaves a trail of advice, contacts, insider information and new user-friendly web services behind them".
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february 2009 by gnat
Labour oppose scrapping of Govt internet network | National Business Review (NBR) New Zealand - Business, News, Arts, Media, Share Market and More
there may well be good reasons for scrapping GSN, but "running at a loss" isn't one of them. By that account, buying pencils is a huge loss for the government and they should stop buying pencils. Replace pencils with anything. the q is what benefit came from it.
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february 2009 by gnat
Inside the Transition: Technology, Innovation and Government Reform | The Obama-Biden Transition Team
the comments and user-suggested material on the website show that we haven't figured out how to structure contributions online.
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january 2009 by gnat Website Code
interesting analysis of the web site code at Strange that they've built it on ASP.NET when was opensource. Conspiracy?
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january 2009 by gnat
mySociety » Blog Archive » Some words on the future from my 5th anniversary address
"What we want from the government is technologies that empower and uplift, not depersonalise and degrade."
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october 2008 by gnat
DoJ Agrees: IP Enforcement Bill is a Bad Idea | Electronic Frontier Foundation
"In an era of fiscal responsibility, the resources of the Department of Justice should be used for the public benefit, not on behalf of particular industries that can avail themselves of the existing civil enforcement provisions."
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september 2008 by gnat
Government 2.0: Architecting for collaboration - New Zealand E-government Programme
Tara Hunt's translation of O'Reilly's Web 2.0 principles into the government sphere. "shared control with accountability on both sides" is a very interesting phrase.
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september 2008 by gnat
WorldChanging: Cory Doctorow: The WorldChanging Interview
Fantastic inside view on how the WIPO was leaned on by copyfighting NGOs. Yay Cory!
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september 2008 by gnat
Could governments effectively subsidize open-source development? | The Open Road - The Business and Politics of Open Source by Matt Asay - CNET News
"Who will pay for open source in the future?" asks Matt Asay. His theory is that "as open-source buyers grow comfortable with open source they will stop spending money on open source". This post is devoted to demolishing the straw-man argument that government should fund it.
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september 2008 by gnat
Making it happen |
e-government: technology, trust, and incentives
government  technology 
february 2008 by gnat
Sovereign-wealth funds | The new Rothschilds |
"Morgan Stanley reckons that sovereign-wealth funds have spent $35 billion since the start of last year on strategic stakes in financial organisations, with $26 billion coming in the last six months alone."
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november 2007 by gnat
The Conservative Nanny State
"How the Wealthy Use the Government to Stay Rich and Get Richer". (Heard a great interview with him on Radio NZ. He makes some great points about market structures and made his book available for free download--also believes copyright has shot its wad)
economics  government  books  politics  opensource 
september 2007 by gnat
Network of Public Service Communicators :: Home
met man behind this today--Jason Ryan, who runs comms for State Services Commission of NZ Govt
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september 2007 by gnat
Innovation and the economy
How to measure success in knowledge economies. I'd love to compile comparisons for NZ.
nz  england  government  economics 
august 2007 by gnat
Exporting bureaucracy
economic relationships take place between "freely contracting equals", while political relationships take place between "superior and subordinate". The way to get ahead in a market is to please the customer, in a bureaucracy please your superior.
politics  government  economics 
august 2007 by gnat
Guardian Unlimited | Comment is free | Our blind faith in oil growth could bring the economy crashing down
Motorised transport is a form of time travel. We mine the compressed time of other eras and use it to accelerate through our own. Every tank of fuel contains thousands of years of accretions.
government  energy 
may 2007 by gnat
The Decline and Fall of the British University
puts blame fairly at the doorstep of per-head funding + underfunding, forcing lower standards to get higher numbers
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may 2007 by gnat
mySociety - News
mySociety builds websites which give people simple, tangible benefits in the civic and community aspects of their lives
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april 2006 by gnat

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