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compiled versions of the open_government book which Aaron Swartz contributed to
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february 2013 by gnat
Premise: Publishing policy papers I wrote for politicians & advisors, some regrets, and a statement about my personal politics
the inestimably awesome Tom Steinberg releases the papers he's written for politicians over the years
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november 2012 by gnat
Public Strategist » There is no such thing as the government
And that matters. It matters because once you recognise that fact, you can start to do things differently. People do, of course, recognise it at the level of caricature I have described here and nobody will admit to believing that they can get things done simply by pulling the levers of power. But inactions speak louder than words and the myth of the lever is harder to eradicate than any of us like to admit.
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december 2010 by gnat
Government Launches Web Site to Track IT Spending -
"Maintaining and updating the databases is also labor-intensive and some agencies say the initiative creates an enormous workload for them." aka "we don't have tools and processes in place to make this S.O.P."
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june 2009 by gnat
Shenzhen Stock Exchange
XBRL at Shenzhen Stock Exchange (press release)
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june 2009 by gnat

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