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Google People Operations: The secrets of the world’s most scientific human resources department. - Slate Magazine
“We make thousands of people decisions every day—who we should hire, how much we should pay them, who we should promote, who we should let go of,” says Prasad Setty, who heads POPS’ “people analytics” group. “What we try to do is bring the same level of rigor to people decisions that we do to engineering decisions. Our mission is to have all people decisions be informed by data.”
culture  google  management  people 
february 2013 by gnat
course-builder - Course Builder - Google Project Hosting
Course Builder is our experimental first step in the world of online education. It packages the software and technology we used to build our Power Searching with Google online course. We hope you will use it to create your own online courses, whether they're for 10 students or 100,000 students. You might want to create anything from an entire high school or university offering to a short how-to course on your favorite topic.

Course Builder contains software and instructions for presenting your course material, which can include lessons, student activities, and assessments. It also contains instructions for using other Google products to create a course community and to evaluate the effectiveness of your course. To use Course Builder, you should have some technical skills at the level of a web master. In particular, you should have some familiarity with HTML and JavaScript.
education  google 
november 2012 by gnat
Design Staff — The product design sprint: a five-day recipe for startups
5 days: understand, diverge, decide, prototype, validate = with real test users recruited over craigslist and paid a nominal sum. you get a prototype in keynote with comments from users. time-intensive. for existing startups.
design  google  innovation 
november 2012 by gnat
Is Google's Cash Pile a Sign of the End of Technological Progress? Peter Thiel Says Yes - Hit & Run :
if there were rich horizons for technological progress, shouldn't Schmidt's Google be using its huge cash piles to explore them?
google  innovation  tech  future 
august 2012 by gnat
AI Challenge
The Google AI Challenge is all about creating artificial intelligence, whether you are a beginning programmer or an expert. Using one of the easy-to-use starter kits, you will create a computer program (in any language) that controls a colony of ants which fight against other colonies for domination.
google  ai  contest 
october 2011 by gnat
Google’s 8-Point Plan to Help Managers Improve -
data driven study of management. notable because it may be the first time they've resolved to improve managers' performance.
google  management 
march 2011 by gnat
Gmail Priority Inbox learnings
paper showing problems and how they were overcome: Priority Inbox ranks mail at a rate far exceeding the capacity of a single machine. It is also difficult to predict the data center that will handle a user’s Gmail account, so we must be able to score any user from any data center, without delaying mail deliver
google  research  cs  parallel 
january 2011 by gnat
Sam Ruby: Wave Robot Ruby Client
The Java API was implemented first... We are working on de-Java-fying the wire protocol and making the python robot client library more “pythonic”.
ruby  google  wave 
june 2009 by gnat
Secret of Googlenomics: Data-Fueled Recipe Brews Profitability
Google even uses auctions for internal operations, like allocating servers among its various business units. Since moving a product's storage and computation to a new data center is disruptive, engineers often put it off. "I suggested we run an auction similar to what the airlines do when they oversell a flight. They keep offering bigger vouchers until enough customers give up their seats," Varian says. "In our case, we offer more machines in exchange for moving to new servers. One group might do it for 50 new ones, another for 100, and another won't move unless we give them 300. So we give them to the lowest bidder—they get their extra capacity, and we get computation shifted to the new data center."
google  economics 
may 2009 by gnat
Yow. This Is What Happens When You Are Big. And... - John Battelle's Searchblog
If any lesson is to be drawn, perhaps prematurely, from all this, it's that no company - or two companies - can lead a culture for longer than half a generation. After that, the culture starts to distrust the companies' motives, regardless of whether they are pure or well intentioned.
google  microsoft 
may 2009 by gnat
Google uncloaks once-secret server | Business Tech - CNET News
"Early on, there was an emphasis on the dollar per (search) query," Hoelzle said. "We were forced to focus. Revenue per query is very low."
google  infrastructure  hardware 
april 2009 by gnat
Entangled Particles: iPhone and Android make up 50% of Google's smartphone traffic worldwide
The availability of a modern web browser explains why iPhone and Android users — just 13% of the high-end market — represent nearly 50% of Google’s smartphone traffic worldwide.
google  android  iphone  web 
march 2009 by gnat
Man Bites Blog: Hey, You Media Wimps! If You Want to Save Newspapers, Learn to Love Your iPhones, Then Go Join Facebook | The New York Observer
“Google is great for Google, but it’s terrible for content providers, because it divides that content quantitatively rather than qualitatively. And if you are going to get people to pay for content, you have to encourage them to make qualitative decisions about that content.” -- WSJ managing editor
media  journalism  google  news 
february 2009 by gnat
On Google Disallowing Crawling of Their LIFE Hosting
Unclear whether it's Google or LIFE requesting that robots.txt block crawlers from the LIFE photographic archive (photos licensed free for non-commercial and personal use).
images  copyright  google 
january 2009 by gnat
"Innovation at Google" 2008 Event Notes | beu blog
Summary of a talk of innovation at Google. Key points for me: project snippets = weekly email containing what you just did and what you will do. Snippets are collected into PDB, searchable and viewable by all.
google  dashboard  axehandle 
november 2008 by gnat
Google Book Search Settlement Agreement
International users will see no change. Fucked again by Copyright Law.
copyright  google  books 
october 2008 by gnat
Jesse - K-9 - An android mutt
Jesse makes the first fork of a part of Android.
android  google  email  mobile 
october 2008 by gnat
Dang’s Weblog » Android not open?
Analysis of what's open and what's not in Android.
opensource  mobile  google 
october 2008 by gnat
UAL Story Blame Is Placed on Computer -
Google News surfaced an old article about United being close to bankruptcy, triggered trading bots to sell, price went from $12 to $3, recovered to nearly $10 within the day--still a loss of $300M of market cap.
web  journalism  news  google  business  finance 
september 2008 by gnat
Google Shows Off Android App Winners -- Google Android Developer -- InformationWeek
Another datapoint. Google and Nokia are investing and believing in the move of computing to the real world: GPS, local data, geodata, are all essential ingredients for the untethered networked device. The revolution will not be televised, but it will be geotagged.
android  google  geo  mobile  ubicomp 
august 2008 by gnat
I’m in Your Google Docs, Reading Your Spreadsheets - Bits - Technology - New York Times Blog
The danger of re-entering email addresses. Of course, this is solved by application integration (OH NO HOW MICROSOFT!) which either forces us all to use gmail (oh fuck NO!) or for all apps to be extensible (aka roll over and lubricate for the insertion of a Google Docs plugin). Is this the future? Is it a Robocop Brazil nightmare or is it ... no wait, there aren't any soft-focus upbeat movies about the future, are there?
google  security  privacy  email  collaboration  social  software 
august 2008 by gnat
Android Developers Blog: Android Market: a user-driven content distribution system
impressive to see an announcement of Google's iTunes App Store that doesn't use the words "iTunes App Store".
google  mobiel  apps  business  android 
august 2008 by gnat
Perspectives - Google Megastore
megastore is a transactional indexed record manager built by Google on top of BigTable
database  google  scaling 
august 2008 by gnat
The End of Theory: The Data Deluge Makes the Scientific Method Obsolete
prediction without understanding does not make us wiser. I think this article is tempting hogwash that panders to Google's success without doing justice to the reason for science's existence. At best he's describing engineering, at worst a cult.
google  science  computers  culture 
june 2008 by gnat
Google Datastore and the shift from a RDBMS
This question fascinates me: GAE's data store is so different, the standard 3NF relational toolbox crash and burn.
databases  google  programming  parallel 
june 2008 by gnat
Perspectives - Jeff Dean on Google Infrastructure
"My general rule on hardware is that, if you have a viewing window into the data center, you are probably spending too much on servers". fascinating numbers on google's hardware, almost definitely already out of date.
google  architecture  hardware 
june 2008 by gnat - the unofficial google shell.
very clever, and somehow comforting. I'm used to having features integrated in commands rather than menu options.
javascript  google  ui 
june 2008 by gnat
Google Kills Enturbulation Adsense Account
terms of service prohibit "advocacy against any individual, group, or organization". minefield for google to walk. "against" is quite clever, imho.
advertising  google  politics 
may 2008 by gnat
Google. Does. Not Market. Except When It Does. - John Battelle's Searchblog
banner at ball game. "You sure as hell can't measure the relevance and ROI of a campaign like a billboard at a ballpark!"
marketing  google 
may 2008 by gnat
Farmdev: Testing Google App Engine sites
how to write tests for your google app engine code, given that the SDK's test environment has no local filesystem access, etc.
python  google  web  programming 
april 2008 by gnat
Google Comissioned To Monitor Illegal Amazonian Deforestation
next step: using orbital death lasers to zap loggers. big question is the business model: pay-per-char or cost-per-melting?
environment  google  mapping  geo 
april 2008 by gnat
What's This Fascination with Ad Networks? (Or, the Online Media Business Will Be About Brands First, Technology Second) - John Battelle's Searchblog
arguing passionately that chasing google is not how you build value in advertising now. so true. can feel the pressure building, pressure for the web to do something new. loved my breakfast rant with john at etech. must post.
advertising  business  google 
march 2008 by gnat
Google Visualization API - Google Code
Why did this have to be done by Google? Couldn't this live as an external third-party project using the Spreadsheet API?
google  charts  apis  viz 
march 2008 by gnat
Japan: Google's Real-Life Lab
Google's challenges in Japan with savvy consumers. They hope to roll out what works there to the rest of the world. Obviously highly dependent on rest of world getting unsucky mobile bandwidth.
google  japan  ui  mobile 
february 2008 by gnat
MediaPost Publications - The Fight For The Second Click - 01/03/2008
"fight for the second click" = battle for content. Google's won the first (search with Google) click. The second represents the user's choice from the list of results--do they go to a Google property (more GOOG ad$) or to a third party (no GOOG ad)?
google  advertising  business  search  strategy 
february 2008 by gnat
Keeping It Private On Google Reader
stupid people need this warning: "In a word, if you don't want that "secret" item you've read via Google Reader to spill out in a way that your friends, family, enemies, or anyone can find it, DON'T SHARE IT!"
google  privacy  fucking  obvious 
december 2007 by gnat
VisionMobile Forum :: The significance of Google’s Android
This is a fascinating insight. I think BSD vs GPL isn't important--someone will open source all their platform, and then the competitors will be reduced to competing against open source ... we know how well that works.
opensource  android  google  mobile  strategy 
december 2007 by gnat
pmuellr: initial android thoughts
Any Java lover that ever dissed Apache Harmony as pointless, needs to eat crow right now. Because, had it not been for Apache Harmony, you might be programming Android in Python instead of Java. Or C++.
programming  mobile  android  google  java 
november 2007 by gnat
ocropus - Google Code
handwriting OCR and layout analysis. sponsored by Google
language  ai  google  ocr 
may 2007 by gnat
How Google translates without understanding | Reg Developer
not too technical article about Google's success in the machine translation contest
google  nlp  algorithms  language 
may 2007 by gnat
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