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Single-Click Double-Tap Murder | TechCrunch
If you think drone warfare is going to stay limited to the relatively checked-and-balanced trigger fingers of the U.S. military, you are living in one of the more astoundingly deluded dreamlands of recent times. China has its own deadly military drones already — oh, and it’s selling them to pretty much all comers.
If you think drone warfare of tomorrow will be as tame and limited as today’s, again, you’re dreaming. We’ve moved on from the Altair of military drone technology to maybe the Apple II. Imagine what the metaphorical ultrabooks will look like.
Most of all, if something is easier, it will be done more often, with less consideration. That’s basic, fundamental human nature. That’s why Amazon patented one-click shopping. Conversely, the more obstacles and inconveniences you put in the way, the less inclined people will be to go down that road — or at least, the bigger the reward at the end of it has to be. And that’s why military drones scare me even before they get into the hands of people who don’t much care about innocent lives.
We’re already seeing evidence that drone warfare slowly leads to less consideration for civilian lives: the (apparently deliberate) use of the “double tap” strategy, wherein a first missile is followed a few minutes later by another. From a strictly tactical point of view, this probably does kill more of the bad guys…but it also tends to kill rescuers and first responders.
future  tech  military  drones 
december 2012 by gnat
Why We Can't Solve Big Problems | MIT Technology Review
The answer is that these things are complex, and that there is no one simple explanation.
energy  future  technology 
november 2012 by gnat
2512 - Charlie's Diary
"there's a hard floor under the energy cost of getting a canned ape into orbit"
one of many great lines from this
future  prediction 
november 2012 by gnat
Is Google's Cash Pile a Sign of the End of Technological Progress? Peter Thiel Says Yes - Hit & Run :
if there were rich horizons for technological progress, shouldn't Schmidt's Google be using its huge cash piles to explore them?
google  innovation  tech  future 
august 2012 by gnat
Such a Long Journey - An Interview with Kevin Kelly - Boing Boing
"the seventh kingdom of the Technium". Man needs a box in Hyde Park.
future  philosophy 
may 2012 by gnat
- How We Will Read: Clay Shirky
"Publishing is not evolving. Publishing is going away. Because the word “publishing” means a cadre of professionals who are taking on the incredible difficulty and complexity and expense of making something public. That’s not a job anymore. That’s a button. There’s a button that says “publish,” and when you press it, it’s done."

I love Clay
publishing  books  future  from instapaper
april 2012 by gnat
Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow: a chapbook in PM Press’s Outspoken Authors series – Boing Boing
I've just put up the site for my latest book, a slim chapbook in PM Press's Outspoken Authors series called The Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow. The book contains a novella ("There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow/Now is the Best Time of Your Life"), an essay on futurism, the transcript of a lecture on copyright and creativity, and a wide-ranging interview with Terry Bisson.
future  copyright  law  books 
october 2011 by gnat
Tomorrow Project Anthology
sf and other authors on the future
future  fiction  books 
october 2011 by gnat
future quote
'In 10 years, we will look back fondly at the day when, at a family gathering, we were all glued to the *same* screen.'
culture  technology  future  quotes 
january 2011 by gnat
What lies ahead: Publishing - O'Reilly Radar
People think of ebooks as simply another format, but ebooks actually represent an opportunity for a change in form. For example, you used to buy a printed atlas or a printed map, but now you have a dynamic, perpetually-updated, real-time map that shows you where you are. The old paper maps aren't very useful anymore. Applications from Yelp to Foursquare can be seen as elaborations of the potential of the map in its electronic form.
future  publishing  from instapaper
december 2010 by gnat
Innovation and technology: Well, what a good idea! | The Economist
Mr Kelly is not alone in his belief that technology is an unstoppable force of nature. A similar position was taken by Ted Kaczynski, better known as the Unabomber. In a chapter entitled “The Unabomber Was Right” Mr Kelly looks in detail at Mr Kaczynski’s writings to explain how they start from very similar views about the nature of technology, but arrive at very different conclusions.
books  tech  future  philosophy  from delicious
september 2010 by gnat
Innovation and technology: Well, what a good idea! | The Economist
Mr Kelly is not alone in his belief that technology is an unstoppable force of nature. A similar position was taken by Ted Kaczynski, better known as the Unabomber. In a chapter entitled “The Unabomber Was Right” Mr Kelly looks in detail at Mr Kaczynski’s writings to explain how they start from very similar views about the nature of technology, but arrive at very different conclusions.
books  tech  future  philosophy  from delicious
september 2010 by gnat
Loyal ‘Simpsons’ Fans Fetch Higher Ad Rates on Web (Update1) -
Marketers typically pay $20 to $40 per thousand viewers for a prime-time ad. On Hulu, which began offering shows to the public in March 2008, an ad on the animated series “The Simpsons” costs $60 per thousand viewers
tv  future  media  business  advertising 
june 2009 by gnat
How the E-Book Will Change the Way We Read and Write -
Steven Johnson's piece on the future of books. Instant purchasing => more books. Ability to switch books => attention shortage. New forms of discovery. Imagines blogging and commentary, but that needs a URL. "Writing for Google", paying per chapter
books  technology  future 
april 2009 by gnat
Huffington Post puts up £1.2m for investigative reporters | Media |
$1.75MM, 10 staff reporters, coordinate with freelancers, work available to any publication and website but also appearing on HuffPo. Challenge for foundation journalism: prove objectiveness
journalism  future 
march 2009 by gnat
interesting piece on what next for education. Not sure about the pedagogical brilliancies of video and "JIT info with immediate application" but love the bubble observation (net present value of an education = its cost, so the producers are now sucking all the value from a tertiary education ... so it's a bubble which will burst as incomes readjusted in coming years)
opensource  education  economics  future  trends  business 
january 2009 by gnat
Anybots · About the Robots
Trevor Blackwell's startup launches
future  technology  robot 
january 2009 by gnat
The generation raised on the internet | The kids are alright | The Economist
Mr Tapscott identifies eight norms that define Net Geners: freedom/choice, integrity/openness, entertainment/play, collaboration, rapid pace, constant innovation.
future  trends  demographics  internet  culture 
november 2008 by gnat
prescient, but in a "boo, the future" context.
future  writing  sf  technology  books 
november 2008 by gnat
adaptive path » aurora concept video
Very impressive work from Adaptive Path. Although I disagree with some of their UI choices, the first video alone inspired me to think differently about how I use a browser (and how I want to use a browser).
web  ux  ui  future  media 
september 2008 by gnat
Future of Internet Search: Mobile version « petitinvention
wonderful imagination of what the future of a ubiquitous all-in-one device might be able to do for us.
ubicomp  technology  future 
august 2008 by gnat
Does The New Business Of Music Change The Way Music Sounds? at FISTFULAYEN
He sees getting great musicians that are his friends together for a month or more and saying, “We’re going to eat well and have a roof over our heads but we aren’t going to get paid union rates. We’re all going to take an ownership stake in this record.”
music  technology  future 
august 2008 by gnat
Greentech Media: Green Light » Blog Archive » Green Light Interview: Fred Wang, Trinity Ventures
"To Trinity Ventures, green technology largely revolves around networking. Rather than place investments on biofuels or solar panels, the firm is largely focusing its green efforts on companies that hope to cut power and water consumption with IT technologies, according to Fred Wang, general partner. (ed note: It’s a strategy that’s similar to one that’s led to pretty good results for Foundation Capital.)"
energy  network  tech  future 
august 2008 by gnat
BuzzMachine » Blog Archive » National Public What?
just as newspapers transcend paper, NPR must transcend radio
internet  future  media 
july 2008 by gnat
Brave New World Revisited (1958) by Aldous Huxley
"But the progress of technology has led and is still leading to just such a concentration and centralization of power". What would Huxley have made of the Internet?
politics  society  culture  future  technology 
may 2008 by gnat
BLDGBLOG: Hotels in the Afterlife
abandoned hotel shells in the Sinai. Monuments to optimistic futures that never came.
future  architecture  history 
may 2008 by gnat
Are gadgets killing the internet? | Technology | The Guardian
Zittrain's thesis re: re-emergence of the closed. I have a simplistic and naive view that, in general, open will win where open is better.
opensource  hardware  internet  future 
may 2008 by gnat
The Daily ACK: The death of the desktop, the end of the Internet?
review of "hardware killing intarwebs" fears, with general response of HTFU
ubicomp  hardware  internet  future 
may 2008 by gnat
ongoing · Multi-Inflection-Point Alert
Absolutely agree with Tim on this: there are interesting things brewing. This is partly why facebook zombie app shit makes me want to stick a chainsaw in my ass. All this potential and that's the best you can do, people?!
software  future 
april 2008 by gnat
Export to World * Home
This workshop aims to copy objects from Second Life's walled economy of simulated things. We export those into the real world by transforming them into life-size papercraft models.
future  design 
april 2008 by gnat
Shell’s Scenario Planning « Jon Taplin’s Blog
"scramble" vs "blueprints". Seems simplistic but there are a lot of numbers here.
energy  numbers  future  shell 
april 2008 by gnat
Delta Scan: The Future of Science and Technology, 2005-2055: Home
IFTF research that came up with 50 things to watch. How do you track this kind of prediction or analysis over time? If you never go back to learn what was wrong, you'll never get better.
future  trends  science 
april 2008 by gnat
Smart 'Lego' conjures up virtual 3D twin - tech - 31 January 2008 - New Scientist Tech
physical changes to the lego-like doll are mirrored in a 3D virtual double
hardware  future 
march 2008 by gnat On Wattson and Electrisave...
"This is going to be one of the great benefits of ambient/pervasive computing or everyware - not the tracking of objects but the tracking and collating of you yourself through objects."
hardware  future  culture 
march 2008 by gnat
Grand Challenges for Engineering
National Academy of Engineering's grand chall
science  research  future  bio  education  energy  environment  ui 
february 2008 by gnat
open...: Of Sharing and Salience
"If he passes along something lame, he’ll lose social standing with his peers. [...] All of his media decisions are weighed against the values and tastes of his social network, rather than against a scarcity of choices."
media  culture  future  trends 
february 2008 by gnat
William Gibson: The Rolling Stone 40th Anniversary Interview : Rolling Stone
ubicomp: blended-reality, where you're always on in some way. future will find present quaint because we differentiate virtual from real. cyberpunk was optimistic scifi--hey, at least you have a future.
books  future 
february 2008 by gnat
Shape-shifting robot forms from magnetic swarm - tech - 29 January 2008 - New Scientist Tech
claytronic shapeshifting robots that can adopt any shape. first mobile robots without any moving parts.
robot  future  trends 
february 2008 by gnat
Lasers Make Other Metals Look Like Gold - New York Times
ultrashort laser bursts to pockmark the surface of a metal in a way that is not perceptible to the touch
physics  research  materials  future  trends 
february 2008 by gnat
Artificial letters added to life's alphabet - tech - 30 January 2008 - New Scientist Tech
new bases close enough that the polymerase enzymes copied them, but they'll have new properties
bio  research  future  trends 
january 2008 by gnat
The Coming Wave of Gadgets That Listen and Obey - New York Times
speech recognition coming. Vlingo, Yap Inc., Microsoft's TellMe, SimulScribe.
future  trends  voice 
january 2008 by gnat
DeviceGuru » Blog Archive » Robotic fly to descend on New York
Harvard University’s tiny microrobotic fly, hailed by its creators as “the first robotic fly that is able to generate enough thrust to takeoff,” will be showcased at New York’s Museum of Modern Art starting Feb. 24.
privacy  hardware  research  future  trends 
january 2008 by gnat
IEEE Spectrum: Sensitive Synthetic Skin in the Works for Prosthetic Arms
By combining carbon nanotubes with a specially designed polymer, researchers are making a material that looks, feels, and functions like human skin
bio  future  trends 
january 2008 by gnat
Life from Scratch: Science News Online, Jan. 12, 2008
creating life by piecing together small molecules that themselves are not alive
bio  hacks  future 
january 2008 by gnat
Cameraphone used to control computers in 3D - tech - 15 January 2008 - New Scientist Tech
the software places a reference target on top of the normal video feed and compares this to the phone's picture.
sensor  phone  mobile  etech  future 
january 2008 by gnat
The Pillars of the Next Real Revolution
"End of Oil Age; End of Hospitable Climate; End of Population Boom; Narrow Circulation of Money; Suddenly Endangered Superpower; Scary Becoming Powerful; Rise of Hard-Core Fundamentalism; Increasingly Toxic Planet." I'd link China's rise to US's decline.
future  trends  environment  energy  china  usa  religion 
august 2007 by gnat - Shift Happens
interesting preso. first half about china was great. second half about rate of tech change was more yawnsome.
china  economics  future  politics 
may 2007 by gnat
MoD paper on strategic futures
Ministry of Defence planning paper laying out the future environment for war.
economics  politics  future 
april 2007 by gnat
Revolution, flashmobs, and brain chips. A grim vision of the future
Article about an MoD strategic planning paper laying out the future environment for warfare: overpopulation, global warming, high tech in hands of civilians, etc.
economics  politics  future 
april 2007 by gnat
O'Reilly Radar > The Future of Web 2.0
A clear vision of the future of Web 2.0 for the next decade.
web2.0  web  future  technology 
march 2007 by gnat
Ten things I learned about the future at the Wired NextFest
Hilarious deconstruction of the Wired NextFest at Chicago's Navy Pier.
future  technology  radar 
june 2005 by gnat

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