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Scaled Agile Framework
hilariously terrible. this is like seeing your high school sweetheart in an PORKY MOMMA'S GONE WILD porno
agile  enterprise  lean  funny 
august 2012 by gnat
Kerning is Important
why kerning is important
fonts  funny 
january 2012 by gnat
Programming - Imgur
what people imagine when they think of programming; vs what it actually is
programming  funny  image 
november 2011 by gnat
Dude... - Imgur
unsure dogs
you sure that was a cigarette?
funny  images 
november 2011 by gnat
Every damn weekday. - Imgur
i can't wait to go home and take my fucking pants off
funny  images 
november 2011 by gnat
Average weekend night in college - Imgur
I suggest we drink before we go out drinking
funny  images 
november 2011 by gnat
Follow! - Imgur
follow that zebra!
hurry up they're gaining on us!
funny  images 
october 2011 by gnat
Some men... - Imgur
just want to watch the world burn
funny  pictures 
october 2011 by gnat
Today is my day off, so... - Imgur
not a single gram of fuck shall be given today. reclining self-satisfied smug lazy frog
funny  photos 
october 2011 by gnat
I must confess this is how I felt sometimes when I had a bad day... - Imgur
God grant me the serenity not to kill every one of these motherfuckers
funny  image 
october 2011 by gnat
Ah...I love my records...BUT... - Imgur
I love my records, I just wish they were smaller, more expensive, and illegal to share with my friends.
funny  images 
september 2011 by gnat
Every time I get into a fight - Imgur
may god have mercy on my enemies, for i shall not
funny  image 
september 2011 by gnat
Not sure of silence - Imgur
are kids silent or doing something horrible wrong
kids  funny  image 
september 2011 by gnat
bear dick punch
don't fuck with a bear
funny  images 
september 2011 by gnat
nut shot
dancing crazy dog (tripping?)
funny  images 
september 2011 by gnat
fly you fools
busted raccoon hanging on
funny  images 
september 2011 by gnat
derp face dog
making dog do silly smile
funny  images 
september 2011 by gnat
wtf face
cat making a weird face
funny  images 
september 2011 by gnat
dumbass dog grin and owner
funny  images 
september 2011 by gnat
when the person you're talking about is right behind you
funny  images 
september 2011 by gnat
kid giving double finger
funny  images 
september 2011 by gnat
colorblind smiling dog
roses are grey
violets are grey
funny  images 
september 2011 by gnat
"Confessions of a Juggler" by Tina Fey - Bloop Blip Bleep Blop
the definition of “crazy” in show business is a woman who keeps talking even after no one wants to fuck her anymore.
funny  people  life  parenting 
march 2011 by gnat
Collection Of Atheist And Atheism Motivational Posters
I think my favourite, othe than the Jewish Zombie line, is the "Spoiler" poster.
atheism  funny 
may 2009 by gnat
Charlie Brooker on the end of the world as we know it | Comment is free | The Guardian
"For years, money was just appearing from nowhere, or so we were told. People bought houses and bragged about how the value kept zooming up, and up, and up. In fact they didn't seem to be houses at all, but magic coin-shitting machines. It was all a dream, a dream in which you bought a box and lived in it, and all the time it generated money like a cow generates farts. Great big stinking clouds of money. And none of it was real. And now it's gone. Your house is worth less than your shoes, and your shoes are now, in turn, worth less than your mouth and your arse. Yes, your most valuable possessions are now your mouth and your arse, and you're going to have to use both of them in all manner of previously unthinkable ways to make ends meet, to pay for that box, the box you live in, the one you mistook for an enchanted, unstoppable cash engine."
funny  economics 
november 2008 by gnat
The Party's Over by Zina Saunders | Photo book preview
This looks hilarious. Art of Palin and McCain. The one of her riding the dinosaur is t-shirt material.
art  books  funny  politics 
november 2008 by gnat
Scott Adams Blog: the creator of Dilbert, Wally, Catbert, the Pointy Haired Boss and all your favorite cubicle companions.
"keeping the government out of people's private lives and managing things based on data as opposed to faith". A nice political summary.
politics  usa  funny 
september 2008 by gnat
The Escapist : Zero Punctuation: BioShock
fantastic game review. with cartoon version of the takahashi method. cool.
media  flash  funny  gaming 
september 2007 by gnat
Novotel hotel letter
now *that's* customer service
travel  funny 
july 2007 by gnat
The Alameda-Weehawken Burrito Tunnel
It's not fair that a Polish immigrant can fake journalese in English better than I can. And he's brilliant. Basically, I need to kill Maciej and eat his brain.
funny  physics  food 
april 2007 by gnat
Lost in translation
Guardian article by a standup comedian on the German sense of humour and the troubles of translating English to German.
funny  language 
may 2006 by gnat

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