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BBC News - Anatomical clues to human evolution from fish
Anatomical clues to human from fish - do not miss incredible video of where our face comes from (v )
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may 2011 by gnat
Leigh Van Valen, Evolutionary Biologist, Dies at 76 -
he started his own journal to publish the paper that became a new law in evolution (the Red Queen hypothesis)
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november 2010 by gnat
The case against Candy Land - Boing Boing
"What’s irritating about the games is that they are exercises in sheer randomness. It’s not that they fail to sharpen any useful skills; it’s that they make it literally impossible for a player to acquire any skills at all."
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january 2009 by gnat
Leading geneticist Steve Jones says human evolution is over - Times Online
Evolution slowing because: younger fathers have fewer mutations; natural selection weakened as more kids survive; and the loss of small isolated populations.
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october 2008 by gnat
The evolved radio and its implications for modelling the evolution of novel sensors
"This paper describes an evolvable hardware experiment that resulted in a network of transistors sensing and utilising the radio waves emanating from nearby PCs. We argue that this evolved 'radio' is only the second device ever whose sensors were constructed in a way that in key aspects is analogous to that found in nature. We highlight the advantages and disadvantages of this approach and show why it is practically impossible to implement a similar process in simulation. "
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september 2008 by gnat
H. pylori as symbiont rather than parasite
H. pylori is a bacterium in the human gut, the one implicated in stomach ulcers and cancers. It also has a role in appetite regulation, stomach acid regulation, and there's a correlation (unsure causation) with asthma. Dr Martin Blaser of NY School of Medicine, suspects we've coevolved with H. pylori and its eradication reduces the effectiveness of our immune systems and opens the door to asthma, obesity, and acid reflux.
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august 2008 by gnat
Primate intelligence | Out of the mist |
gorillas learn list order faster than chimps. heh, chimp named "optimus prime"
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august 2008 by gnat
Contagious cancer: The evolution of a killer—By David Quammen (Harper's Magazine)
fascinating story about the fact that cancerous cells evolve from regular ones through Darwinian selection. Plenty of amazing stories of transmissible cancers (19yo lab asst stabbed herself with syringe and grew colon cancer on her hand).
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august 2008 by gnat
Charlie Brooker's screen burn | Culture | The Guardian
Charlier Brooker, Charles Darwin, Richard Dawkins .... three great tastes that taste great together.
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august 2008 by gnat
Learning and longevity | Critical thinking |
Arthur C. Clarke said it first and best: "it is yet to be proven that intelligence has any survival value".
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may 2008 by gnat
Ionian Enchantment: Shermer on the evolutionary psychology of corporate behavior
"Shermer seems to fail to appreciate that to evaluate a hypothesis rigorously it needs to be tested against data not used to come up with it in the first place." HEAR HEAR!
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march 2008 by gnat
Evolutionary Conditions for the Emergence of Communication in Robots
"communication readily established system of communication constrains the evolution of more efficient systems...visual signals => deceptive communication strategies
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january 2008 by gnat
Grape genetics | Vine times |
all fun and games until we discover the antifungal gene we're splicing into pinot noir also produces assfactin, a protein that makes the grapes tastes like shit. it's a complex system that wasn't designed, dickwit. god doesn't exist, why try to play him?
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december 2007 by gnat
Human evolution | Darwin's children |
rate of new mutations selected for by evolution has increased rapidly over last 80k years
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december 2007 by gnat
Starch Made Us Human - New York Times
gene amylase 1 linked to protein in saliva that turns starch into glucose, aka brain fuel. groups with high starch diets have more copies of the gene. starch as transitional food, between fruit and meat, perhaps fuelled growth in brain size in humans.
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december 2007 by gnat
Pretty women scramble men's ability to assess the future - love - 10 December 2003 - New Scientist
When male students were shown pictures of pretty women, they discounted the future value of the reward in an "irrational" way - they would opt for the smaller amount of money available the next day rather than wait for a much bigger reward.
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november 2007 by gnat
Overcoming Bias: Politics is the Mind-Killer
"When you get into an argument about whether we ought to raise the minimum wage, you're executing adaptations for an ancestral environment where being on the wrong side of the argument could get you killed" "Politics is an extension of war by other means"
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november 2007 by gnat
Overcoming Bias: Natural Selection's Speed Limit and Complexity Bound
information theory + evolution theory = "A mammalian gene pool can acquire at most 1 bit of information per generation", "the meaningful DNA specifying a human must fit into at most 25 megabytes"
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november 2007 by gnat
Sample Chapter for Clark, G.: A Farewell to Alms: A Brief Economic History of the World.
An uneasy mix of Darwinism and economic history: Britain succeeded, he argues, because British aristocracy had plenty of kids, who cascaded down the social scale bringing education and work-to-succeed attitudes with them. It all seems rather unprovable.
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august 2007 by gnat
Evolutionary biology | Tit for tat |
The researchers reckon that the penduline tit is the only known bird species in which both males and females use the same strategy to produce more chicks. For them, fleeing the nest boosts the brood.
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august 2007 by gnat
Top 10: Life's greatest inventions - 09 April 2005 - New Scientist
multicellularity, eye, brain, language, photosynthesis, sex, death, parasitism, superorganism, symbiosis
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august 2007 by gnat
Damn Interesting » How Bacteria Nearly Destroyed All Life
oxygen catastrophe, paleoproterozoic era, cyanobacteria gobbling methane and inducing first ice age with ice a mile thick at the equator.
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august 2007 by gnat
Dr Derek Browne - People - Philosophy and Religious Studies - University of Canterbury - New Zealand
He is currently working on two projects: a book on evolutionary theories in psychology, and an introduction to cognitive science through the study of animal psychology.
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july 2007 by gnat
Blame that bad back on your ancestors | Science | Reuters
digg's deadline was awesome: "scientists discover back pain caused by poor intelligent design"
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july 2007 by gnat
Our Biotech Future - The New York Review of Books
green tech, energy, biofuels, poverty, freeman dyson
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july 2007 by gnat

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