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Modern cargo ships slow to the speed of the sailing clippers | Environment | The Observer
A combination of the recession and growing awareness in the shipping industry about climate change emissions encouraged many ship owners to adopt "slow steaming" to save fuel two years ago. This lowered speeds from the standard 25 knots to 20 knots, but many major companies have now taken this a stage further by adopting "super-slow steaming" at speeds of 12 knots (about 14mph).

Travel times between the US and China, or between Australia and Europe, are now comparable to those of the great age of sail in the 19th century. American clippers reached 14 to 17 knots in the 1850s, with the fastest recording speeds of 22 knots or more.

Maersk, the world's largest shipping line, with more than 600 ships, has adapted its giant marine diesel engines to travel at super-slow speeds without suffering damage. This reduces fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by 30%. It is believed that the company has saved more than £65m on fuel since it began its go-slow.
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november 2012 by gnat
Rising sea levels | A sinking feeling | The Economist
"scientists now reckon that sea levels will rise by between 50cm and 100cm by 2100, unless action is taken to curb climate change". At this point it's too late to reverse, best we can hope for is to return the earth to sense before 3000.
march 2009 by gnat
Johann Hari: You Are Being Lied to About Pirates
European nuclear waste being dumped off Somalia shores?
january 2009 by gnat
A survey of the sea: An Icelandic success | The Economist
So depressing. Environmentalists should band together and hire hitmen to take out overfishermen. The problem is that there are no costs to their behaviour. So let's add some.
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december 2008 by gnat
A green New Deal? | Green, easy and wrong | The Economist
This article commends financial penalties for pollution but not financial incentives for clean energy ("subsidies"). "Subsidising clean energy requires politicians to decide the best way of delivering clean energy, and their judgement is likely to be worse than the market's". Can a government subsidise clean energy across the board, without preempting the market by preferring one over another? I'd say so.
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november 2008 by gnat
Microdocs: Home
short documentaries on environmental issues. Fantastic!
video  teaching  science  movies  environment  kids 
november 2008 by gnat
Geoengineering: How to Cool Earth--At a Price: Scientific American
You will boggle at the ideas. For example, pumping millions of tons of poisonous SO2 into the atmosphere, where it will mix with water to make sulphuric acid and other good things. Yes, acid rain is much better than global warming! Not. Other ideas: silver nanobots in space, and unmanned craft making ocean clouds.
geology  science  environment 
october 2008 by gnat
NZer's Vegas bar the epitome of cool - 29 Sep 2008 - Small business news - NZ Herald
Ice from Canada -> New Zealand where it's made into glasses -> Vegas for a fucking stupid concept bar. I hope the shots cost $1,000 each and then KILL YOU because it's MY FUCKING PLANET YOU ARSEHOLES ARE RUINING!
environment  usa  nz 
september 2008 by gnat
Water for farming | Running dry | The Economist
"The world is facing not so much a food crisis as a water crisis, argues Colin Chartres, IWMI’s director-general."
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september 2008 by gnat
Sustainable Biofuels the only Solution | Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand
how reasonable. Completely unlike the "HA! BIOFUELS SUCK, YOU SUCK GREENS" nonsense being thrown their way in Parliament.
environment  politics  nz 
september 2008 by gnat | 08/30/2008 | Scientists close in on mass killer of life on earth
I'd like a few more citations here, to address causality and identify who's saying these things happened and what proof they have for it. In short, though, the article says that the Permian-Triassic extinction (the dinosaur die-off) featured major greenhouse heating, acid rain, ozone-thinning, stagnant oceans, etc.
science  environment  history 
august 2008 by gnat
Business and water | Running dry |
An article full of astonishing water use figures. Global consumption is doubling every 20 years. Takes 13 cubic metres of water to make a single 200mm semiconductor wafer, and chipmaking thought to be 25% of Silicon Valley's water consumption. 40% of US freshwater from lakes and aquifers used to cool power plants, and 1L of oil from tar sands takes 5L of water. 90% of Chinese rivers near urban areas are seriously polluted. Dow, Nestle, and Coca-Cola are working to reduce use and emit less (none, in Coca-Cola's case) pollution.
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august 2008 by gnat
Inhabitat » Paris Visualizes Air Quality Via Color-Changing Balloon
"Airparif recently deployed a giant helium balloon that will provide Parisians with an at-a-glance indication of both atmospheric and inner-city air quality. The Aérophile balloon is the first of its kind and will employ an innovative color-changing system to broadcast an important environmental message." Ambient orb in the sky! I vote they add a grid of emissions detectors and some high powered lasers. Ambient orb KILL! EMISSIONS LAWS ENFORCED BY GIGAWATT LASER
viz  environment  ubicomp 
august 2008 by gnat
Greenwashing vs social change
CFL doesn't lead to massive lifestyle alternations necessary. I support Saul's statement that the market is about to force a lifestyle correction upon us.
environment  green  marketing 
july 2008 by gnat
WorldChanging: Global Warming Twenty Years Later: Tipping Points Near
call to arms from the scientist who first raised the alarm about global warming
energy  environment 
june 2008 by gnat
Homegrown people planet profit
Fascinating look at projects at Nokia relating to energy, recycling, repair. Lots of amazing facts (16 phones/second made by Nokia).
mobile  energy  environment 
may 2008 by gnat
Tech Trader Daily - Barron’s Online : At The Churchill Club: The Top 10 Tech Trends
mobiles = 8% of Europe ccard payments. 70% water for agriculture. "10y, Inet traffic from person >l other locns put together." .cn mobile = 500M cust
numbers  environment  mobile  china  europe 
may 2008 by gnat
Crooked Timber » » The sustainability of improving living standards
Interesting substantial essay on the relationships between energy, information, living standards, and the environment.
energy  environment  economics 
may 2008 by gnat
BLDGBLOG: The end in sight
amazing photos from an electrical storm in a volcanic plume
photos  environment 
may 2008 by gnat
Google Comissioned To Monitor Illegal Amazonian Deforestation
next step: using orbital death lasers to zap loggers. big question is the business model: pay-per-char or cost-per-melting?
environment  google  mapping  geo 
april 2008 by gnat
History of the potato | Wonder-food |
"Potatoes can produce more energy per unit area per day than any other crop"
energy  environment  food 
february 2008 by gnat
Grand Challenges for Engineering
National Academy of Engineering's grand chall
science  research  future  bio  education  energy  environment  ui 
february 2008 by gnat
The high cost of using less water
ongoing costs in replacing infrastructure not covered by consumption taxes priced for high consumption but being applied in times of conservation/low consumption. This is happening in NZ for petrol (highway costs not being met by gasoline taxes).
environment  politics  economics 
february 2008 by gnat
The plastic killing fields - Environment -
more on the North Pacific subtropical gyre, the windless nutrientless part of the ocean between california and hawaii, where plastic accumulates. floating garbage patch twice the size of Britain.
bio  pacific  pollution  environment 
january 2008 by gnat
Cement | Concrete proposals needed |
cement manufacture contributes twice as much greenhouse gases as air travel
environment  business 
december 2007 by gnat
Damn Interesting » The Ethyl-Poisoned Earth
same guy who invented tetra-ethyl lead (the "lead" in "leaded gasoline" that is unbelievably evil) also invented CFCs.
environment  pollution  history 
december 2007 by gnat
The risk in nanotechnology | A little risky business |
Nanoparticles have different toxicity than their larger forms. Nobody can predict how toxic something will be. Very little basic research into the field. Nobody knows what happens to nanoproducts at the end of their lifetime--do they enter groundwater?
environment  materials  science  research 
november 2007 by gnat
Mining in Alaska | Fishing for molybdenum |
largest open pit mine in North America, whose waste will go behind two dams each of which is larger than China's Three Gorges dam, will be beside the biggest salmon run on earth. oh, and northern hemisphere's biggest earthquake was there in 1964.
usa  environment 
november 2007 by gnat
The gathering sandstorm: Encroaching desert, missing water - Independent Online Edition > Asia
"China is losing a million acres a year to desertification." silk road town without water
china  environment  water 
november 2007 by gnat
Australia's farmers | Dried up, washed out, fed up |
11 dry years in a row, Australian Met Bureau gave incorrect forecast and farmers losing farms, rising food prices cut 3/4 of a % off GDP growth, less rain more droughts and temperature rises on the way.
environment  australia 
november 2007 by gnat
The Three Gorges | One dam thing after another |
geologic instability, pollution, erosion and landslides.
environment  china 
november 2007 by gnat
Shipping pollution 'far more damaging than flying' - Independent Online Edition > Climate Change
shipping not regulated, 90k vessels, 90% of global trade and commerce, 4.5% annual growth, producing greenhouse gases 2x aviation industry, 1B tonnes of "pollution" (GH gases?), pollutants from ships contribute half of LA's smog-related SO2
environment  pollution  energy  transportation 
october 2007 by gnat
Nuclear dawn |
overview of new nuclear plant options. 31 reactors under construction. pebble bed reactors promise "cannot melt down". no country has a final disposal site for its waste. fast reactors could consume waste from thermal reactors, only few 100 yrs to decay
power  environment 
september 2007 by gnat
Green.view | The great submarine burp |
Methane at the sea floor comes wrapped in water molecules. Huge dangers--methane is a massively greenhouse gas, implicated in mass extinctions 220M and 55M years ago. Also messing with the reserves can cause undersea landslides and tsunamis. Joy!
energy  environment 
august 2007 by gnat
In Nature's Casino
Catastrophe bonds, John Seo, quants, offsetting insurance risk, calculating probability of natural disaster
finance  environment  money 
august 2007 by gnat
The Pillars of the Next Real Revolution
"End of Oil Age; End of Hospitable Climate; End of Population Boom; Narrow Circulation of Money; Suddenly Endangered Superpower; Scary Becoming Powerful; Rise of Hard-Core Fundamentalism; Increasingly Toxic Planet." I'd link China's rise to US's decline.
future  trends  environment  energy  china  usa  religion 
august 2007 by gnat
Greenland Ice Evidence of Hemispheric Lead Pollution Two Millennia Ago by Greek and Roman Civilizations -- Hong et al. 265 (5180): 1841 -- Science
Greek and Roman Pb+Ar mining smelting polluted middle troposphere of Nth Hemisphere on a hemispheric scale 2K yr ago. Total Pb fallout to the Greenland Ice Sheet during these 8 Cs was as high as 15% of the massive use of Pb additives in petrol since 1930s
environment  pollution  history 
august 2007 by gnat
Pre-industrial atmospheric lead contamination detected in Swedish lake sediments
swedish lake sediment has layers containing lead from greek and roman factories
environment  history 
august 2007 by gnat
Peak phosphorus | | Peak Oil News Clearinghouse
global production of phosphate peaked a few years ago. farming fucked in the future.
environment  gardening  math  science 
august 2007 by gnat
Daniel Simberloff - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
ecologist, studied under E.O. Wilson, translated book on parasites, expert in invasive species ecology
bio  environment  science  scifoo 
august 2007 by gnat
Bottled convenience | Free exchange |
rationale for bottled water mania in America: subsidised waste
august 2007 by gnat
News - Renewable energy at what cost?
Watts per square meter as measurement of effectiveness. biomass, hydro, wind all fuck up the land.
energy  environment  politics  science 
august 2007 by gnat
Weather patterns | Precipitative |
drier equator, wetter sub-tropics, ambiguous ~mediterranean range
environment  global  weather 
july 2007 by gnat
Green.view | Bill Bryson's beauty |
Assumes commercial value is only value. The most irritating conceit of economic blindness I've read today.
economics  environment 
july 2007 by gnat
Science Journal -
On some days, almost a third of the air over Los Angeles and San Francisco can be traced directly to Asia. With it comes up to three-quarters of the black carbon particulate pollution that reaches the West Coast
environment  china  usa 
july 2007 by gnat
Fuel for Thought: Financial Page: The New Yorker
Surowiecki hypothesizes why US consumers (who buy big inefficient cars) also overwhelmingly support higher fuel economy standards which would make such cars much harder to own. Analogy with NHL hockey helmet story.
economics  sport  transportation  environment  energy 
july 2007 by gnat
EU environment chief wants to put a price on water | Science & Health | Reuters
Droughts increasing in Europe. 2003 drought >100M ppl, 8.7B euros cost. 20% water wasted, doubling in future. EU advocating user-pays for water.
water  economics  environment  europe 
july 2007 by gnat | Ethanol’s Dissonant Sounds: A Dirge for the Commons
Biofuels will all have water, fertilizer, etc. costs. We just don't have a keen sense of what an acceptable cost is, because we're spoiled on the oil and coal where the costs are negligible because they're non-renewable.
environment  energy 
july 2007 by gnat
Logged to death - 14 Jul 2007 - NZ Herald: World / International News
In "Collapse", Jared Diamond asked "what was he thinking, the person who cut down the last tree on Easter Island?" The Soloman Islands are about to reach that point. He can ask the islanders himself.
environment  politics  pacific 
july 2007 by gnat
Ready, aim, fire and rain
China's attempt to massively reengineer its weather. This was popular in the US in the 60s, I think, with no noticable results.
environment  china  weather 
july 2007 by gnat
BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | 'No Sun link' to climate change
for last 20 years, Sun's output has declined yet Earth temperatures have risen
science  environment 
july 2007 by gnat
Raw materials go in, Subarus - and nothing else - come out of zero-landfill factory - AutoblogGreen
97% of all excess or leftover materials in this Indiana Subaru plant are recycled.
july 2007 by gnat
O'Reilly Radar > Four Reasons To Come To Come To Energy Innovation Conference (and Two Reasons Not To)
What I've been doing the last few weeks and why I've been bookmarking all the energy/environmen stuff.
energy  environment 
june 2007 by gnat
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