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Hiring a great product leader — Art of Product Design — Medium
The CEO decides what the high-level objectives are (“We want more people driving our cars.”).
Product studies the business needs, customer needs, and identifies a solution.
Design takes that solution, and creates the best experience possible around it, often helping product re-imagine things.
Engineering takes design and product’s output and ultimately decides what’s posssible, how to build it, etc. In a great organisation, engineering is also deeply involved in the iterative process alongside product and design.
product  design 
april 2014 by gnat
Optimise for the common case.
Wikicity125 finds nearby Wikipedia articles as you travel through the landscape. You can read them as you trundle along, or save them to Instapaper for later.

New articles are automatically added to the top of the screen as you get nearby, then gradually fade out as you move away. No maps, no pins, no searching.

It is built using the brilliant Wikilocation API, jQuery Mobile and Flask.
mobile  location  design 
february 2013 by gnat
Design Staff — The product design sprint: a five-day recipe for startups
5 days: understand, diverge, decide, prototype, validate = with real test users recruited over craigslist and paid a nominal sum. you get a prototype in keynote with comments from users. time-intensive. for existing startups.
design  google  innovation 
november 2012 by gnat
Cosmo: A free Metro-inspired theme for Bootstrap - Bootswatch
Metro theme for Bootstrap, letting you return to sharp-edged rectangles
css  web  design  open  source 
november 2012 by gnat
Passport to Dreams Old & New: The Awkward Transitions of Disneyland!
disneyland has abrupt transitions from themed attraction to themed attraction, whereas disneyworld graduates and transitions between them. this may well be the "charm" that everyone says disneyworld has lost but that land has.
design  architecture 
november 2012 by gnat
The 8 Worst Fonts In The World | Co.Design: business + innovation + design
excellent trashing of shitty fonts. example:
Cameron’s choice was baffling. Papyrus is not a bad font on its own, but is so clichéd and overused that its prominent selection for a genre-busting movie seems perverse. It also seems geographically inappropriate: as everyone who has written a school project over the last decade will tell you, Papyrus is the font you use to spell out the word "Egypt."
fonts  design  typography 
november 2012 by gnat
Smart Thinking
3 things that make a simple product: (a) obvious interaction, (b) does the subset of the problem that most people need, and (c) hides the complexity of the problem it solves from the user.
october 2012 by gnat
Responsive workflow
he admits to an iterative process :)
web  design 
october 2012 by gnat
Presentation Zen: Presentation lessons from Citizen Kane
great explanation of the director tricks used in Kane
focus  film  design 
august 2012 by gnat
New Aesthetic // OOO // Future of Things | Near Future Laboratory
What are the ways our things of (presumably) our creation begin to express/articulate themselves in unexpected and weird ways? What is the catalyst for these differently animated, chatty things? Sensors? Networks? It’s been done before — talismans, tea leaves, idols, urns. We talk to thing and let them talk back to us, guide us from beyond. What different now? A bathroom scale that tweets your weight. Plants that yammer for water.
newaesthetic  design 
may 2012 by gnat
Fosta’s Ye Olde Aesthetic | Near Future Laboratory
The futurists are retronauts. This isn’t solely a San Francisco phenomenon. From London to New York and beyond, one cannot fail to notice the rapid growth of heritage manufacture, and a diet of artisanal bread, heirloom tomatoes and fine-tuned coffee have fueled a growing obsession with with the old. Not the old per se, but a version thereof, a simulacrum even. The ‘Olde’. This has led to an emerging paradox in the world of objects. We love the perfection, modernity and reliable consistency of our iThings, but we also feel the need to pop them into a handmade leather pouch.
newaesthetic  design  culture 
may 2012 by gnat
remus_shepherd: The New Aesthetic, and what's next.
"(It seems that all art movements are nothing more than our culture pirouetting across the Uncanny Valley. When one gets too close to it, a Realism movement jerks it back toward perfect fidelity; then the dreamers jeté across the Valley toward abstraction, and iterations approach the Valley from both sides until the cycle repeats. This might get boring if not for reality's tendency to change.)"
art  newaesthetic  design 
may 2012 by gnat
Pasta&Vinegar » Blog Archive » Is the New Aesthetic only about visual stuff?
The main take-away is that the way we use things are changing and the things we are using too because of this co-production that Bridle described in the aforementioned quote.
newaesthetic  design 
may 2012 by gnat
The Floppy Disk means Save, and 14 other old people Icons that don't make sense anymore - Scott Hanselman
A few too-easy jabs (really? you think twenty-somethings never use screwdrivers or spanners?). But rabbit ears on the TV ...
design  icons  fun 
may 2012 by gnat
Home | Apps for Good
teaches real world net entrepreneurship to schoolkids
education  android  app  design  mobile  entrepreneurship 
april 2012 by gnat
In Response To Bruce Sterling's "Essay On The New Aesthetic" | The Creators Project
collection of essays, mixture of incomprehensible arts-graduate-who-can't-communicate bullshit and some actual thought.
newaesthetic  design 
april 2012 by gnat
#sxaesthetic |
what Rilke said:

Perhaps all the dragons in our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us act, just once, with beauty and courage. Perhaps everything that frightens us is, in its deepest essence, something helpless that wants our love.
quotes  design  newaesthetic 
april 2012 by gnat
[this is aaronland] god help us if all we're doing is building an internet of explore
Whenever the military releases satellite or drone imagery for public consumption it is always down-sampled. Pixelated. It's important to consider that down-sampling because that's the world we – those of us without security clearance and left to purchase consumer grade tools – are always going to live in a slightly blurry version of the future.
quotes  newaesthetic  design 
april 2012 by gnat
SXSW, the new aesthetic and commercial visual culture (Noisy Decent Graphics)
This is when Pepsi started running some QR code competition on their cans. This sort of makes sense as a formula in a brainstorm; big brand, partner media in The Sun, glamour model holding/ wearing/ wrapped around the novel thing. Except when you see it, it doesn't make any sense at all.

In fact, it makes about as much sense as a man wearing a tuxedo under his spacesuit.
newaesthetic  design  quotes 
april 2012 by gnat
Steve Jobs: Designer First, C.E.O. Second -
The sleep indicator light on MacBook laptops glows at the pace of a breathing adult.
design  mac 
october 2011 by gnat
The Secret Law of Page Harmony | Retinart
geometry to create simple hole-number ratios of space
book  design 
march 2011 by gnat
Ryan's talk at Future of Web Apps 2010, London - (37signals)
In this talk I walk through the steps of creating a web app including modeling, sketching, HTML, Photoshop explorations and moving from static mockups to live running code. Each step is illustrated with a real example, including some live sketching and live HTML. I also wanted to give a sense of how we think about apps at 37signals, as a stack of different levels that we can iterate on individually.
web  design 
march 2011 by gnat
Can users self-report usability problems?: Measuring Usability Blog
users report 50% as many errors as usability experts find.
users report different errors.
article has tips on setting up self-reporting.
ux  design  web 
january 2011 by gnat
POV Madlibs
game to practice seeing opportunities in design mindset
design  education  radar  from delicious
october 2010 by gnat
Practical architecture: Making life easier | The Economist
What they share is not only a desire to help a badly served community but also a sense of where architecture fits in. Few of the architects have famous names. Their projects, demonstrated with models, pictures and films, are not glamorous, but they are thoughtfully designed, often in collaboration with local groups, and aesthetically stylish. Many are made with local materials and labour. One or two are especially arresting, such as the colourful concrete housing complex for fishermen in Tyre, Lebanon (shown above).
architecture  design  from delicious
september 2010 by gnat
Practical architecture: Making life easier | The Economist
What they share is not only a desire to help a badly served community but also a sense of where architecture fits in. Few of the architects have famous names. Their projects, demonstrated with models, pictures and films, are not glamorous, but they are thoughtfully designed, often in collaboration with local groups, and aesthetically stylish. Many are made with local materials and labour. One or two are especially arresting, such as the colourful concrete housing complex for fishermen in Tyre, Lebanon (shown above).
architecture  design  from delicious
september 2010 by gnat
Drawing inspiration from nature to build a better radio - MIT News Office
Sarpeshkar and his students describe their new chip, which they have dubbed the "radio frequency (RF) cochlea," in a paper to be published in the June issue of the IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits. They have also filed for a patent to incorporate the RF cochlea in a universal or software radio architecture that is designed to efficiently process a broad spectrum of signals including cellular phone, wireless Internet, FM, and other signals.
radio  power  hardware  electronics  mit  design  bio 
june 2009 by gnat
Glimmer: a jQuery Interactive Design Tool - Home
Without having to touch a piece of JavaScript code, harness the power of the jQuery. With Glimmer: a jQuery Interactive Design Tool, easily create interactive experiences and use the tool to discover ways to add animation and other effects to your site in new and unexpected places. Glimmer is a Windows application which generates jQuery, XHTML and CSS. If jQuery is the “write less, do more” JavaScript library, then Glimmer is the “write none, do more” jQuery design tool.
jquery  javascript  design 
may 2009 by gnat
7 Rules of Low-Cost Design for Non-Profit – Amy Smith - Popular Mechanics
6. If you want to make something 10 times cheaper, remove 90 percent of the material.
design  technology  mit  innovation 
april 2009 by gnat
Product Panic: 2009
Great panic products are like Roosevelt’s fireside chats. They’re cheery bluff. The standard virtues of fine industrial design—safety, convenience, serviceability, utility, solid construction … well, when you’re heading for the lifeboats, you can overlook those pesky little details. For designers, the ideal panic product in 2009 is a 99-cent iPhone application. Something like an iPhone ocarina or lava lamp.
fun  design  economy 
march 2009 by gnat
Pulse Laser: The Utility of the Unfinished
monospaced text for works in progress.
march 2009 by gnat
Compostmodern 09: Allan Chochinov's 10-Step Program - Core77
Allan Chochinov. Starts his talks by listing crap designers make. "You're not in the artifact business, you're in the consequences business."
march 2009 by gnat
The Pac-Man Dossier
Unbelievably game geeky. Love it.
history  design  retro  gaming 
february 2009 by gnat
Ward Cunningham’s implementation of Brian Marick’s “Visible Workings” « Jon Udell
interesting way to diagram interactions, but Ward goes one step further and shows the user the diagram so they know wtf will happen.
web  design  interaction 
january 2009 by gnat
Lost Garden: The Princess Rescuing Application: Slides
Awesome talk on design of games and some lessons for applications. Not enough specifics for applications, though. It's one thing to say "this is what made games successful", another to be able to apply those things to more staid and utilitarian projects.
games  design  web2.0  ux  ui 
november 2008 by gnat
anab jain
"Anab Jain is educated in India, Vienna and London, with a masters in Interaction Design from the Royal College of Art. She is interested in exploring the implications of emerging technologies in our everyday lives through a people-centered approach to design"
design  ubicomp  microsoft  nokia  people  england 
october 2008 by gnat
blog all dog-eared pages: maps and legends
"...gets so much right for me. So much of what I love most is balanced in that lagrange point between art and commerce, not plumping for one or the other but excelling at both. The best people I've ever worked with have never worried about the art or commerce thing, they're doing both: "heartbreaking beauty that moves units".
design  art  business 
september 2008 by gnat
PostSpectacular: Faber Finds generative book covers
Fascinating post on the challenges of building custom book covers for each copy printed in some of Faber's new series. Processing used! via Phil Torrone
typography  processing  printing  books  design  pdf 
august 2008 by gnat
A Playground Where Creativity Can Run Wild -
WANT. It's a kid maker playground--build your own toys, play structures, water games.
kids  design 
july 2008 by gnat
Going Fast on the Mobile Web
good preso. i want to steal slides on context for # of mobile devices and why people are building iphone pages.
mobile  web  design 
may 2008 by gnat
Review: Five Themes for Interaction Design
Doing is different from planning, design for expert use, expose actions, risk builds trust/responsibility/attention, augment the physical with digital
ubicomp  design 
may 2008 by gnat
downloadable stencils for OmniGraffle
mac  software  design  images 
may 2008 by gnat
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