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Here comes EVERYTHING!
These stamp-like pieces of adhesive plastic will also contain RFID chips and you will be able to tag the “7995 other items in your house that don’t know how to communicate, yet”. Apparently we all own about 8000 items of which only 5 know how to talk to the rest of the world. Violet’s goal is to make them all smart and connected.
rfid  physical  interaction  computing  ubicomp 
october 2008 by gnat
Grand Text Auto » From 0 to 1 in 1K
"The authors manage, in their compressed writings, to dip into delightful details: how Vannevar Bush’s invention of the torque amplifier allowed for analog integration to be done via a disk-wheel; why William S. Burroughs’s “crank-activated adder” was a success; the story of ADR’s AUTOFLOW, the first software product, which produced largely useless but obligatory flowcharts." sounds an interesting book
book  history  computing 
august 2008 by gnat
Brain scan | From palmtops to brain cells |
finally an explanation of Hawkins's theory: pattern matching nodes form a hierarchy, sending observations up and predictions down.
brain  computing 
march 2008 by gnat
Alan Kay - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Technology is anything that wasn't around when you were born", "People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware", "I invented the term Object-Oriented and I can tell you I did not have C++ in mind", and more great quotes
quotes  computing 
january 2008 by gnat
Ned Batchelder: December 2007
history of the Digital (DEC) logo, and postscript, by the guy who came up with the canonical digital form of the digital logo
history  computing 
december 2007 by gnat
The First Automatic Totaliser
1913 primitive computer, built to manage the bets at a horse track
nz  gambling  computing  history 
july 2007 by gnat
An Unlikely History of Australian Computing: the Reign of the Totalisator
science history: the 1900s computer in New Zealand and Australia was for racetracks not the military
history  computing  nz 
july 2007 by gnat
Richard Feynman and the Connection Machine
Wonderful stories about Richard Feynman working at Thinking Machines from the very start.
computing  history  physics  people 
july 2007 by gnat
Dryad - Home
Microsoft's own programming language for mapreduce coding.
parallel  programming  microsoft  research  languages  distributed  computing 
april 2007 by gnat

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