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This tool provides a sysadmin-friendly command line interface to Amazon Glacier, turning Glacier into an easy-to-use storage backend. It automates tasks which would otherwise require a number of separate steps (job submission, polling for job completion and retrieving the results of jobs). It provides integration with git-annex, making Glacier even more useful.
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november 2012 by gnat
The Failure of #amazonfail « Clay Shirky
Though the #amazonfail event is important for several reasons, I can’t write about it dispassionately, because I was an enthusiastic participant in its use on Sunday. I was wrong, because I believed things that weren’t true. As bad as that was, though, far worse is the retrofitting of alternate rationales to continue to view Amazon with suspicion, rationales that would not have provoked the outrage we felt had they been all we were asked to react to in the first place.
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april 2009 by gnat
Things that were not immediately obvious to me » Blog Archive » Installing Django on EC2 & EBS
This is a quick guide to setting up an Amazon EC2 instance as a Django server. There are many other guides along these lines, but this one includes a “turn-key” script to get everything up and running, as well as an implementation of the “polling” example from the Django tutorial.
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december 2008 by gnat
The Colbert Bump in Amazon Data » Data Wrangling Blog
appearance on Colbert Report triggers surge in Amazon sales. Duh.
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february 2008 by gnat
Amazon's Dynamo - All Things Distributed
"many of the techniques used in Dynamo originate in the operating systems and distributed systems research of the past years; DHTs, consistent hashing, versioning, vector clocks, quorum, anti-entropy based recovery,"
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december 2007 by gnat
Sold on eBay, Shipped by - New York Times
Mr. Bezos said that the overall Amazon Web Services initiative was growing rapidly, but was not yet profitable. Mr. Bezos said S3 now held 5 billion “objects,” or pieces of data, up from 800 million last July.
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april 2007 by gnat
Ruby On Rails Camp - AWS Console
The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Console is the beginnings of a site that enables the use of Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) for scalable hosting, for testing, for staging, for experimentation, and for much more.
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april 2007 by gnat
My Amazon Anniversary
Chris waits a year then releases an unfixed bug he filed with Amazon
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march 2007 by gnat

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