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Book Review - 'Africa - Altered States, Ordinary Miracles,' by Richard Dowden - Review -
It is significant that none of the most passionate advocates of aid for Africa are African
africa  money 
may 2009 by gnat
The sapphire mines of Madagascar - The Big Picture -
The pictures are interesting, but there's a link to a Google Maps view of the place. The pockmarks are incredible.
photos  people  mining  africa 
october 2008 by gnat
Mobile Broadband Internet in Africa — White African
Mobile phone density and top ten countries in Internet use.
viz  mobile  africa 
august 2008 by gnat
Making Economics Relevant Again - New York Times
giving Kenyan kids textbooks didn't lift scores, but worming the kids did.
education  africa  kids 
february 2008 by gnat
The Chinese in Africa | Still scrambling |
Chinese foreign policy begins to shift from non-interference in countries it does business with. Some Chinese provinces encourage emigration to Africa.
china  africa  politics 
november 2007 by gnat
Electricity in Africa | The dark continent |
500M sub-saharan Africans are without modern energy, hydro irregular but increasingly tapped, Aggreko (Scottish backup generator co) supplies 50% of Uganda's power, West Af. pipeline planned to burn flareoff gases, jatropha plant as biofuel
africa  energy 
august 2007 by gnat
Climate change | Africa's challenge |
600k sq km cultivable land ruined. $25 billion may be lost in crop failure because of rising temperatures. Has a map showing how dry the bits of Africa are
environment  africa 
may 2007 by gnat
AK47, lip plate, and iPod
every gal should have all three before she leaves the house
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april 2007 by gnat

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