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The rise and fall of Sugru, the British Blu Tack rival that almost crowdfunded itself to death | WIRED UK
Investors in adhesive wonder material Sugru are losing most of their money after the crowdfunded startup failed to scale. So what went wrong?
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july 2018 by gmisra
How Shyp Sunk: The Rise And Fall Of An On-Demand Startup
The company that hoped to revolutionize shipping is ending operations today–a poster child for a whole era of venture-funded ideas that has come and gone.
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april 2018 by gmisra
FCC Accuses Stealthy Startup of Launching Rogue Satellites - IEEE Spectrum
The U.S. communications agency says tiny Internet of Things satellites from Swarm Technologies could endanger other spacecraft
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march 2018 by gmisra
What People Really Do When They're 'Working From Home' - Businessweek
Yet despite all the distractions, telecommuters are actually more productive than their peers in the office
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july 2012 by gmisra
How Hiring Makes Uniqlo a Successful Retailer : The New Yorker
you can only outsource so much work before alienating your customers
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march 2012 by gmisra
Small batch web start-up funding
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july 2009 by gmisra

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