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What If GPS Stood for “Galactic Positioning System”? - IEEE Spectrum
NASA scientists demonstrate how to navigate in space using signals from distant pulsars
articles  space  maps  navigation 
february 2018 by gmisra
Google Maps’s Moat
How far ahead of Apple Maps is Google Maps?
articles  google  maps  technology 
december 2017 by gmisra
The Lost Subways of New York | WNYC
This map shows a grander vision for the New York subway that lost out to tightened budgets and other priorities. It includes eleven planned lines that were never built, as well as seven stations or platforms that were built but eventually taken out of service. Mouse over the abandoned stations and unbuilt lines for details.
articles  maps  History  transit  newyork 
september 2017 by gmisra
Nobody Knows What Lies Beneath New York City - Bloomberg
Subterranean cartographers are bringing to light the dark, tangled truths buried under the streets.
articles  newyork  maps  infrastructure 
september 2017 by gmisra
Here at the End of All Things
On losing oneself in the geography of fantasy worlds, from Middle Earth to Westeros.
articles  culture  maps  fantasy 
september 2017 by gmisra
Falling Fruit
Falling Fruit is a massive, collaborative map of the urban harvest. By uniting the efforts of foragers, freegans, and foresters everywhere, the map already points to over a half million food sources around the world (from plants and fungi to water wells and dumpsters). Our rapidly growing user community is actively exploring, editing, and adding to the map.
food  sharing  maps 
august 2017 by gmisra
Why The First Complete Map of the Ocean Floor Is Stirring Controversial Waters | Science | Smithsonian
Charting these watery depths could transform oceanography. It could also aid deep sea miners looking for profit
articles  oceans  maps 
august 2017 by gmisra
peermaps | Peer to peer cartography
Peermaps provides a decentralized, cooperative alternative to commercial map providers like Google Maps. Instead of fetching data from a centralized tile service, fetch map data from your peers using webtorrent.
maps  bittorrent  Tools 
march 2016 by gmisra
Action Street Map (ASM) is an engine for building real city environment dynamically using OSM (Open Street Map) data.
programming  maps 
november 2014 by gmisra
UCSF harnesses Google Earth Engine for new malaria fight - SFGate
"No one could understand that 400-page document and read those grainy black-and-white maps,"
articles  maps 
september 2014 by gmisra
San Francisco Public Art
File under "useful", "san francisco", "maps" #fb
maps  sanfrancisco  art 
november 2013 by gmisra
Map the iPhone Users In Any City, And You Know Where the Rich Live - Emily Badger - The Atlantic Cities
RT @AtlanticCities: Map the iPhone users in any city, and you know where the rich live
articles  maps  technology  society 
june 2013 by gmisra
A Terrifying, Fascinating Timelapse of 30 Years of Human Impact on Earth - Emily Badger - The Atlantic Cities
RT @AtlanticCities: A terrifying, fascinating timelapse of 30 years of human impact on earth
maps  History 
may 2013 by gmisra
Inequality & Mass Transit in the Bay Area
The results show the Bay Area's economic inequality and its relationship with transit and urban form.
maps  transit  sanfrancisco  inequality 
may 2013 by gmisra
Housing Segregation: The Great Migration and Beyond
Between 1910 and 1960, the Great Migration saw 6 million African Americans move from the rural South to the industrial North. Through public policy and private action, the black migrants were largely segregated into neighborhoods that were almost exclusively black. The Fair Housing Act of 1968 required the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to take “affirmative” steps to end housing discrimination and promote integration. But 45 years of the federal housing discrimination ban has failed to break up that segregation.
history  policy  maps 
december 2012 by gmisra
Simple Tiles
wrapper on top of OGR for spatial data and Cairo for image generation.
maps  programming 
february 2012 by gmisra
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