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How Tech Bros Fell in Love With Baking Bread - Eater
How the Silicon Valley set fell in love with sourdough and decided to disrupt the 6,000-year-old craft of making bread, one crumbshot at a time
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4 days ago by gmisra
Karen Washington: It’s Not a Food Desert, It’s Food Apartheid - Guernica
The community activist pushes the food justice movement beyond raised beds, food pantries, new supermarkets, and white leadership.
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september 2018 by gmisra
Thickeners - Article - FineCooking
A guide to the starches that make pie fillings, sauces, and gravies gel
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august 2018 by gmisra
The Anthony Bourdain Interview
"I find, again and again, just by spending the time, by asking very simple questions, people have said the most astonishing things to me."
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august 2018 by gmisra
A British Seaweed Scientist Is Revered in Japan as ‘The Mother of the Sea’
Kathleen Drew-Baker died never having set foot in Japan, and never knowing what an impact her research would make. Plus, how to build a lazy bed, how to cook Irish blancmange, and other surprising seaweed stories.
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august 2018 by gmisra
Bribes, Backdoor Deals, and Pay to Play: How Bad Rosé Took Over | Bon Appetit
A sommelier opens up about the shady business practices that are behind the rise of watery, terrible rosé.
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august 2018 by gmisra
Frozen Pizza History: Ready To Heat, Nearly Ready To Eat
The evolution of the frozen pizza, the ideal form of sustenance for people who have an oven, a microwave, or an aversion to delivery. (Possibly all three.)
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april 2018 by gmisra
J. Kenji López-Alt Tackles the Restaurant World
Can the nerd king of home cooking conquer the restaurant world?
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january 2018 by gmisra
How the sandwich consumed Britain | The long read | News | The Guardian
The world-beating British sandwich industry is worth £8bn a year. It transformed the way we eat lunch, then did the same for breakfast – and now it’s coming for dinner.
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december 2017 by gmisra
Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers, unmasked and still searching
Winning isn't everything. After Super Bowl XLV, Green Bay's hero QB has been on a journey to find out what is.
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september 2017 by gmisra
The Oldest Restaurant in Kabul: Where Tradition Trumps Rockets
For over 70 years, Bacha Broot, located in the center of the Old City of Kabul, has been serving chainaki — savory lamb stew — despite Soviet occupation, civil war, and the Taliban.
articles  food  afghanistan 
september 2017 by gmisra
American Cheese History: How the U.S. Redefined Cheese Culture
Despite cheese existing long before the U.S. did, it has come to define American food culture globally—and not just because of American cheese. Why is that?
articles  united_states  cheese  food  History 
august 2017 by gmisra
Falling Fruit
Falling Fruit is a massive, collaborative map of the urban harvest. By uniting the efforts of foragers, freegans, and foresters everywhere, the map already points to over a half million food sources around the world (from plants and fungi to water wells and dumpsters). Our rapidly growing user community is actively exploring, editing, and adding to the map.
food  sharing  maps 
august 2017 by gmisra
100 year old fruit cake found in Antarctica's Oldest Building - Antarctic Heritage
Antarctic Heritage Trust conservators found a 100 year old fruit cake among the artefacts from Cape Adare.
articles  antarctica  food 
august 2017 by gmisra
The New Urban Fried-Chicken Crisis - CityLab
The life and death and rebirth of fried chicken in American cities.
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june 2017 by gmisra
Occurrence of Deep Pectoral Myopathy in Roaster Chickens | Poultry Science | Oxford Academic
A study was conducted to determine the incidence of deep pectoral myopathy (DPM) in male roaster chickens reared under intensive conditions, processed at different ages (from 47 to 65 d of age), and belonging to 2 commercial genotypes (Ross 508 and Cobb 500). The study was carried out in a major Italian processing plant on a total of 120,700 male roaster chickens chosen at random from 151 flocks during a 6-mo period. The evaluation of DPM was performed on pectoralis minor muscles and consisted of a visual assessment of the presence or absence of the myopathy as well as the scoring of muscle damage level as being in an “early” (hemorrhagic appearance) or “old” (gray or green discoloration) developing stage. The average incidence of carcasses affected by DPM was found to be 0.84% (0.62 and 0.22% in early and old stages, respectively). The range in the incidence of total DPM was fairly large and varied from 0 to 16.7%. Considerable variations were also observed for early (range: 0 to 12.0%) and old (range: 0 to 5.6%) developing stages. Considering the effect of genotype, Ross 508 exhibited a higher incidence of DPM in respect to Cobb 500 (1.27 vs. 0.35%; P ≤ 0.01). This result was due to the higher incidence of carcasses affected by both early (0.94 vs. 0.26%; P ≤ 0.01) and old (0.33 vs. 0.09%; P ≤ 0.01) developing stages of DPM in Ross 508 birds.
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may 2017 by gmisra
Cooking Lessons — The California Sunday Magazine
Disillusioned with fine dining, one of the world’s great chefs took on fast food. It has been harder than he ever imagined.

Loc'ol / Daniel Patterson / Roy Choi
articles  food 
april 2017 by gmisra
The Taste Makers - The New Yorker
The secret world of the flavor factory.
articles  food 
april 2017 by gmisra
The Burning Desire for Hot Chicken – The Ringer
Three days, three Nashville restaurants, and three revelations about why we love what hurts
articles  food 
april 2017 by gmisra
The presence of microplastics in commercial salts from different countries : Scientific Reports
The occurrence of microplastics (MPs) in saltwater bodies is relatively well studied, but nothing is known about their presence in most of the commercial salts that are widely consumed by humans across the globe. Here, we extracted MP-like particles larger than 149 μm from 17 salt brands originating from 8 different countries followed by the identification of their polymer composition using micro-Raman spectroscopy. Microplastics were absent in one brand while others contained between 1 to 10 MPs/Kg of salt. Out of the 72 extracted particles, 41.6% were plastic polymers, 23.6% were pigments, 5.50% were amorphous carbon, and 29.1% remained unidentified. The particle size (mean ± SD) was 515 ± 171 μm. The most common plastic polymers were polypropylene (40.0%) and polyethylene (33.3%). Fragments were the primary form of MPs (63.8%) followed by filaments (25.6%) and films (10.6%). According to our results, the low level of anthropogenic particles intake from the salts (maximum 37 particles per individual per annum) warrants negligible health impacts. However, to better understand the health risks associated with salt consumption, further development in extraction protocols are needed to isolate anthropogenic particles smaller than 149 μm.
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april 2017 by gmisra
Is Fat Killing You, or Is Sugar? - The New Yorker
What we do and don’t know about dietary science.
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april 2017 by gmisra
Who Is Guy Fieri? - MUNCHIES
Meeting the man who lives below the frosted tips, and discovering why a little bit of him lives in all of us.
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march 2017 by gmisra
Spoiler Alert By Kathryn Miles | Pacific Standard
Millions of containers, thousands of ships, hundreds of scientists, 30 laws, 15 federal agencies, and we still can’t prevent the next foodborne illness outbreak.
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december 2016 by gmisra
Solving Climate Change With Beer From Patagonia’s Food Startup - Bloomberg
Executives at the outdoor apparel company are sick and tired of Big Food's greenwashing.
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october 2016 by gmisra
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