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The Hunt for the Titanic Was Actually a Hunt for Lost U.S. Nuclear Submarines
Robert Ballard had to do the Navy a favor before he could proceed with his hunt for the famed ship.
articles  espionage  military  History 
yesterday by gmisra
Studies Rescue LIGO’s Gravitational-Wave Signal From the Noise | Quanta Magazine
Two independent papers vanquish lingering doubts about LIGO’s historic discovery of gravitational waves.
articles  physics 
2 days ago by gmisra
Astronomers Creep Up to the Edge of the Milky Way’s Black Hole | Quanta Magazine
Hot spots have been discovered orbiting just outside the supermassive black hole at the galaxy’s center. Their motions have given us the closest look at that violent environment.
articles  astrophysics 
2 days ago by gmisra
Could high-tech mouthguards help prevent concussions? | Stanford School of Engineering
Three Bay Area high school football teams will put a new sensing technology to the test to better understand how dangerous hits to the head may impact players differently.
articles  football  sports_analytics 
2 days ago by gmisra
The Predatory Lending Machine Crushing Small Businesses Across America
How an obscure legal document turned New York’s court system into a debt-collection machine that’s chewing up small businesses across America.
articles  debt  newyork  corruption  politics 
2 days ago by gmisra
150 Minutes of Hell: The inside story of death and survival in California’s tornado of fire
The inside story of death and survival as the Carr Fire's tornado of flames stormed Redding — and changed firefighting in a warming California
articles  california  fire 
2 days ago by gmisra
Frauchiger-Renner Paradox Clarifies Where Our Views of Reality Go Wrong | Quanta Magazine
A thought experiment has shaken up the world of quantum foundations, forcing physicists to clarify how various quantum interpretations (such as many-worlds and the Copenhagen interpretation) abandon seemingly sensible assumptions about reality.
articles  physics  science 
2 days ago by gmisra
Looking for God in the Writing of Denis Johnson | Literary Hub
articles  writing 
2 days ago by gmisra
Jeffrey Epstein: About the sex trafficking case & accusations | Miami Herald
A decade before #MeToo, a multimillionaire sex offender from Florida got the ultimate break.
articles  corruption  politics  florida 
2 days ago by gmisra
Enormous ‘Ghost’ Galaxy Spotted on Outskirts of Milky Way | Simons Foundation
The newfound dwarf galaxy, Antlia 2, is the largest known satellite of the Milky Way and the sparsest galaxy ever seen.
articles  astrophysics  astronomy 
2 days ago by gmisra
William Dalrymple on The Dehlie Book | Art and design | The Guardian
The final Mughal ruler of Delhi was a mystic, poet and calligrapher. But the art of his reign would have been lost but for an eccentric Briton. William Dalrymple reports
articles  india  History 
2 days ago by gmisra
Jonestown’s Victims Have a Lesson to Teach Us, So I Listened – Mother Jones
In uncovering the blackness of Peoples Temple, I began to better understand my community and the need to belong.
articles  race  sanfrancisco  History 
2 days ago by gmisra
The Queer Generation Gap
How the sexual fluidity of the next generation reflects the limitations of the one that came before it.
articles  gender  culture 
2 days ago by gmisra
Nigerian police say “fake news” on Facebook is killing people - BBC News
Nigerian police say false information on Facebook is killing people
articles  facebook  violence 
5 days ago by gmisra
Heavy objects and closed doors are no match for these flying robots | Stanford School of Engineering
​FlyCroTugs are small drones outfitted to pull objects up to 40 times their weight and navigate tight spaces — an ideal combination for search and rescue missions.
articles  drones  robots 
8 days ago by gmisra
Without a Proof, Mathematicians Wonder How Much Evidence Is Enough | Quanta Magazine
A new statistical model appears to undermine long-held assumptions in number theory. How much should it be trusted when all that really matters is proof?
articles  math  research 
8 days ago by gmisra
How Tech Bros Fell in Love With Baking Bread - Eater
How the Silicon Valley set fell in love with sourdough and decided to disrupt the 6,000-year-old craft of making bread, one crumbshot at a time
articles  food  bread  cooking  gender 
8 days ago by gmisra
Before the canon: the non-European women who founded philosophy | Aeon Essays
Philosophy was once a woman’s world, ranging across Asia, Africa and Latin America. It’s time to reclaim that lost realm
articles  History  women  philosophy 
8 days ago by gmisra
James Meek reviews ‘Breaking News’ by Alan Rusbridger · LRB 6 December 2018
Breaking News: The Remaking of Journalism and Why It Matters Now by Alan Rusbridger
articles  media  internet  journalism 
8 days ago by gmisra
7-Eleven Is at War With Its Own Franchisees Over ICE Raids - Bloomberg
The company has been battling its store owners for years. It seems to have found a new tool: U.S. immigration authorities.
articles  immigration  capitalism 
8 days ago by gmisra
Facebook pondered, for a time, selling access to user data | Ars Technica
Ars simply copy-pasted a 2017 court document into a text editor to reveal redactions.
articles  facebook 
8 days ago by gmisra
The “Woke” Men Who Still Want Housewives – Jessica Valenti – Medium
Men who claim to believe in equality often aren’t willing to live it
articles  ideas  gender 
8 days ago by gmisra
Scientists Learn the Ropes on Tying Molecular Knots | Quanta Magazine
As chemists tie the most complicated molecular knot yet, biophysicists create a “periodic table” that describes what kinds of knots are possible.
articles  knots  bioengineering 
23 days ago by gmisra
A Proof About Where Symmetries Can’t Exist | Quanta Magazine
In a major mathematical achievement, a small team of researchers has proven Zimmer’s conjecture.
articles  geometry  math 
23 days ago by gmisra
Prepping for a Flood of Heavenly Bodies | Quanta Magazine
Just as mathematics transformed physics from a philosophy into a science, data and computation are transforming science today, says Mario Jurić. He’s leading the push to get astronomy ready for the torrents of data that are about to flow.
articles  astronomy  astrophysics  data 
23 days ago by gmisra
Archiving web sites []
As it turns out, some sites are much harder to archive than others. This article goes through the process of archiving traditional web sites and shows how it falls short when confronted with the latest fashions in the single-page applications that are bloating the modern web.
articles  internet  archiving  scraping 
23 days ago by gmisra
Millennials Are Screwed - The Huffington Post
Why millennials are facing the scariest financial future of any generation since the Great Depression.
articles  economics  millenials 
23 days ago by gmisra
Harvard Converts Millions of Legal Documents into Open Data
The Caselaw Access Project, from the Library Innovation Lab at Harvard Law School, went live Oct. 29 and aggregates millions of state and federal cases on a free website.
articles  legal  data 
23 days ago by gmisra
Building Community in Booming Durham, North Carolina - CityLab
In Durham, North Carolina, abandoned factories are becoming tech hubs and microbreweries. But building a shared commitment to its most vulnerable citizens could be a trickier feat of redevelopment.
articles  community  gentrification  urban_planning 
23 days ago by gmisra
Introduction • MuckRock
ALPR is a mass surveillance technology that spies on every driver on the road, and logs their location, regardless of whether they are suspected of being involved in a crime
articles  surveillance  cars 
24 days ago by gmisra
Ottessa Moshfegh On The Five Fragments That Shaped Her Work
The writer Ottessa Moshfegh on the line between sensitivity and sentimentality, the universal experience of sadness, and the influence of Nirvana.
articles  writing 
24 days ago by gmisra
Sci-Fi Writer Greg Egan and Anonymous Math Whiz Advance Permutation Problem | Quanta Magazine
A new proof from the Australian science fiction writer Greg Egan and a 2011 proof anonymously posted online are now being hailed as significant advances on a puzzle mathematicians have been studying for at least 25 years.
articles  math  algorithms 
24 days ago by gmisra
The State of the Bookstore Union
The Strand, New York City’s largest independent bookstore, is owned by a millionaire — and the booksellers who work there are all broke.
articles  books  labor 
24 days ago by gmisra
The Reddit Forum That Guesses Who You Are Based on What’s in Your Fridge | The New Yorker
The insides of refrigerators, the subject of a subreddit called Fridge Detective, have long been the subjects of voyeuristic fascination.
articles  culture  internet 
24 days ago by gmisra
Working Through the Pain at Tesla | Reveal
Inside Tesla’s factory, a medical clinic designed to ignore injured workers
articles  labor  test 
24 days ago by gmisra
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