How Real Estate Segregated America | Dissent Magazine
Real-estate interests have long wielded an outsized influence over national housing policy—to the detriment of African Americans.
articles  housing  race  History 
How to stop data centres from gobbling up the world’s electricity
The energy-efficiency drive at the information factories that serve us Facebook, Google and Bitcoin.
articles  computers  electricity  energy 
25 days ago
Plastic roads: India’s radical plan to bury its garbage beneath the streets | Guardian Sustainable Business | The Guardian
In India, roads made from shredded plastic are proving a popular solution to tackling waste and extreme weather
articles  india  environment  transportation  plastic 
25 days ago
Chengdu Cool: The Rise of Sichuan’s Homegrown Hip Hop - Guernica
The city of Chengdu is raising China’s new generation of rappers. They are playful, provocative, and boldly assert a distinct regional sound that the public has not heard before. But under the tightening grip of the government censor, can Chengdu’s hip-hop artists keep their cool?
articles  music  China  hiphop 
25 days ago
The Changing Sound of Baltimore - The New York Times
Young independent artists are writing the city’s present, and future, into their music.
articles  music  baltimore 
25 days ago
John Chiara, and California’s Beauty and Terror - Guernica
As wildfires raged across California, the photographer’s surreal landscapes put my new home in perspective.
articles  Photography  california 
4 weeks ago
Water filter inspired by Alan Turing passes first test
Membrane's structure predicted in mathematician's lone biology paper.
articles  water  math 
4 weeks ago
It’s Time to Admit That Half-Measures Can’t Stop Climate Change
It’s Time to Admit That Half-Measures Can’t Stop Climate Change
articles  climate_change 
4 weeks ago
Junot Díaz: The Legacy of Childhood Trauma | The New Yorker
I never got any help, any kind of therapy. I never told anyone.
articles  writing 
4 weeks ago
The Gambler Who Cracked the Horse-Racing Code - Bloomberg
Bill Benter did the impossible: He wrote an algorithm that couldn’t lose at the track. Close to a billion dollars later, he tells his story for the first time.
articles  gambling  sports_betting  sports_analytics 
4 weeks ago
Troubled Times for Alternatives to Einstein’s Theory of Gravity | Quanta Magazine
New observations of extreme astrophysical systems have “brutally and pitilessly murdered” attempts to replace Einstein’s general theory of relativity.
articles  astronomy  physics  science 
4 weeks ago
How do we capture structure in relational data?
despite its prevalence, graph structure is often discarded when applying machine learning...
articles  graph_databases  machine_learning 
4 weeks ago
Inside Amazon’s Fake Review Economy
A vast web of Amazon review fraud lives online, and it's designed to evade the company’s efforts to thwart it.
articles  amazon  internet  reviews  anonymity 
4 weeks ago
How Vaccines Can Drive Pathogens to Evolve | Quanta Magazine
Just as antibiotics breed resistance in bacteria, vaccines can incite changes that enable diseases to escape their control. Researchers are working to head off the evolution of new threats.
articles  evolution  vaccines  Public_Health 
4 weeks ago
Chasing Pluto, As Long As It Takes
All of this is now known thanks to New Horizons, a probe that launched in 2006 to complete the tour of the solar system. But for scientists in pursuit of Pluto’s secrets since the late 1980s, it was a long wait. The mission faced political hurdles, budget battles, technical challenges, and near-disaster even as it was days away from speeding past Pluto.
articles  solar_system 
4 weeks ago
To Build Truly Intelligent Machines, Teach Them Cause and Effect | Quanta Magazine
Judea Pearl, a pioneering figure in artificial intelligence, argues that AI has been stuck in a decades-long rut. His prescription for progress? Teach machines to understand the question why.
articles  causal_inference  brain 
4 weeks ago
How Much Money Do You Need To Be Rich According to Bankers? - Bloomberg
In an era of hyper-wealth, economy-class rich starts at $25 million.
articles  economics  inequality  money 
4 weeks ago
Crooked Letters
Inside the NCAA's years-long, twisting investigation into Mississippi football
articles  football  ncaa  corruption 
4 weeks ago
J.R.’s Jook and the Authenticity Mirage
When a young white musician gets invited to a house-party, the musicians he plays with show him a slice of blues culture many people assumed had died.
articles  music  culture  History 
4 weeks ago
Putting a New Stone on the Grave: Sjón Brings the Golem to Iceland
Sjón’s “CoDex 1962” is the fulfillment of a pact he made with the Maharal of Prague in the Old Jewish Cemetery almost three decades ago.
articles  books 
4 weeks ago
On Waste Plastics at Sea, Maria-Luiza Pedrotti Finds Unique Microbial Multitudes | Quanta Magazine
Maria-Luiza Pedrotti is illuminating the unseen worlds of plastic-eating bacteria that teem in massive ocean garbage patches.
articles  plastic  oceans 
4 weeks ago
The String Theory Landscape | Stanford News
The most recent update to the Big Bang theory, called the String Theory Landscape, arose out of elements of string theory and cosmic inflation. The theory’s inclusion of a multiverse and its denial of immutable physical laws has raised debates that continue to this day.
articles  physics 
4 weeks ago
A New World’s Extraordinary Orbit Points to Planet Nine | Quanta Magazine
Astronomers argue that there’s an undiscovered giant planet far beyond the orbit of Neptune. A newly discovered rocky body has added evidence to the circumstantial case for it.
articles  solar_system  astronomy  astrophysics 
5 weeks ago
Mathematicians Disprove Conjecture Made to Save Black Holes | Quanta Magazine
Mathematicians have disproved the strong cosmic censorship conjecture. Their work answers one of the most important questions in the study of general relativity and changes the way we think about space-time.
articles  astrophysics  physics 
5 weeks ago
A Chance to Rewrite History: The Women Fighters of the Tamil Tigers
How during a brutal, 25-year civil war in Sri Lanka, the Tamil Tigers failed the women soldiers who sacrificed everything to fight for a sovereign state for the Tamil minority.
articles  war  sri_lanka 
5 weeks ago
Pusha-T Breaks Down Every Song on His New Album, Daytona | Pitchfork
The rapper talks about that Drake diss, that Harvey Weinstein line, and everything else you want to know about his Kanye West-produced LP.
articles  music 
5 weeks ago
How Anna Delvey Tricked New York’s Party People
Maybe She Had So Much Money She Just Lost Track of It Somebody had to foot the bill for Anna Delvey’s fabulous new life. The city was full of marks.
articles  fraud  newyork 
5 weeks ago
A Vor Never Sleeps
The shadowy world of Russian organized crime in America.
articles  russia  Crime 
5 weeks ago
Karen Washington: It’s Not a Food Desert, It’s Food Apartheid - Guernica
The community activist pushes the food justice movement beyond raised beds, food pantries, new supermarkets, and white leadership.
articles  food  urban_planning 
5 weeks ago
"Philip Roth" by Sarah LaBrie - Guernica
Even though he pretends he’s moved on, secretly Henry still wants to be a writer and secretly Philip Roth is his god.
5 weeks ago
Mastering the Machine | The New Yorker
How Ray Dalio built the world’s richest and strangest hedge fund.
articles  finance  culture 
5 weeks ago
Transcript: James Baldwin debates William F. Buckley (1965) | Blog#42 | Blog #42
Following the video is my own transcript of James Baldwin’s famed 1965 debate speech at Cambridge University’s Union Hall. I have done my utmost to transcribe his words faithfully, adding only the emphasis of stars around words he uttered forcefully during his presentation
articles  race  culture 
5 weeks ago
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