The Democratic Precedent
Democrats would like you to think he came up with it on his own, but Trump’s separation of migrant families is a cruel twist on an Obama-era practice.
articles  immigration 
Doomsday Goes Mainstream | Dissent Magazine
Doomsday prepping has long been associated with the right. Why is it catching on among liberals?
articles  survival  off-the-grid 
2 days ago
[1806.04793] A Connectome Based Hexagonal Lattice Convolutional Network Model of the Drosophila Visual System
What can we learn from a connectome? We constructed a simplified model of the first two stages of the fly visual system, the lamina and medulla. The resulting hexagonal lattice convolutional network was trained using backpropagation through time to perform object tracking in natural scene videos. Networks initialized with weights from connectome reconstructions automatically discovered well-known orientation and direction selectivity properties in T4 neurons and their inputs, while networks initialized at random did not. Our work is the first demonstration, that knowledge of the connectome can enable in silico predictions of the functional properties of individual neurons in a circuit, leading to an understanding of circuit function from structure alone.
articles  ai  connectome 
4 days ago
Why some countries come together, while others fall apart | Aeon Essays
Nations come with a vast array of peoples, languages and histories, but the strong ones share three simple things
articles  History  politics 
11 days ago
he history of the free African American community as told through the family history of most African Americans who were free in the Southeast during the colonial period
articles  History  race  indian_american  immigration 
20 days ago
Millennials born in the 1980s may never recover from the Great Recession
The net worth of a typical family headed by someone born in the 1980s was 34% below what was expected, according to a new Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis study
articles  inequality  economics 
27 days ago
The Ultimate Guide to Data Classes in Python 3.7 – Real Python
Alternatives to Data Classes
Basic Data Classes
Default Values
Type Hints
Adding Methods
More Flexible Data Classes
Advanced Default Values
You Need Representation?
Comparing Cards
Immutable Data Classes
Optimizing Data Classes
Conclusion & Further Reading
programming  python 
4 weeks ago
Cracks are forming in the Pac-12: Will they be patched before it's too late? - CBSSports.com
The last year has been a rough one for the Pac-12, which is trying to figure out how to move forward
articles  Media  pac12  sports 
4 weeks ago
Twenty-First Century Victorians
The nineteenth-century bourgeoisie used morality to assert class dominance — something elites still do today.
articles  inequality  class  culture 
4 weeks ago
A Radically Conservative Solution for Cosmology’s Biggest Mystery | Quanta Magazine
Two ways of measuring the universe’s expansion rate yield two conflicting answers. Many point to the possibility of new physics at work, but a new analysis argues that unseen errors could be to blame.
articles  cosmology 
5 weeks ago
New water-based battery offers large-scale energy storage | Stanford News
Stanford scientists have developed a manganese-hydrogen battery that could fill a missing piece in the nation’s energy puzzle by storing wind and solar energy for when it is needed, lessening the need to burn carbon-emitting fossil fuels.
articles  batteries  energy 
5 weeks ago
That New Memory Smell: Tech Can Tell if Your Flash is New or Recycled - IEEE Spectrum
Counterfeit flash memory is a growing problem; engineers in Alabama can tell used from new in seconds
articles  memory  hardware 
5 weeks ago
Sports betting could soon be legalized and media companies can’t wait. - Recode
The Supreme Court is set to rule on a case that could expand legal sports betting beyond Las Vegas — and generate new revenue streams for media companies in the process.
articles  gambling 
5 weeks ago
Three Decades Later, Mystery Numbers Explained | Quanta Magazine
Zeta values seem to connect distant geometric worlds. In a new proof, mathematicians finally explain why.
articles  physics  geometry  math 
5 weeks ago
ADE 651 - Wikipedia
The ADE 651 is a fake bomb detector[1] that was produced by ATSC (UK), which claimed that the device could effectively and accurately, from long range, detect the presence and location of various types of explosives, drugs, ivory, and other substances. The device has been sold to 20 countries in the Middle East and Asia, including Iraq and Afghanistan, for as much as US$60,000 each. The Iraqi government is said to have spent £52 million on the devices.[2]
articles  espionage  corruption 
5 weeks ago
Artificial Neural Nets Grow Brainlike Navigation Cells | Quanta Magazine
Faced with a navigational challenge, neural networks spontaneously evolved units resembling the grid cells that help living animals find their way.
articles  ai  brain 
5 weeks ago
What Astronomers Are Learning From Gaia’s New Milky Way Map | Quanta Magazine
A roundup of some of the most important discoveries gleaned so far from the Gaia space observatory’s new map of the galaxy.
articles  astronomy  astrophysics 
5 weeks ago
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