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I've written a list of twelve documentaries that I like a lot.
october 2012
HEX Code Wallet for iPhone 4/4S
Will wait on iphone 5 but this looks nice
case  iphone  shopping 
august 2012
Integrate my iTunes media folder: Apple Support Communities
Just working without references here but I seem to recall people putting their NAS into startup items (System Preferences > Accounts > Login items ?) on the Mac to ensure it was properly mounted on startup.
osx  itunes  nas 
august 2012
The Mummy | Loop Attachment Co.
Can't wait for the iPhone5 update
iphone  case 
august 2012
SideEffects | MacMatrix
Get coloured Finder icons back
mac  osx  finder 
august 2012
Peter Borg Apps » Lingon 3
Run things automatically on your Mac

• Lingon can start an app, a script or run a command automatically when you want
• You can schedule it at a specific time, regularly or when something happens
• You can make sure that an app automatically restarts if it crashes
• Lingon can do all this for you and much more
osx  app 
august 2012
Seven Great Ways to Make Your Good Intentions Last
All of us have good intentions for positive change in our lives. We come up with great goals – like losing weight, getting fit, writing a book, changing career, quitting smoking, cutting down on caffeine. All too often, though, our good intentions don’t last very long.  
august 2012
The Vanishing Point
Gosh, I happen to have a big bottle of Tanqueray at home :)
drinks  gin 
july 2012
30 Days Will Not Change Your Life
How to start building a habit before you adopt the habit
july 2012
Retinify your website
Nice simple instructions for getting websites scaled 'up' to deal with Retina displays...
july 2012
One to keep an eye on?
editor  web  html 
june 2012
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