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Swift… Swift everywhere – darthpelo – Medium
A simple web service, a Raspberry Pi, two LEDs and a native mobile application. Only one language: Swift. Update 5/6/2017: I suggest to read the new post by uraimo about Swift 3.1.1 before my article…
raspberrypi  swift  webservice  project 
september 2017 by gilberto5757
Web services in Java SE, Part 1 | ITNews
Java SE 6 included support for Web services. This post begins a four-part series on Web services in Java SE by explaining what Web services are and overviewing Java SE's support for them. Future posts will use this support to build SOAP-based and RESTful-based Web services, and will also cover advanced Web service topics.
webservice  java  jse  howto  development  support  library 
july 2017 by gilberto5757
rexsl - RESTful Java Web Framework on top of JAX-RS, XSL, and JAXB
Framework web che genera pagine in XML tipo webservice convertite poi in XHTML tramite XSL
webservice  generation  code  xhtml  transformation  framework  webpage  webdev  xsl  xml  rest 
december 2012 by gilberto5757

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