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Types are the basic tool of software design
Static or dynamic, a program's design is written in its types.
type  programming  theory  opinion  impact  relevance 
5 days ago by gilberto5757
How To Build A Money Data Type In JavaScript – ITNEXT
Fire is one of the most dangerous things on Earth, just like floating point arithmetic. In this post, you’ll learn how to work around the issues that can arise from the lack of design for money types.
javascript  js  currency  money  datatype  type  example  tutorial 
28 days ago by gilberto5757
GitHub - vladmihalcea/hibernate-types: The Hibernate Types repository gives you extra types that are not supported by the Hibernate ORM core.
The Hibernate Types repository gives you extra types that are not supported by the Hibernate ORM core. - vladmihalcea/hibernate-types
hibernate  java  orm  advanced  composite  type  support  library  opensource  floss 
5 weeks ago by gilberto5757
The Hidden Costs of PostgreSQL's JSONB Datatype › Nick Drane
Nick Drane's blog about programming and modern web development, particularly Node.js and React.
jsonb  field  type  postgresql  issue 
9 weeks ago by gilberto5757
GitHub - Neargye/nameof: Nameof C
Nameof C . Contribute to Neargye/nameof development by creating an account on GitHub.
variable  nameof  c  macro  type  literal  opensource  floss 
11 weeks ago by gilberto5757
Dave Leeds on Kotlin
A website 100% dedicated to the Kotlin programming language, featuring lots of examples, guides, and concept articles to help take your Kotlin skills to the next level.
kotlin  guide  article  type 
september 2018 by gilberto5757
First Steps with Python Type System – Daftcode Blog
Typing in Python is still quite new and often misunderstood subject. In this post, I will introduce its basics, while some more advanced features will be covered in the follow-up to this text.
python  strongtyping  type  attribute  collection  intro 
july 2018 by gilberto5757
GitHub - TehLeo/junion: Delivers struct types for Java programming language.
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
java  struct  type  extension  opensource  floss 
may 2018 by gilberto5757
GitHub - rustwasm/wasm-bindgen: Interoperating JS and Rust code
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
rust  webassembly  interoperability  complex  type  opensource  floss  library 
april 2018 by gilberto5757
How to use Span<T> and Memory<T> – Antão Almada – Medium
Span<T> and Memory<T> are new features in .NET Core 2.1 that allow strongly-typed management of contiguous memory, independently of how it was allocated. These allow easier to maintain code and…
span  memory  management  type  c#  intro 
march 2018 by gilberto5757
Design duality and the expression problem
A fundamental question in program design: how is this type open?
type  openness  adt  object  oop  programming  theory  bestpractice 
february 2018 by gilberto5757
Typestates in Rust
A long time ago, the Rust language was a language with typestate. Officially, typestates were dropped long before Rust 1.0. In this entry, I’ll get you in on the worst kept secret of the Rust community: Rust still has typestates.
rust  typestate  type  definition 
february 2018 by gilberto5757
An Introduction to Existential Types – Stephen Bly – Medium
Parametric polymorphism is now widely known in the programming community (often by the alternate name generics). They allow one to create types parameterized by another type, along with functions…
existential  type  functional  programming  intro 
february 2018 by gilberto5757
JavaScript type coercion explained – freeCodeCamp
Type coercion is the process of converting value from one type to another (such as string to number, object to boolean, and so on). Any type, be it primitive or an object, is a valid subject for type…
js  javascript  type  coercion  guide 
january 2018 by gilberto5757
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