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Scala Almost Succeeded - fommil - Medium
Scala is an academic language. It attracted attention from industry because it promised better scalability for multi-core computers at a time when Java was stalling. Then, out of nowhere around…
scala  ecosystem  advocacy  2019 
7 weeks ago by gilberto5757
Combining ZIO and Akka to enable distributed FP in Scala
The ecosystem around functional programming in Scala is getting richer and richer: cats, zio, monix, http4s, doobie, refined, monocle, etc. There are tons of excellent FP libraries, covering almost…
distributed  scala  functional  programming  zio  akka  actor 
8 weeks ago by gilberto5757
A 10-Minute Introduction to Scala - ITNEXT
Scala is a programming language released in 2004 by Martin Odersky. It provides support for functional programming and is designed to be concise and compiled to Java bytecode so that a Scala…
scala  intro 
10 weeks ago by gilberto5757
What is Scala used for? | A Brief Overview - Codersera
Scala is a general-purpose, object-oriented programming language. In this article, you get to know all about Scala and what is Scala used for?
scala  programming  language  intro 
10 weeks ago by gilberto5757
LogStage: zero-cost structured logging in Scala. Part 1: Overview
7Mind glad to present new tool for the best logging ever. In this article, I will tell about core features of structured logging, why do we need it and how it could help us. And also, how Logstage…
structured  logging  log  library  tool  scala 
11 weeks ago by gilberto5757
5 steps of creating your very first Type Class in Scala
How to implement Type Class in Scala from scratch and make it boilerplate-less
scala  typeclass  programming  functional  howto 
may 2019 by gilberto5757
Tagged or AnyVal?
When we want to better describe our domain, at some point we might want to start using types for describing what each value means. String, Int or Double tell us everything about what could we do with a value, but does it really explain context?
adt  scala  valuetype  intro 
january 2019 by gilberto5757
A streaming library with a superpower: FS2 and functional programming
Scala has a very special streaming library called FS2 (Functional Streams for Scala). This library embodies all the advantages of functional programming (FP). By understanding its design goals you…
scala  library  stream  effect  functional  programming  pipeline  intro 
january 2019 by gilberto5757
Scala compiler phases with pictures - Iterators
What does scalac (Scala compiler) do during compiling time? It runs code through more than 25 phases! Read this article to find out about scala compiler phases.
scala  compiler  innerworking  jvm 
december 2018 by gilberto5757
Anatomy of a Scala quirk – buildo blog
Seasoned Scala developers usually know the answer, but I think it’s easy to underestimate the number of Scala features that play together to produce this spectacularly unintuitive result. This is a…
scala  strange  weird  behaviour  quirk 
december 2018 by gilberto5757
10 Reasons to Learn Scala and Functional Programming
One of the questions my readers often ask me is, “Should Java developers learn Scala? Does Scala have a better future than Java? Why should Java developers learn Scala,” and so on? Well, there can be…
scala  functional  programming  advocacy 
november 2018 by gilberto5757
A 10-Minute Introduction to Scala – Hacker Noon
Scala is a programming language released in 2004 by Martin Odersky. It provides support for functional programming and is designed to be concise and compiled to Java bytecode so that a Scala…
scala  intro  programming  language 
november 2018 by gilberto5757
Scala Programming - A Skeptic's Journey | Skedulo
When I started my first job in Scala, I brought healthy skepticism. The syntax seemed nice – it had a lot of syntactic sugar like case classes, operator overloading, pattern matching and type inference. But I didn’t foresee it changing the way I developed software.
scala  advocacy 
september 2018 by gilberto5757
Scala Wars: FP-OOP vs FP – John A De Goes
Modeling effects in Scala with pure FP provides compelling advantages over FP-OOP alternatives.
pure  functional  programming  library  scala  advocacy 
july 2018 by gilberto5757
Compiling Scala Faster with GraalVM – graalvm – Medium
The Scala compiler is notorious for its long compilation times. This is considered one of the biggest problems in the Scala community at the moment. One of the main reasons for long compilation is…
graalvm  scala  compiler 
june 2018 by gilberto5757
Recognising Handwritten Digits with Scala – Nejc Ilenic – Medium
In the past few months I’ve started writing Scala code extensively and for someone who’s migrated from Python, I have to admit that operating in a statically typed setting feels way safer than I was…
scala  functional  machinelearning  ai  library  immutable  data  intro 
june 2018 by gilberto5757
Sorting in Scala, tails of Functional Programming – Hacker Noon
While having a conversation about functional programming with a fellow at work and how he has been using Scala to create an expression evaluator I realized that I have been doing some interesting…
quicksort  sort  algorithm  scala  functional  programming  example 
february 2018 by gilberto5757
Beginning Functional Programming - Grok Academy
This lesson explores introductory tricks and approaches in the field of functional programming by digging into countless examples of real-world applications of first-order functions, algebraic data structures, laziness, and more.
functional  programming  intro  scala 
february 2018 by gilberto5757
Lightweight, modular, and extensible library for functional programming
functional  programming  scala  library  extension  opensource  floss 
january 2018 by gilberto5757
Asynchronous Programming and Scala
Asynchrony is everywhere and it subsumes concurrency. Here's what you can do.
scala  asynchronous  programming  monad  functor  example 
october 2017 by gilberto5757
ilation guarantees speedy (1-2s) turn-around times when yo
javascript  scala  compiler  translator  functional  programming  opensource  floss 
february 2016 by gilberto5757
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