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Music as a Language: Victor Wooten at TEDxGabriolaIsland - YouTube
Treat people the way you treat babies --- without judgement, with patience, and with open arms to play the game, whether that game is speaking or playing music or whatever.
music  self-improvement  victor-wooten  ted-talk 
10 weeks ago by gideonite
A New Generation of Shape-Note Singers in Philadelphia | Folklife Magazine
Excellent article. Thanks! And great for sharing with people if they are interested.
music  sacred_harp 
october 2018 by gideonite
Hook & Line | Discussion - YouTube
A good one from Clifton Hicks. Some simple variants spelled out and interesting lore as well.
old-time  music 
october 2018 by gideonite
beetbox/beets: music library manager and MusicBrainz tagger
Seems good. But can I serve up my music library as well? How can I backup?
music  music-software 
august 2018 by gideonite
Music And Measure Theory - YouTube
interesting stuff! harmonics => rational => most stuff sounds bad.
math  music  fun 
january 2018 by gideonite
Subcontrabassflute by Stefan Keller - YouTube
This guy playing an enormous flute. Who makes such instruments?
november 2017 by gideonite
Jan Johanson - Västkustjazz 1961 - YouTube
recommended to me by Erik. Swedish folk...jazzified.
music  jazz 
october 2017 by gideonite
WTF Marc Maron with Keb' Mo' and Taj Mahal
Somewhere in the middle Taj picks up the guitar and plays a riff that I have grown so used to listening to Boubacar and didn't even notice the first time. But some magic happened in that moment and I got it. I should have understood years ago but for some reason it only happened now. And I didn't even notice the first time.

Seth, I finally got it.

That music, the blues, and how it connects to some of that west African music.
music  blues  folk 
august 2017 by gideonite

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