argues that clinical text is different from regular text. Has clinical-related fine-tuning as well.
BERT  healthcare 
[1908.03971] TAPER: Time-Aware Patient EHR Representation
Uses transformers on the tokens, and combines with other signals
BERT  healthcare 
Should pip install edward>=2.0.0 just use · Issue #937 · blei-lab/edward
But edward isn’t maintained (it’s broken at latest TF, and certainly not TF 2.0 compatible).

edward  PPL 
2 days ago
The State of Machine Learning Frameworks in 2019
Thorough and straightforward. Pytorch and tensorflow are the only ones left and they are converging.
tensorflow  pytorch 
2 days ago
leah blogs: Ken Thompson's Unix password
Chess moves as passwords. These people were certainly smart.
2 days ago
Nature Now - YouTube
Greta herself giving a positive approach
2 days ago
Attention Is All You Need - YouTube
Yannic's explanation.

The basic thing is the transformer.
transformer  attention 
2 days ago
DirtyData project – Statistical learning on non-curated data
See last slide of presentation for some interesting references.

"A preprocessing scheme for high-cardinality categorical attributes in classification and predictions problems" --- D. Micci-barreca.

P Cerda et al. Similarity encoding for learning with dirty categorical variables.
cat2vec  heterodata 
18 days ago
Ryan Tibs, "Convex Optimization"
Lectures, notes, and slides. Seems good.
25 days ago
Including an explanation of Newton Method which requires also backtracking line search.
optimization  frank-wolfe 
26 days ago
The Banjo Project
Interviews with some people. John Cohen and Pete Seeger among them.
28 days ago
Reasoning about Shapes and Probability Distributions - Eric J. Ma's Personal Site
Very clear. I wonder how the actual researchers in PPL think about this.
5 weeks ago
[1906.05433] Tackling Climate Change with Machine Learning
A number of high profile people on the bill. Essentially a few comprehensive chapters that cover topics from agriculture to nuclear power.
5 weeks ago
Building interactive SSH applications | Drew DeVault’s Blog
Cool stuff --- short how to guide --- the title says it all.
ssh  shell 
5 weeks ago
Privacy Fundamentalism – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
Tech person thinks about web monitoring users technology.
privacy  web 
5 weeks ago
Walt Koken plays Cripple Creek, slowly - YouTube
the master himself play the standard. got a few bits from hobart didn't ya?!
banjo  walt-koken 
5 weeks ago
Legendre transformation - Wikipedia
This is probably a good way to think about fenchel duality.
5 weeks ago
How Amazon and Silicon Valley Seduced the Pentagon — ProPublica
Seemingly normal every day corruption morphing into bad stuff. Very long and in depth article.
military  Google  Amazon  corruption  jedi 
6 weeks ago
Scalable Gaussian Processes
Zhen Wen Dai
Scalable GPs
GP Summer School
GP  sparse-GP 
6 weeks ago
[1701.02764] Column subset selection is NP-complete
Is this for real?

If so, then the argument is: well if you can't find the right subset, just use all of the columns.
7 weeks ago lyrics: BO LAMKIN
it's even got a little midi player with a melody
frank-profitt  ballad 
7 weeks ago
Here’s how to cultivate a work environment that produces great ideas
Nice high level view of AI in healthcare. Conclusion: there's a lot of stuff to work on.
8 weeks ago
Sara Nelson and Resolutions & Debate 2: DSA 2019 National Convention - YouTube
Very moving speech. Very true speech. Very irritating that nuance is hard. Tyranny of the majority is also tyranny and a union can be a tyrant. Why can't political speeches, or at least some, or at least sometimes, be a bit more boring? Why can't we show slides sometimes? I have become academic.
union  DSA 
10 weeks ago
Music as a Language: Victor Wooten at TEDxGabriolaIsland - YouTube
Treat people the way you treat babies --- without judgement, with patience, and with open arms to play the game, whether that game is speaking or playing music or whatever.
music  self-improvement  victor-wooten  ted-talk 
11 weeks ago
6个月内学会任何一种外语(前部分)Learn Any Language in 6 Months (Chinese, Part 1) - YouTube
Impressive. He actually does speak Chinese. Though I would not say native can tell.
chinese  language-learning 
11 weeks ago
An Introduction to Deep Learning for Tabular Data ·
categorical and continuous but what about ordinal, etc?
12 weeks ago
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