Hidden Brain : NPR
When most of us think about how we came to our political views, we often give a straightforward answer. We believe our stances on taxes, immigration or national security are shaped by those around us — our friends, parents, teachers. We assume our life experiences are the root of our political ideologies. But what if there is something deeper in us that drives the music we listen to, the food we eat — even the politicians that we elect? This week, we explore the role of biology in shaping our political identities.
4 days ago
Have you ever watched a school of fish, a flock of birds, or even a crowd of people and watched how they move?
4 days ago
Deploying frontend applications — the fun way – Hacker Noon
In this post I will tell you how I deploy my frontend applications using GitHub, Jenkins, Docker and Digital Ocean.
5 days ago
12 Factor CLI Apps – Jeff Dickey – Medium
Best practices for command line applications
9 days ago
Requests-HTML: HTML Parsing for Humans (writing Python 3)! — requests-HTML v0.3.4 documentation
This library intends to make parsing HTML (e.g. scraping the web) as simple and intuitive as possible.
13 days ago
Converting numbers - HaskellWiki
This is such a headache to remember so I am saving it for future reference
13 days ago
Transform into a Superhero! 3D Holodeck Heads Fit on Any Lego Minifigure
With just two photos, our artist will create a custom 3D head that is interchangeable with all your LEGO® mini-figures!
14 days ago
Secret Horror - The Morning News
Yes, yes, The Exorcist and Night of the Living Dead are reliably traumatizing, but at this point they’re comfort food, and there’s plenty more to discover in the world of horror cinema.
14 days ago
Exercises in Programming Style - CRC Press Book
Using a simple computational task (term frequency) to illustrate different programming styles, Exercises in Programming Style helps readers understand the various ways of writing programs and designing systems.
15 days ago
My Favourite Secret Weapon – strace – zwischenzugs
’m often asked in my technical troubleshooting job to solve problems that development teams can’t solve. Usually these do not involve knowledge of API calls or syntax, rather some kind of insight into what the right tool to use is, and why and how to use it. Probably because they’re not taught in college, developers are often unaware that these tools exist, which is a shame, as playing with them can give a much deeper understanding of what’s going on and ultimately lead to better code.
15 days ago
Henry – Rob Delaney – Medium
My biggest fear had always been that I wind up somehow being conscious for eternity. Like that I die, wind up in heaven or hell or wherever and I remain “me” and just never shut off and have to endure being conscious and aware and nothing is wonderful enough or horrible enough to engage me for that long, i.e. eternity. That might be a factor in the heavy drinking I quit fifteen years ago; the idea that I could really effectively hit my own consciousness’ kill switch as needed. Might also be why I’ve always enjoyed naps more than food or money.
21 days ago
further the research, development, and education of Superadobe, a safe and accessible form of Earth Architecture that provides environmentally and financially sustainable living spaces. CalEarth is engaging in ground-breaking research and education that fundamentally transforms housing options worldwide.
4 weeks ago
K2 Visual
Cool buildings that may not actually exist
4 weeks ago
Knowhere News
Our technology scours the internet, discovering stories and identifying narratives, evaluating the factual claims and bias in reporting. This analysis informs a set of algorithms that write our three perspectives on every controversial story. Once articles have been drafted, our journalists review and edit the story before publication. This helps teach our algorithms to gain an ever-deeper understanding of quality and bias in the news.
5 weeks ago
The Official CrowBox
The CrowBox is an experimentation platform designed to autonomously train corvids (the family of birds crows belong to). So far we’ve trained captive crows to deposit dropped coins they found on the ground in exchange for peanuts.
5 weeks ago
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