Primitive for macOS
Recreate your photos with vector-based geometric primitives.
4 days ago
How to ditch Google - INSIDER
Alternatives to Google services
4 days ago
lucagez/medium.css: Compact typography for the web
I found myself always struggling for for a basic set of rules to make a decent reading experience. I find this minimal boilerplate useful for bootstrapping a project with a typography created learning from the best: Medium.com.
5 days ago
Typography in ten minutes | Butterick’s Practical Typography
This is a bold claim, but I stand be­hind it: if you learn and fol­low these five ty­pog­ra­phy rules, you will be a bet­ter ty­pog­ra­pher than nearly every writer—and even most graphic designers.
16 days ago
Daily Harvest | Organic, Farm-Frozen Recipes Delivered Weekly or Monthly
Get superfood eats delivered to your door, frozen and ready to enjoy on your schedule.
25 days ago
19 Incredibly Useful Websites You’ll Wish You Knew Earlier
Whether you’re looking to learn how to code, build leadership skills, or otherwise improve yourself, here are 19 awesome places to learn the critical skills that will change your life
6 weeks ago
Dangit, git!
Git is hard: screwing up is easy, and figuring out how to fix your mistakes is nigh on impossible. Git documentation has this chicken and egg problem where you can't search for how to get yourself out of a mess, unless you already know the name of the thing you need to know about in order to fix your problem.

So here are some bad situations I've gotten myself into, and how I eventually got myself out of them in plain english*.
6 weeks ago
Hidden Brain : NPR
When most of us think about how we came to our political views, we often give a straightforward answer. We believe our stances on taxes, immigration or national security are shaped by those around us — our friends, parents, teachers. We assume our life experiences are the root of our political ideologies. But what if there is something deeper in us that drives the music we listen to, the food we eat — even the politicians that we elect? This week, we explore the role of biology in shaping our political identities.
8 weeks ago
Have you ever watched a school of fish, a flock of birds, or even a crowd of people and watched how they move?
8 weeks ago
Deploying frontend applications — the fun way – Hacker Noon
In this post I will tell you how I deploy my frontend applications using GitHub, Jenkins, Docker and Digital Ocean.
8 weeks ago
12 Factor CLI Apps – Jeff Dickey – Medium
Best practices for command line applications
8 weeks ago
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