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“Conversational” form flow builder with a nice UI
ui  development  web  cui  design 
april 2019 by gerwitz
Chatbots Deliver the Worst Customer Service - Late Night Coding
Nice example for explaining the pitfalls of conversational UI
cui  ui  design 
november 2017 by gerwitz
Notes on Conversational Interfaces - Quip
lengthy list of Converstaion UI amd chatbot resources from 2016
cui  from twitter_favs
march 2016 by gerwitz
Lynn Cherny, Ghostweather: Data Consulting
Good research about group communications
chat  cui  mud  research 
december 2015 by gerwitz
Chat as an important new platform for user experience |
"Most of the effort we spend right now into user interfaces could be moot if the experience would be delivered through a chat interface."
october 2015 by gerwitz
Deepviews | Branch
deep link cards as a service
web  design  cui 
october 2015 by gerwitz
Cards as a platform
web  design  cui 
october 2015 by gerwitz
Our friends, the bots? | nytlabs ← Research, thoughts, and process from The New York Times R&D Lab
"as designers and developers…we can design our systems thoughtfully and critically, with an eye not just to functionality, but to the kinds of relationships they establish with the humans who interact with them."
cui  bot 
october 2015 by gerwitz
Fun with Magic
concierge service, or privilege as an API
cui  meatservice 
october 2015 by gerwitz
"Tinsel helps you make telephony-based interactive audio experiences. If you want to make something that uses a touch tone dial pad for input and either text-to-speech or recorded audio for output, Tinsel's the tool for you!"
audio  phone  games  platform  cui 
july 2015 by gerwitz
Futures of text | Whoops by Jonathan Libov
"A survey of all the current innovation in text as a medium"
design  text  ui  cui 
march 2015 by gerwitz

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