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Pirate Bay Witness’ Wife Overwhelmed With Flowers | TorrentFreak
Professor testified that filesharing has not led to declining music sales. When asked if he would like to be compensated for his time he said no, but his wife might like some flowers. Pirate Bay supporters sent hundreds.
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february 2009 by geof / Science fiction and fantasy / I'm Holding This Game For Ransom!
Greg Stolz and Dennis Detwiller talk about the ransom model for paying creators of RPGs.
rpg  economics  community  p2p 
september 2008 by geof
Why Most Artists Profit from Piracy | TorrentFreak
Only the most popular artists lose from piracy; the rest gain.
copyfight  piracy  p2p 
june 2008 by geof | Online Bonanza
U2 manager supports ISP filtering to prevent piracy, with no mention of the implications for privacy and censorship.
copyright  music  p2p  evil 
january 2008 by geof
apophenia: my role in a marketer's dream
danah boyd explains her role in the distribution of the Dove Evolution ad video
advertising  p2p 
october 2007 by geof
Anomalous Presumptions » Capitalists vs. Entrepreneurs
In peer production, the interests of capitalists and entrepreneurs are no longer aligned.
commons  p2p  capitalism  economics 
october 2007 by geof
"Ten Years of Chilled Innovation"
Lessig on Grokster in Business Week
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july 2005 by geof
Testing Copyright Limits
about grouper, a p2p app with a limit of 30 users in a group
april 2005 by geof

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