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Taibbi: Censorship Does Not End Well – Rolling Stone
Americans are not freaking out about this because most of us have lost the ability to distinguish between general principles and political outcomes.
august 2018 by geof
Steven Schnoor v Canada | Voices
Steven Schnoor, a communications professor in Montreal, made a film that showed dirty deeds of mining companies in Guatemala against local indigenous people, He was slandered by a Canadian Ambassador and won damages from the government for behaviour the judge deemed reckless, spiteful and oppressive.
censorship  canada  enclosure  corruption 
may 2012 by geof
Slashdot | Court Orders Shutdown of H-1B Critics' Websites
Use of copyright to censor publication of terms of employment agreements.
copyright  censorship 
december 2009 by geof
Apple gets into the book-banning business - Boing Boing
Apple blacklists iPhone app because they don't like the comic book it's bundled with.
apple  copyright  censorship  drm 
december 2008 by geof

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