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Group that broke into Paris museum and fixed an old clock
november 2007 by geof
Documentary: Crazy Rulers of the World - Boing Boing
By Jon Ronson, author of Them and The Men Who Stare at Goats
november 2007 by geof
BLDGBLOG: Derinkuyu, or: the allure of the underground city
Huge underground cities carved from tuff in Turkey. They haven't even been completely explored.
city  fantasy  history  bizarre  rpg  setting 
august 2007 by geof
Blackwater USA - Airships
So government-funded mercenaries will be floating surveillance blimps over the U.S. to provide "homeland security". Surely this is the plot of a movie, not reality.
may 2007 by geof
After 40 years' burrowing, Mole Man of Hackney is ordered to stop
This guy has been digging huge tunnels under his house in London, and beyond to the neighbours house and under the road, for 45 years (via BoingBoing)
august 2006 by geof
BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Tut's gem hints at space impact
Prehistoric meteorite collision turned huge area of Sahara into glass.
july 2006 by geof
How the World Works - Fantasy Gaming Sino-Japanese Style
a ludicrous online riot several days ago in which thousands of online avatars gathered near a virtual Tang Dynasty government office to protest the appearance of what they claimed was an image . . . the famous red rising sun that dominates the Japanese fl
china  japan  politics  bizarre 
july 2006 by geof
Japanese doomesday cult dress in white, believe microwaves herald Soviet invasion
japan  bizarre 
october 2005 by geof
London Underground Bombing 'Exercises' Took Place at Same Time as Real Attack
wow, my speculation goes the other way: an exercise is a good way to respond to frequent scares without frightening the population
july 2005 by geof
World's Worst Excerpt -- The Least Healthy Diet: Breatharianism
reatharians claim to subsist on nothing but air and light.
june 2005 by geof
Occult Related
occult crimes page for za police
may 2005 by geof
Sam's Archive
ways to destroy the Earth
april 2005 by geof
dirty deeds of the FBI
bizarre  history 
april 2005 by geof
meet corey
homeless nerd in NY sleeps in front of his computer and tries to hook up with a the woman of his dreams
april 2005 by geof
MIM bookstore
Marxist reviews of videogames
games  bizarre 
february 2005 by geof™
artificial lifelike sleeping pets
february 2005 by geof
PBS - The Alphabet Synthesis Machine (Introduction)
lets you create and breed True Type fonts that look like strange ancient alphabets
february 2005 by geof

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