The New Ruling Class
Our authors fail as critics of meritocracy because they cannot get their heads outside of it.
meritocracy  inequality  aristocracy 
6 days ago
The Myth of Class Reductionism | The New Republic
Centrist Democrats and left-identitarians are bound in shared embrace of a particularist, elite-driven politics. This top-down political vision—long focused on capturing the presidency at the expense of long-term, movement-driven, majoritarian strategies at all levels of government—threatens to preempt hopes of restoring the public-good model of governance that was at the heart of postwar prosperity and foundational to the civil rights movement. . . . Class reductive leftism is a figment of the political imagination roused by those who have made their peace with neoliberalism. . . . Nothing declares one’s own class allegiances more eloquently, after all, than the accusation that one’s opponents care only about class.
16 days ago
The Dead End of the Left? | Commonweal Magazine
an idea of education that is not just utilitarian but respects the deeper human need for beauty and knowledge as ends in themselves; respect for work as an expression of the human desire to build and to serve, not just a tool at the service of profit and economic growth; love for what Simone Weil called “rootedness”—namely “the real, active, and natural participation in the life of the community which preserves in living shape certain particular treasures of the past and certain particular expectations for the future”; a passion for freedom, not as empty self-determination, but as protection of the most specifically human sphere, which is precisely the religious dimension, the search for meaning.
identity-politics  meaning 
21 days ago
John Bolton's Dismissal - Craig Murray
Through self-evidently flimsy allegations, the state can mobilise feminists to silence the world’s most important dissident voices, while warmongers are feted.
4 weeks ago
The grim worldview behind Trump's anti-immigrant push, Hong Kong protests, and the Kashmir crisis.
Seems the same desire for order and classification over ambiguity motivates identity politics.
8 weeks ago
Links 8/18/19 | naked capitalism
There was a discussion on an academic board lately where someone posted a query about the Victorian and Edwardian term “slavie.” . . . It had to be explained to them (and a bunch of other American academics — historians all — who piled on with similar assumptions), that no, a slavie was a white British domestic servant, a maid of all work, who occupied one of the lowest possible ranks in the hierarchy of employed persons . . . Some Americans pushed back: no, surely they asked, this had to have been a black slave. No white person would be treated with such systematic exploitation and derision by others who shared her skin colour.
racism  identity-politics 
8 weeks ago
Five Forms of Retreat | Benjamin Studebaker
Correctly puts Jordan Peterson and PC language in the same box.
8 weeks ago
The Future is Fascist
A little careless about characterizing fascism. Quotes Benjamin on the Angel of Progress.
9 weeks ago
The Descent Into Cruelty | Current Affairs
Doesn't see the full cross-ideological extent of cruelty and hate.
9 weeks ago
No toilet access in San Francisco
Some even require cell phone apps to unlock the doors.
10 weeks ago
California steers toward a future of self-driving cars | CalMatters
a significant step from allowing testing of automated cars in protected, supervised settings to unleashing them solo on the road, which experts say remains on a far horizon. There is much to be perfected: how best to turn left in traffic, for example
cars  ai 
11 weeks ago
Links 7/18/19 | naked capitalism
I have long suspected that the current social justice movement was devised as a fiendish psi-op, actually aiming to prevent it’s stated goals.
july 2019
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