Testing Content · An A List Apart Article
To successfully test content with task scenarios and paraphrasing
Research  User-Research  Content-Strategy 
13 days ago
swissmiss | No!
“Time is the raw material of creation.”

Creative People Say No, by Kevin Ashton

25 days ago
Adobe’s Acumin typeface family.
fonts  web-design 
12 weeks ago
Swiss Style Color Picker | International Style Colors Scheme Palette
Swiss Style / International Style Graphic Design Color Schemes Palette Picker
web-design  color 
november 2015
Resources - Google Design
A collection of guidelines, tools, assets, and resources for designers and developers.
fewd  web-design  inspiration 
october 2015
Making a jQuery pagination system | web enavu
//how much items per page to show  
    var show_per_page = 5;  
    //getting the amount of elements inside content div  
    var number_of_items = $('#content').children().size();  
    //calculate the number of pages we are going to have  
    var number_of_pages = Math.ceil(number_of_items/show_per_page);  
    //set the value of our hidden input fields  
    //now when we got all we need for the...
jquery  fewd  web-design 
october 2015
Whether you’re looking for a .com, local domain, or a short URL, with one-tap buy from hundreds of partner registrars, Domainr will help you find it, fast.
fewd  web-design 
october 2015
Parsley - The ultimate JavaScript form validation library
Parsley, the ultimate frontend javascript form validation library
fewd  web-design 
october 2015
PXtoEM.com: PX to EM conversion made simple.
One-click PX/EM/%/PT conversion tables, a custom conversion calculator, gnd generated reset CSS.
fewd  web-design  responsive 
october 2015
What Are CSS Vendor or Browser Prefixes?
Learn why CSS vendor prefixes are important and why you should use them. CSS vendor prefixes or browser prefixes allow you to add advanced CSS to your pages and get support in the most browsers.
fewd  web-design  css 
october 2015
Pleeease Play · Prefix CSS3, convert rem, CSS filters, pleeease.NEXT
Prefixes your CSS using Autoprefixer, provides fallbacks for rem units, adds opacity filter, converts CSS shorthand filters, packs media-queries, inlines @import and minifies the result.
fewd  web-design 
october 2015
transform-origin | CSS-Tricks
The transform-origin property is used in conjunction with CSS transforms, letting you change the point of origin of a transform. .box { transform: rotate(3
fewd  web-design 
october 2015
Transition Timing Functions < CSS | The Art of Web
An introduction to CSS3 transitions and the various timing functions available.
fewd  web-design 
october 2015
Inspiration for Dialog Effects | Codrops
A small collection of dialog effects using CSS (and SVG) animations for your inspiration.
jquery  web-design  fewd 
september 2015
Simple Icon Hover Effects with CSS Transitions and Animations
Simple Icon Hover Effects with CSS Transitions and Animations
jquery  web-design  fewd 
september 2015
Creative Button Styles
Creative Button Styles - Modern and subtle styles & effects for buttons
jquery  web-design  fewd 
september 2015
jQuery API Documentation
jQuery: The Write Less, Do More, JavaScript Library
jquery  fewd  web-design 
september 2015
MeyerWeb Reset
Alternative to Normalize - it resets EVERYTHING and allows you start from scratch
FEWD  Web-Design 
august 2015
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