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Kuban Landings - Bob's web Page
The scenario represent the largest Soviet naval landing in the west in WW2. The landings were to coincide with an attack from the Novorossisk beach-head on the Kuban Peninsular, the plan being to cut off the retreat of German and Romanian troops of the 17th Army.
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june 2017 by geira
FactorsOfEffectiveRange < Gunwiki < TWiki
VERY few questions I get at gun shows are any more irritating than "What's the effective range of this weapon?" The asker typically means, "If I buy this gun and go grab some ammo off the shelf without researching the correct type to use, what's the farthest I can drop anyone I want to, assuming I practice a lot? By the way, I expect you to know the precise MOA potential for every single upper you stock, even though the manufacturers don't supply that info and I would expect the rifle for half price if you had actually test-fired it to find this out for me."
It's worth knowing that whenever a seller actually answers this question, it's almost always a ballpark guesstimate. Effective range, as defined below, is a stack of three variables: weapon/ammo accuracy , shooter proficiency, and lethality. Muzzle velocity is important here, mainly because it determines the degree of muzzle drop, as well as the point at which the round goes subsonic. When a spitzer (i.e. conventional pointy) bullet's velocity drops below the speed of sound, its trajectory is disturbed. From that point it begins to tumble, and its accuracy goes downhill very quickly from there.
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january 2017 by geira
Imaginative Strategist
PB/PL boards, rules and resources
panzerblitz  wargames 
october 2016 by geira
This website is devoted to the PanzerBlitz and Panzer Leader wargames published by the Avalon Hill Game Company in 1970 and 1974.  Though venerable, these games have retained a freshness and a devoted following of players due to a terrific breakthrough design and a modular approach which allows endless variations of scenarios.
panzerblitz  wargames  boardgames 
october 2016 by geira
EWAR WW2 Scenery 15-20mm - Plast Craft Games
European house 9,99 €
European building 11,00 €
Coiffeur Terrace 13,00 €
Small Shop 9,00 €
EWAR Building Set 35,50 €
Sainte-Mere-Eglise 33,00 €
City Road 23,00 €
City Walls 20,00 €
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july 2016 by geira
The Great Adventure
Great War Spearhead II available, and the first new scenario book 'Battle of the Frontiers' order here This second edition of the Great War Spearhead wargames rules, fully integrated with the original Spearhead rules so that you no longer need the original rule book.
wwi  wargames  rules  scenarios 
october 2015 by geira
Home Page | Great War Spearhead
Great War Spearhead II is the latest edition of a gaming system allowing opponents to refight the historic battles of the early twentieth century, as well as hypothetical 'what if' actions. 
wwi  15mm  wargames  rules 
october 2015 by geira
Wargames @ - Both Sides of the Fence: A 15mm Romanian infantry FireFight
We brought the four 15mm vendors that we could find with a selection of 15mm miniatures into the Wargames @ Nordalia painting areas to see what’s available on the market, the fact is that these four vendors offer a better selection of figures than all of the vendors that offer some of the more primary combatants. Since all of these figures go together relatively well, your options are great, and several of the vendors offer a large variety of poses.
flamesofwar  romania  15mm  wargames  figures 
october 2015 by geira
1-48COMBAT Game accessories
Heavy Metal Bases!

These slotted metal bases are cast in a lead rich alloy to weight down the figures; have you ever experienced the inevitable laws of gravity when handling metal figures mounted on plastic bases? All too easily the figure topples over, unless the gaming surface is completely flat... well that will never be the case again with 1-48COMBAT Heavy Metal Bases!!
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october 2015 by geira
Tiny Tin Men: Wargames Magazine Index
Mostly for my own use (because I am tired of spending too many hours browsing through my magazine collection), I recently started putting together an index for my magazines. Since this might also be usable for others, I have decided to make the index open to comments/additions/... by anyone. I deliberately kept the file simple (not an elaborate more complex database). Although a more complex setup might provide more opportunities for more flexible use, it also often is the deathknell for maintaining files like this in the long run (several years to decades ...)
wargames  magazine  index 
september 2015 by geira
In the pre-electronic age, magazines were a commonly used method of creating bonds throughout the wargaming community, across nations and around the world. The timeline mentions some of the more significant titles, but in addition to the industry's leading magazines, fanzines also contributed to the sense of community, particularly for individual games. In the electronic age, paper magazines have still continued to play a leading role in shaping the wargaming community, alongside newer media such as internet site, forums, and blogs.
wargames  magazine 
august 2015 by geira
Oval and Pill Trays (2mm top layer)
Our Oval and Pill trays are available in two sizes: 120mm x 60mm is a regiment tray and 120mm x 80mm is a staggered formation.

You have the choice of 2, 3 or 4 slots.

They start at £1.20 for the 120mm x 60mm tray.
wargames  bases  buy 
june 2015 by geira
The Grand Duchy of Stollen: Paint the Erbprinz Regiment
A 10-Step Plan for Painting Those BIG Units to Completion in No Time

By Stokes Schwartz
30mm  wargames  figures  painting 
june 2015 by geira
Classic wargaming: Gallery
Thought I would just include a gallery of some of my Classic Wargaming units for ease of reference for visitors to the blog...
30mm  oldschool  wargames  figures 
june 2015 by geira
Felt Cloth
Available in 6ft x 4ft, 6ft x 6ft, 8ft x 6ft, 10ft x 6ft & 12ft x 6ft. Please ask for other sizes.

Available in Grass Green, Desert Sand, Dried Earth, Sea Blue, Snow White, Space Black.
wargames  terrain  mats 
june 2015 by geira
Mat-O-War Wargaming Mats | Antenocitis Workshop
Quality gaming mats for the wargaming enthusiast! Mat-O-War gaming mat is a durable, heavy cloth-type gaming mat that is ideal for wargaming and will not shed or tear.
wargames  terrain  mats 
february 2015 by geira
» When are Soviet Fields In-Season or Out-of-Season in Crossfire?»Steven's Balagan
I was talking to Dick Bryant about my SU-76i in 1902nd SAP – A Crossfire Scenario. He’d noticed that is was quite hard to defend this terrain because the fields of fire were limited by the in-season fields. Dick suggested making the fields out-of-season. The question is, would Soviet fields actually be in-season or out-of-season in Aug-Sep?
wargames  terrain  wwii 
february 2015 by geira
FOG Battle Groups : Lurkio!, The Art of Wargames
SPA01 - Sassanid Army Pack
Just the way to get the core of your army started. Based on the FOG starter army
fieldofglory  15mm  wargames  figures 
february 2015 by geira
15mm Resin Amphibious and Landing Craft Models
These models are 15mm (1/100) scale and are produced in resin and have additional small parts produced in resin. They are basically one piece castings and with very little, if any, assembly required. They represent craft "in water: (i.e. anything below water line is not provided). No decals (see "Accessories In Miniature"), glue, or paint are provided.
wwii  15mm  ships  miniatures  wargames  buy 
february 2015 by geira
The question of scale for W.W. II 28mm Gaming… « Warlord's Place
I prefer 1/50th (1/48th) scale, I seen many of the 1/56th scale models and although beautiful they look WAY to small to me – allow me to explain.
wwii  28mm  1:48  tanks  wargames  figures  scale 
september 2014 by geira
Kriegsbuch: Swedish Uniforms 1655
The 1655 inventory is the first document listing Swedish uniforms in detail for (almost) all of the native regiments raised in Sweden and Finland. Four Finnish regiments are missing from the inventory, it is unclear if this was due to an error on part of the clerk writing the document or if those regiments were not part of the issue of uniforms regulated by the 1655 inventory.
Sweden  uniforms  Deluge  wargames  painting 
august 2014 by geira
Den danske armés uniformer til 1892 | Finn Hillmose
Den danske armés uniformer samlet af Valdemar Møller, 1892
denmark  wargames  figures  uniforms  painting 
august 2014 by geira
Deluxe Magnetic Bases - Sally 4th
Sally 4th Magnetic Wargames Figure Bases are precision laser cut from a laminate of MDF and magnetic material.

For many years gamers have been basing their wargames figures on bases and then adding strips of magnetic material to the bottom of the base so that it will stick to a steel lined movement tray, tool chest of steel paper lined box. This is a viable soloution for figures mounted on rectangular bases, but up until know it has been hard to adopt this approach to figures mounted on round bases, slotta bases or hexagonal bases.
wargames  figures  bases 
july 2014 by geira
Russian medieval armor terms
These are the principal terms for which information has been gathered. Click on a term to proceed to the discussion and illustrations. Here are two diagrams of complete armor 1, armor 2 and two worn on manekins (warrior) (warrior 2). In the 17th century the 'new (select) soldier' infantry were outfited with western style arms and armor as shown here.
renaissance  wargames  weapons  glossary  military  history  russian 
july 2014 by geira
Zinnfiguren aus Königs Wusterhausen am Montag dem 30 Juni 2014
K.und J.Möller
Lindenstr.11-15711 Königs Wusterhausen-OT Zeesen
Tel.Nr.03375/920320 + Fax-Nr.03375/502762
30mm  wargames  figures  flats 
june 2014 by geira
Grenadier Productions,, Home of Liberators!
Liberators! Books and Miniatures allow you to recreate the Wars of South American Independence on your game table.  Liberators! Books give you all the information you need to learn about and game this fascinating period.  The books include the history of the conflict; organization, tactics and uniforms of the armies and scenarios to play including map and order of battle information. Liberators! Miniatures are a museum quality range of "heroic" scale 15mm figures that allow you to build the armies listed in the scenarios...or to create scenarios of your own! 
15mm  wargames  figures 
june 2014 by geira
Andrew’s Churchills in Italy
The Tank Squadron list featured in Road To Rome (page 68) is an interesting list to play around with. Through the Churchill is rated as a Slow Tank, its main gun are on par the German StuG; but its main focus in my list is for assaulting.
flamesofwar  italy  british  armylists  wargames 
may 2014 by geira
Färger till att måla hästar
I vanliga fall målar jag mina tennsoldater med Humbrol-färger, men till hästarna använder jag numera Vallejo-färger. Det finns två skäl till varför jag har bytt till Vallejo. För det första har Vallejo ett större sortiment vilket gör det möjligt att få mer variation på hästfärgerna. För det andra ger Vallejo-färgerna en mer glansig yta än Humbrols matta färger. I vanliga fall skulle jag betrakta detta som en nackdel men på hästar blir effekten att de ser lätt svettiga ut och får en tydligare kontrast mot kläderna som är målade med de "torra" Humbrol-färgerna.
painting  horses  wargames  figures  vallejo 
may 2014 by geira
Ogniem i Mieczem - By Fire and Sword • Wyświetl temat - Guide to alternative models in BFaS (official rules)
Many of You are asking us about combining models from different formations to make Your units more interesting. Also there’s case of not (yet) released models – what can You use instead. We receive question about how to treat such units for purposes of WYSIWYG and if using them will be treated as ‘prox’ on official tournaments. Below You can find our answer to such queries. It’s official ruling by BFaS design team and as such all units used this way are treated as fulfilling all requirements of official models.
byfireandsword  wargames  figures 
may 2014 by geira
The Napoleonic Wargamer: Victrix Hanoverians
On this blog we have previously covered the Battle of Göhrde, the 1813 battle in North Germany involving the Hanoverians, so importantly these units are not just for Waterloo and this opens up a lot of possible scenarios, some hypothetical, some not.
hanover  napoleonic  wargames  uniforms  painting 
may 2014 by geira
Renaissance Warfare - Airfix Magazine Articles by George Gush
Renaissance Warfare by George Gush
Airfix Magazine Articles
wargames  history  renaissance  airfix 
april 2014 by geira
As you may have seen already on the FoG:R Forum, Giuseppe Rava of Testudo Miniatures has very kindly agreed to let me distribute his excellent miniatures in the UK.
15mm  wargames  figures  TYW 
march 2014 by geira
French corner cafe
Two story building with cast resin chimneys. Stone floor dtail, with detailed interior windows. Removeable roof.
wargames  buildings  terrain  buy 
march 2014 by geira
Ogniem i Mieczem - By Fire and Sword • Wyświetl temat - Historical skirmish forces, divisions and armies (pdf)
Below You can find links to all currently available free pdfs with armies, skirmish forces and historical division for BFaS. This list will be of course updated due time, there are still few to be translated from Polish...
byfireandsword  wargames  armylists  pdf 
march 2014 by geira
Principality of Transylvania
On 3 August 1601, Prince Michael the Brave of Wallachia, allied with the imperial general Giorgio Basta, defeated at Guraslau (in Transylvania) the army of prince Sigismund Báthory, who had, apart from Transylvanians, help from units from Prince Ieremia Movila of Moldavia, from the Turks, Tatars and perhaps Poles. The very next day, prince Michael sent the Holy Roman Emperor Rudolph II, at Prague, 88 flags, while general Basta send him only 22. All these 110 flags were painted and described by the Austrian artillerist Georg Puchner on 21 August 1601. The water colour painting is found today in the Library of Dresden, Germany, volume G. 81. The image above is just a selection of these flags.
wallachia  wargames  history  flags 
march 2014 by geira
15mm Basing tutorial
I have had some questions about how I make my 15mm bases, so here is a tutorial.
15m  wargames  figures  basing 
march 2014 by geira
Meccano Magazine May 1968, physical page 1
Meccano Magazine has put virtually their entire catalogue (dating back to September 1916) on line and it is possible to download individual pages from every issue…

Meccano Magazine May 1968 - Where It All Started

Meccano Magazine May 1968 - Where It All Started

…and they have been scanned in reasonable quality to make the images and text about as clear as in the original publications as you are likely to get (given the printing techniques of the time). You can use the Meccano Magazine Viewer to view and tag (bookmark) individual pages, then click save to download these accumulated pages in a PDF. You can get up to 20 pages per PDF (coming out at about 5.7MB), so to get the whole 32-Part Battle Series you’ll need to download 4 PDFs, each of about 18-20 pages.
wargames  modeling  toys  magazine  online  download 
february 2014 by geira
British WWII landing craft | dhcwargamesblog
The LCA [Landing Craft Assault] was th most common landing craft used by the Commonwealth forces in WWII, filling the role for which the American mostly used the LCVP. It featured a hardboard hull, but was armoured against rifle bullets and shell splinters. It featured a 4 men crew and could carry up to 31 troops. Due to its armour, shallow draft and silenced engines it also became the landing craft of choice for the special forces… like the US Rangers who used four of them to land below the cliffs of Point du Hoc on D-Day.
pb  wargames  figures  landingcraft  painting 
february 2014 by geira
Newbies Guide to Flocking Bases
Exactly how do you go about flocking your bases? Here are some notes on flocking materials and basic techniques followed by several alternative approaches.
wargames  figures  basing 
february 2014 by geira
Orten Miniatures by arnsteio on Shapeways
Military history buildings and figures for use when wargaming. Particular strengths are buildings from Japan during 1200AD-1600AD.
wargames  buildings 
february 2014 by geira
basing 6mm
How you base your wargames army will have a really powerful impact on the end result. Make a really nice job on the bases and an average or indifferently painted set of figures will attract positive comments from all and sundry. Botch it up, or ignore the process and the nicest painted figures in the world will look poor. I'd go as far as saying that in 6mm the basing is as important as the painting. Luckily for all concerned getting high quality basing effects is simple, quick and well within the capabilities of all.
6mm  wargames  figures  basing 
february 2014 by geira
15mm Figure Review
A Comparative Review of 15mm Figures
With Pictures
15mm  wargames  figures  medieval 
january 2014 by geira
[TMP] "15mm Roads" Topic
I'm looking for a manufacturer of dirt roads that will work well with both 15mm Cmd Decision WW2 figs (especially tanks) and 15mm Napoleonics and ACW. I have Terrain Guy dirt roads that are just too out-of-scale (3 inches wide) for my figures. Can someone point me in the right direction? Are there other alternatives besides felt?
15mm  wargames  terrain 
january 2014 by geira
15mm Miniature Producers
Here there are all the 15mm ancient and medieval manufacturers that I know. I wrote also a comment about the figures quality, based on my personal liking. Beware because I’m biased.
15mm  wargames  figures  medieval 
january 2014 by geira
Best 15mm Khmer, Burmese, and Thai miniatures? - Page 2 - Fanaticus Forum
Here's a shot of the "Chariot Miniatures" Burmese Beast (15mm), beautifully modelled and painted by Keith Fenstermaker, Seattle.
15mm  asian  wargames  figures 
january 2014 by geira
Krzyzacy - Lead Astray
The bulk of the army are the Bretheren and guest knights - I went for a mix of full bretheren (full cross), lay bretheren (white but only the T cross) and sergents (grey mantles and a T cross) to make the figures a bit more interesting to paint - luckily the Osprey on Crusader Knights shows these sergents still having a white shield, as the grey ones looked rubbish when I first painted them.- I also followed a thread in the autumn of 2010 on the AncMed Yahoo group about how many of the army would be in full white cross and where the T (Tau) cross came from (and which degenerated into some utterly pointless nonesense because some idiot compared the Crusaders to Nazi's, when will folk understand that you cannot compare anything to those toxic little buggers). The Infantry are crossbowmen - using a black central stripe on their Pavaise's, which looks much better than attempting to paint a cross over it.
teutonic  knights  wargames  figures 
january 2014 by geira
Muzzlepaint: 15mm Hussites (Essex Miniatures)
This is a Hussite army based to Field of Glory standards
15mm  hussite  wargames 
january 2014 by geira
WTJ Store - WTJ Store
WTJ Naval — Our quality wargaming miniatures are designed and built with cutting edge technologies, helping to bring affordable detail to players and collectors around the world. To support this, we also have created painting guides and free, full-featured rule sets to round out an endless range of miniature wargaming possibilities.
RJN  russian  japanese  naval  miniatures  figures  wargames 
december 2013 by geira
Paneuropean Cybertanks (Variants) | K-Slacker's OGRE Factory
Throughout the war, the Paneuropeans were always several years behind their Combine counterparts in the field of robotic warfare. After the capture of Sheffield, however, they did produce knockoff Combine OGREs, and, later, cybertanks of their own design. Many of those units are detailed on this page.
ogre  wargames  boardgames 
december 2013 by geira
We are makers of terrain for wargamers and collectors in 28mm, 20mm and 15mm. We strive to provide a quality product with excellent customer service. We do not use distributors. We to sell directly to our clients worldwide. At times we can get quite busy, so please check below for our current lead times. Thank you for visiting Crescent Root Studio.
wargames  terrain  buildings 
december 2013 by geira
FOW Lists: Welcome
This site is a series of online army lists, so you can calculate your Flames of War armies. To choose an army list, either click on the book or nationality you are interested in (over on the right), and then click on the army list you want.  Use the selections to pick units and their options. You may only pick from one unit in each 'block' -- there are small blank lines separating 'blocks'.
flamesofwar  armylists  wargames 
december 2013 by geira
Veni Vidi Vici Samurai Mon transfers (decals)
Some of the most common Samurai clan back banners, (sashimono's). These designs allow the majority of the army to display the clan symbol. This range will be extended with special sheets for the clans' generals. In total you will then be able to equip your Samurai armies with a stunning array of banners and flags.
Samurai  wargames  flags  transfer  painting 
november 2013 by geira
The Samurai Archives Citadel // View topic - Samurai Heraldry Gallery
I am an illustrator specializing in battle scenes from ancient times to modern times, for work and as a hobby. Seeing Akira Kurosawa's epic films 'RAN' and 'KAGEMUSHA' on the same week in 1985 was a turning point. I became fascinated with illustrating samurai armies, but in order to do them accurately I had to start what might become a lifelong pursuit, the search for armour and especially the banners and standards representing centuries and generations of a vast number of samurai armies.
Samurai  wargames  history  heraldry  painting 
november 2013 by geira
Adventure Terrain you wargaming terrain shop
Our first line will be 15mm roads made in an high quality and durable resin. They measure 1 3/4" wide. These will be a general purpose dirt road and the resin will be colored in an Earth tone if you want to play with them as is, they will look fine.  If you wish to paint them, you can do that too. What makes these roads special is that they snap together like puzzle pieces! The connectors for each piece are not visible once the pieces are snapped together so you don't even see them. In the future you will see paved roads as well as cobbled sections. Everything that comes out in 15mm will also come out in 28mm.
15mm  wargames  terrain  roads 
november 2013 by geira
The Assault Group - Polish Pancerni
Another one of Matt's excellent guides. As always all Paints are from The Wargames Foundry Paint System unless otherwise stated.
painting  polish  wargames  figures  renaissance 
november 2013 by geira
Painting Wargames Figures: Austrian Infantry Uniform differences between the WAS and the SYW
This information is largely based upon Pengel and Hurt publications and correspondence between Christian Rogge and myself.
austrian  WAS  SYW  wargames  figures  painting  uniforms 
november 2013 by geira
Jackson Gamers' Russian Civil War page
Why wargame the Russian Civil War? Well for me, it was a chance to get into a period that few were already into. The challenge of doing research and finding figures in a sparsely gamed period is constant.
RCW  wargames  figures 
november 2013 by geira
Scratch-Building Wargames Terrain
If you are gaming with miniatures, it is almost a sure bet that one of the things that you like is the highly visual, three-dimension gaming environment. It just looks more like the real thing. For that reason, and because you want your well-painted and based DBA army to be complemented by its surroundings, wargaming terrain is an important topic.
wargames  terrain 
november 2013 by geira
Twin Cities Gamer: Spotlight on Later Ottoman Turks
For historical gamers, the Ottoman Turkish Empire has much to recommend. The Turkish armies have some of the most exotic and colorful units you'll find and they bumped up against a multitude of other nation-states during their 500 year empire. For purists, there are abundant historical adversaries and also research materials to recreate armies and battles.
15mm  ottoman  wargames  figures  renaissance 
november 2013 by geira
1000 Foot General: Desert Wasteland Wargame Terrain Cloth Tutorial
I've been upgrading my terrain scenics lately: woods, buildings, walls and other items that sit on top of the table, but I've been holding out on updating the terrain board or cloth that our miniature wargames are played on. I toyed with the idea of creating terrain boards, but after seeing some impressive terrain cloth tutorials (Of Metal Men's, Jeff Knudsen's Terrain Cloth and Balagan's Felt Cloth for example), I decided to tackle one myself as part of my Flocktober projects. Hurricane Sandy and Fall-In delayed completion, but pics and a tutorial after the jump. I was wary of jumping right into a costly "rolling farmland" flocked terrain cloth without a little experience under my belt. I have some sci fi games I wanted to dust off and figured I could use a desert wasteland terrain cloth for them. Plus, sand is cheaper than grass flock.
wargames  terrain  mats 
november 2013 by geira
Total Battle Miniatures
Total Battle Miniatures was established to produce a comprehensive range of wargames buildings and scenics in as many periods and scales as possible. The aim is to provide you with not only the buildings for your tables but also the buildings' surroundings.
wargames  terrain  15mm  buildings 
november 2013 by geira
Westfalia Miniatures
is a pure hobby-joint founded by Moi with the crucial help and support of my dear friends Niels Rullkötter and Michael Bartling. Our subjects are exclusively of a Napoleonic nature and our scale of choice is about 1/56.
wargames  napoleonic  figures  28mm 
november 2013 by geira
Roads and Rivers - Grand Tactical Battles in the American Civil War
You need lots of roads and rivers on a 6mm wargaming table. I wanted to find a better solution than felt strips. I wanted my roads and rivers to lay flat, not curl or warp, and cost next to nothing. Latex caulk is the perfect solution. Best of all, you can use this exact method to create roads and rivers for any scale--3mm, 6mm, 15mm, or 28mm!
wargames  terrain 
november 2013 by geira
Kriegs Corner: Recommended Colors
Vallejo painting guides for wwii infantry figures
wargames  figures  15mm  painting  uniforms 
november 2013 by geira
French Infantry Order of Battle at Ramillies
This is the order of Battle of the French and Spanish Netherlands infantry at Ramillies. It's based on the oob found in Pelet Volume 6 for 15 May 1706. It gives a total of 72 battalions, but specifies only 70. This may very well be due to a transcription error by Pelet with regard to the Spanish battalions of the second line. For the infantry one can reasonably presume it to be the same as that of 23 May 1706.

For the miniature wargamers this table is of course interesting, but for historians this is even more the case. History often speaks about the Franco-Bavarian army at Ramillies. As the table shows the French troops indeed formed the majority of the troops. The designation Franco-Bavarian is however very wrong and should be Franco-Spanish or Franco-Burgundian or even 'Bourbon'. This for the simple reason that there were more Spanish Netherlands than 'Bavarian' battalions in this army.
WSS  oob  ramilles  marlburian  wargames 
november 2013 by geira
Arsenalen - Figurmuseet
En fantastisk samling tennfigurer som visar miljöer från stenålder och framåt. Här berättas om leksakerna som blev samlarobjekt och om en världsberömd svensk designer som var pionjär på sitt område.
svensk  Sweden  military  museum  travel  wargames  figures 
october 2013 by geira
Uniformer, svenska armén - 1600-tal  (UTF-8)
När Karl XI tillträdde som svensk regent år 1672 påbörjades ett arbete med att få en fullständig uniformering av de svenska regementena. Karl XI befallde redan år 1672 att regementena skulle vara beklädda uti sin särskilda färg av klädet.
Sweden  uniforms  military  wargames  renaissance 
october 2013 by geira
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