The 18 Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers
If you're gifting to a coffee lover, you're in luck — there's no hobby that requires more awesome gear.
coffee  gift  gearpatrol  guide 
2 days ago
The 6 Best Sweatshirts for Running in the Cold
Don't let low temperatures put a dent in your training regimen; throw on a sweatshirt and keep clocking in miles instead.
menswear  sweater  sweaters  running  winter  gearpatrol 
2 days ago
What's the Difference Between Washed and Natural Coffee? • Gear Patrol
There's a lot of information on a bag of coffee, but the bit that most determines the flavor is one not a lot of people look at.
coffee  gearpatrol  guide 
3 days ago
Butter & Scotch's Negroni Pie - Imbibe Magazine
From Brooklyn bar and bakery Butter & Scotch, this Negroni pie is a dreamy interpretation of the classic cocktail.
food  recipes  imbibe  alcohol  cocktails  dessert  pie 
4 days ago
How to Carve a Turkey Like a Pro Chef
So you roasted your turkey, and it turned out great. Now what? Follow these steps for the perfect Thanksgiving presentation.
thanksgiving  food  howto  gearpatrol  meat  kitchen 
6 days ago
Slow Cooker Mulled Wine Is the Smart Hostess' Party Trick
Learn the basics of mulling wine and how to make and serve it from a slow cooker.
alcohol  recipes  the_kitchn  wine  hosting 
7 days ago
The 15 Best Watches for Office Wear in 2018
Finding the right watch to wear to the office can be difficult, but only because you're spoiled for choice. Here are 15 of the best options.
watches  menswear  guide  gearpatrol 
11 days ago
The 10-Second Headache Remedy a Physical Therapist Swears By
Physical therapist David Reavy, PT explains how to do a masseter muscle massage to relieve tension headaches, TMJ, and neck tightness. How to relieve headaches naturally with massage.
headache  health  guide  menshealth 
13 days ago
4 Biceps Workout Mistakes to Avoid - Best Arm Exercises
Follow these 4 tips to avoid making common mistakes while training your biceps.
workout  lifting  menshealth 
13 days ago
The Gear You Need to Make the Most of a Fall Hike
Take a hike this fall with gear essentials like the right boots and jacket to enjoy the last warmth before the winter cold sets in.
outdoors  hiking  hikers  gearpatrol 
13 days ago
The 10 Best Coffee Roasters in the World
The best coffee roasters in the world hail from every corner of the globe and do a hell of a lot more than make serviceable coffee beans.
coffee  gearpatrol 
16 days ago
Having Problems Seasoning a Cast-Iron Skillet? Try This. • Gear Patrol
The single largest drawback to owning and cooking on cast-iron skillets is the application and maintenance of seasoning. This is the easiest and fastest method I've come across.
kitchen  cooking  skillet  gearpatrol 
23 days ago
The Best Kids' Movies of the '80s and '90s | The Art of Manliness
I’m a Millennial dad approaching middle age. My young kids are finally at the ages (7 and 5 respectively) where they’ve developed an attention span that allows them to watch a film for longer than 20 minutes. We’ve watched a lot of Cars and Toy Story movies together, but something that has given me a lot of enjoyment is …
movies  list  parenting  artofmanliness 
23 days ago
How to Hem Your Pants
Whether you buy a pair of trousers off-the-rack or you have a suit custom made, you'll need to decide how you want your pants hemmed. We talk with tailor Kirk Miller to learn about the various options.
menswear  pants  howto  gearpatrol  tailoring  tailor 
26 days ago
The 20 Best Things to Cook with an Instant Pot or Multicooker
Just get an Instant Pot? Here are 20 of the absolute best things to make in it.
food  recipes  gearpatrol 
29 days ago
The 20 Best Wheels Ever to See the Road
The rim design is almost as important as any other aspect of the car. These are the 20 best, ever.
car  history  gearpatrol 
4 weeks ago
10 Excel Functions Everyone Should Know
They’re easy to learn, and they’ll make you a lot more productive.
excel  work  hbr 
4 weeks ago
A Tailor’s Guide to Suiting Fabrics
When picking a fabric for a suit, there are a seemingly endless array of fabrics to choose from. We talked to NYC tailor Jake Mueser to learn where to start and what to consider.
menswear  clothes  clothing  tailor  tailoring  gearpatrol  suits 
4 weeks ago
The 10 Best Bar Carts You Can Buy in 2018
The best bar carts provide ample space for your spirit collection, but they mostly just look good. These 10 are the best you can buy at every price point.
home  alcohol  gearpatrol  guide 
5 weeks ago
The Best Men’s Fragrances from 1950 to Today
From Chanel's reference chypre to Creed's conquering Aventus, these are the most popular men's colognes from every decade since the '50s.
gearpatrol  cologne  classic  history 
5 weeks ago
6 Best Classic Colognes - Gear Patrol
When it comes to colognes and scents, Grandpa's medicine cabinet was on target. Here are 6 you should start wearing today.
gearpatrol  cologne  classic 
5 weeks ago
How to Aperitivo with the Seasons - Imbibe Magazine
Aperitivo hour—that magical time when imbibers unwind with low-proof cocktails before an evening unfolds—is a ritual that continues to spread across America.
imbibe  cocktails  drinks  aperitivo  recipes 
5 weeks ago
Getting Ripped vs. Getting Strong | The Art of Manliness
You cannot get both super lean and super strong at the same time. They are goals that are diametrically opposed to each other.
exercise  health  workout  artofmanliness 
6 weeks ago
This 4-Week Plan Will Rock Your Core — Without a Single Situp
This 4-week workout plan challenges your core strength to build better abs.
exercise  workout  menshealth  abs 
6 weeks ago
The 6 Best Daypacks for Hiking
Along with sturdy footware, the daypack is the most essential piece of equipment for hiking. These are the best available.
outdoors  hiking  backpack  gearpatrol  guide 
6 weeks ago
24 Most Beautiful Places in the World to Add to Your Bucket List | Jetsetter
The definition of beauty has many interpretations, but whether you’re talking awe-inspiring landscapes (or wildlife), feats of architecture, or cultural immersion, these 24 destinations are the most beautiful places in the world IOHO. Just try and take a bad picture—we dare you.
travel  travelplanning  tripplanning  jetsetter 
6 weeks ago
How to Dress for Negotiations | The Art of Manliness
Style is a language: The clothing you wear speaks volumes about you long before you open your mouth, and talks to everyone around you, whether you actually exchange words or not. Research has conclusively shown that how you dress not only changes how you feel about yourself, but how others interact with you as well.  What you want …
artofmanliness  howto  menswear  business  style 
7 weeks ago
How to Choose a Cigar | The Art of Manliness
When you walk into a cigar shop, you’re faced with hundreds of options to choose from. How do you select a stogie that you’re going to enjoy? When choosing a cigar, you can really break the selection process into two parts. First, you’ll want to filter your choices based on your broad preferences in a …
artofmanliness  cigar  howto 
7 weeks ago
The Complete List of Genius Black American (African American) Inventors, Scientists and Engineers with Their Revolutionary Inventions That Changed the World and Impacted the History - Part One
Many Black Americans have overcome socio-economic and personal tragedies to lead stellar careers. Here we celebrate their contributions to the world and, in some cases, honor their great sacrifices.
african  history  black_history  engineering 
7 weeks ago
The 20 Best Things to Cook When You Get a Dutch Oven
There's an argument to be made for the Dutch oven as the most multifunctional cookware out there. So why are you only making chili in it? There are 20 recipes to make in a dutch oven (chili included).
recipes  food  gearpatrol 
7 weeks ago
How To Make Simple Syrup for Cocktails
Caution: This may cause your friends to come over daily for happy hour.
the_kitchn  cocktails  homemade  recipes 
7 weeks ago
Every Automotive Emblem, Explained
Behind the creation and evolution of automotive emblems there's often tradition, folklore and mystery. Here's the skinny on the major names.
car  automotive  guide  history  gearpatrol 
8 weeks ago
The Best Hiking Pants of 2018
Sure, you can pull on a pair of jeans and hit the hills, but a pair of hiking pants is a better decision. Your legs will thank you.
hiking  hikers  pants  menswear  gearpatrol  outdoors 
8 weeks ago
10 Awesome Pairs of Men’s Jeans to Wear Everyday
From J.Crew's Japanese Stretch Selvedge Denim to Edwin's generously style, these are the best jeans for most guys to wear every day.
denim  gearpatrol  jeans  menswear 
8 weeks ago
Blast Your Lower Body Into Shape with This 20-Minute Circuit
50 Cent and Kevin Love's trainer, Jay Cardiello, shows off a killer lower body circuit filled with squats and lunges.
exercise  workout  menshealth 
10 weeks ago
25 Grill Recipes You Should Bookmark Right Now
A recipe doesn't have to be complicated to be great.While summer may technically be grilling season, it's really a year-round activity. These 25 recipes are as good as gold for the whole year.
food  recipes  grill  outdoors  summer  gearpatrol 
10 weeks ago
Good Posture: Its Importance, Benefits, and How-To | The Art of Manliness
The benefits of good posture are numerous, and contrary to popular belief, it's not hard to achieve.
artofmanliness  guide  health  posture  exercise 
11 weeks ago
6 Exercises to Stop Slouching | The Art of Manliness
Slouching can lead to a Quasimodo-like hunched back. Use these exercises to strengthen your back and counteract and stop slouching.
health  artofmanliness  exercise  life 
11 weeks ago
Top 5 Books Every Young Investor Must Read
Reading these respected books by finance legends will provide indispensable business and investing insights for young investors.
books  book  investopedia  investing  guide 
11 weeks ago
The History of Labor Day
When the first Labor Day parade was held in 1882 in New York City, the average worker put in six 10-hour days per week.
history  investopedia 
11 weeks ago
The 30 Best Moves for Your Biceps
These 30 workout moves will challenge your biceps with new exercises to build size and strength.
exercise  workout  guide  menshealth 
12 weeks ago
10 Healthy Cookbooks Every Athlete Should Read
The best performance-driven cookbooks, written by people who actually know what they're talking about.
health  food  cooking  books  gearpatrol 
august 2018
The Kitchen Gear Our Staff Can’t Cook Without
Everybody has that one product in their kitchen that they're mildly (to not so mildly) obsessed with — these are ours.
kitchen  home  guide  gearpatrol 
august 2018
5 Tips For Max Strength From One of CrossFit's Strongest Men
Five tips from CrossFit Games runner-up Patrick Vellner to help you get stronger using max lifts.
exercise  workout  lifting  menshealth 
august 2018
The 12 Best Sweat-Wicking Running Shirts Right Now
These 12 shirts are sweat-wicking and feel comfortable all day long. Wear one of them for your track workout or for the half marathon you have coming up.
menswear  summer  exercise  running  gearpatrol 
august 2018
The Best Places to Drink in Every State This Summer (Views Included) | Jetsetter
America is absolutely brimming with fabulous cocktail dens, hometown breweries, and rooftop bars where you can toast the season in style. From an open-air deck on a Delaware beach to a swanky loft in New Orleans, here are 50 best places to drink in every state of the United States.
travel  travelplanning  tripplanning  jetsetter  cocktails  summer 
august 2018
The Best Natural Deodorants for Men
Every year, countless people make the switch from conventional deodorants to natural deodorants. Learn about the benefits of making the switch and the best options for men.
health  deordorant  menshealth  gearpatrol 
august 2018
The 17 Best Western Movies | The Art of Manliness
We give our picks for the 16 best Western movies of all time. As you can guess, John Wayne makes a few appearances.
artofmanliness  movies  western 
august 2018
A Man’s Primer on Tequila | The Art of Manliness
While tequila tends to have a poor reputation here in the States — often serving as the cheap shot of choice for inebriation-minded college students — in Mexico, it’s a cultural tradition that harkens back to centuries of craftsmanship. While some liquors’ origins are muddy or disputed, tequila is unquestionably a Mexican spirit. While in shot form …
artofmanliness  alcohol  cocktails  history  guide 
august 2018
How to Switch from Spotify to Apple Music • Gear Patrol
Apple's HomePod will never support third-party voice commands, so if you're a Spotify subscriber you'll never be able to ask your HomePod to play certain songs or ask questions about the artist or album. Fortunately, there's an easy way to switch over from Spotify to Apple Music.
howto  spotify  gearpatrol 
august 2018
Summer's Best Blender Cocktails - Imbibe Magazine
To celebrate one of summer's greatest pleasures, we've rounded up our best blender cocktails to bookmark for one long season of frozen fun.
cocktails  imbibe  summer 
august 2018
Acing Frozen Cocktails At Home - Imbibe Magazine
The blender can be a home bartender’s best friend on long summer days, but bar recipes don't always translate exactly to home use, so keep these basic principles in mind for best results when whipping up frozen cocktails.
cocktails  howto  summer  imbibe 
august 2018
How to Torch Belly Fat with Just Two Exercises
This 2-exercise routine helps you burn belly fat, fast. Use the kettlebell swing and squat thrust to eliminate belly fat.
workout  exercise  menshealth 
august 2018
The 10 Best Back Workout Moves
These ten back exercises, recommended by fitness expert Tony Gentilcore, will send your workout into overdrive to sculpt a bigger, stronger back.
exercise  workout  menshealth 
august 2018
Get the V-Shaped Body You’ve Always Wanted
Nick Tumminello, C.P.T., owner of Performance University international
exercise  workout  menshealth 
august 2018
The 11 Best Mechanical Watches to Wear When Traveling in 2018
Whether you're driving coast to coast or flying from JFK to Narita, here are 11 great travel watches that will keep you on time.
watches  gearpatrol  guide 
july 2018
7 Expert Airplane Seat Hacks to Boost Comfort on Long Flights - SmarterTravel
Getting comfortable on long plane rides is easier said than done, but these expert airplane seat hacks might do the trick on your next flight.
travel  howto  health 
july 2018
The Best Beef Jerky You Can Buy in 2018
The best beef jerky you can buy online retains all the joyous flavors and memories of road trips and hiking excursions and loses artificial ingredients and excess salt. These are the five best we tested.
food  meat  gearpatrol  guide 
july 2018
4 Dynamite Dumbbell Workouts For Strength And Size
Let these intense dumbbell workouts breathe new strength and size into your results. Put your back, chest, legs, shoulders in a position to succeed!
exercise  lifting  workout  bodybuilding  dumbbell 
july 2018
The 7 Best Bottles of BBQ Sauce at Your Grocery Store
The best bottled barbeque sauces offer what homemade versions offer — smokiness, sweetness, spiciness and tanginess, all balanced against each other.
food  bbq  gearpatrol 
july 2018
These Are the 5 Best American Whiskeys, According to More Than 50 Experts
Only five American whiskeys won gold at the International Spirits Challenge, and almost all of them can be found fairly easily.
whiskey  gearpatrol 
july 2018
Meet the Jacked White House Chef With 24-Inch Biceps
Last month, a political reporter posted a photo of White House chefs cooking at an event for President Donald Trump. Chef Andre Rush, who was pictured, went viral for his massive 24-inch biceps. Here's his fitness routine.
exercise  workout  menshealth 
july 2018
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