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Noothigattu, et al. 2017, "A Voting-Based System for Ethical Decision Making"
We present a general approach to automating ethical decisions, drawing on machine learning and computational social choice. In a nutshell, we propose to learn a model of societal preferences, and, when faced with a specific ethical dilemma at runtime, efficiently aggregate those preferences to identify a desirable choice. We provide a concrete algorithm that instantiates our approach; some of its crucial steps are informed by a new theory of swap-dominance efficient voting rules. Finally, we implement and evaluate a system for ethical decision making in the autonomous vehicle domain, using preference data collected from 1.3 million people through the Moral Machine website.
academicarticle  research  mit  cmu  morality  ethics  computationalsocialchoice  moralmachine  computerscience  ai  algorithms  decisionmaking  crowdsourcing  autonomousvehicles 
november 2017 by geephroh
AI Ruby Plugins
List of AI related libraries for Ruby.
ruby  algorithms  ai  programming  rubyonrails  machinelearning  ff 
october 2007 by geephroh
Penn State: "New search engine ranks tables by title, document content, text reference, August 9, 2007"
"Penn State researchers have developed a search engine -- TableSeer -- which not only can identify and extract tables from PDF documents but also can index and rank the search results using factors including the table's title, text references to the table
search  algorithms  pdf  visualization  research  pressrelease  pennstate 
august 2007 by geephroh

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