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Woman verbally abuses Pride marcher in suspected hate crime in London: ‘You despicable people. Shame on you’ | The Independent
Police are appealing for witnesses to come forward after a Pride marcher was verbally abused by a woman in a suspected hate crime in London. Footage of the incident during the Waltham Forest Pride event showed a woman shouting at another woman draped in a rainbow LGBT+ flag. “Shame on you,” she could be heard shouting. “God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.” The story
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Lik-op-stuk bij seksueel wangedrag jongeren in zwembaden Rotterdam - NRC
In Rotterdam gaat binnenkort een project van start om seksueel geweld en ander onoorbaar gedrag van vooral allochtone jongeren tegen meisjes en jonge…
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Verontrustende signalen AIVD over islamitisch Cornelius Haga Lyceum - AT5
Burgemeester Halsema wil dat het bestuur van het islamitische Cornelius Haga Lyceum opstapt. D
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march 2019 by geekzter
Analysis | Why Muslim extremists attacked this mosque in Egypt
Egyptians carry victims on stretchers following a gun and bombing attack on the Rawda mosque near the North Sinai provincial capital of El-Aris. (AFP/Getty…
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november 2017 by geekzter
Analysis | Saudi Arabia wants to return to ‘moderate Islam.’ Skeptics say it’s a marketing ploy.
Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman sits during an allegiance pledging ceremony in Mecca, Saudi Arabia June 21, 2017. (Bandar Algaloud/Courtesy of…
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october 2017 by geekzter
Onderzoek politicoloog: participatie moslims brengt Europese partijen regelmatig in gewetensnood - Binnenland - Voor nieuws, achtergronden en columns
Rekrutering van moslims om verkiezingen te winnen is niet bevorderlijk voor hun maatschappelijke integratie, vrouwenemancipatie en de politieke integr
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october 2017 by geekzter
Kritiek moslimorganisaties op salafistenschool: 'Ze kapen het islamitisch onderwijs' - Binnenland - Voor nieuws, achtergronden en columns
Het Contactorgaan Moslims & Overheid (CMO) is verbolgen dat de nieuwe islamitische middelbare school in Amsterdam niet samenwerkt met andere islamitis
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september 2017 by geekzter
What Europe can learn from Israel in its war against vehicle attacks
Shortly after the horrific terror attack in Barcelona last week, which claimed the lives of 14 people, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said terrorism is…
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september 2017 by geekzter
Mauritania’s president bundles a patriotic flag change with abolishing the senate
The newly approved flag of Mauritania. On Sunday, eligible citizens of the North African state of Mauritania went to vote on a referendum on two constitutional…
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august 2017 by geekzter
An anti-immigrant group mistook empty bus seats for women wearing burqas
Last week, a photograph that appeared to show six women wearing burqas on a bus sparked a heated debate in a private Facebook group for Norwegians critical of…
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august 2017 by geekzter
Nationaal Coördinator Terrorismebestrijding en Veiligheid | Salafisme en polarisatie
De groeiende invloed van salafisme blijft zorgelijk vanwege de onverdraagzaamheid van deze stroming binnen de islam. De politieke situatie in Turkije en Marokko…
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june 2017 by geekzter
Opinie Ahmed Marcouch: Moslims, hoed u voor dit addergebroed!
Opinie 10 juni 2017 Laatste update 12:35 9.320 Ahmed Marcouch Oud Tweede Kamerlid PvdA Ahmed Marcouch was tot 2017 Tweede Kamerlid voor de PvdA. Hij volgde het…
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june 2017 by geekzter
'Achter islamisering zit een plan'
Ik ontdekte een compleet rechtssysteem dat in strijd is met onze seculiere wetgeving Machteld Zee Machteld Zee. © Wouter van Vaerenbergh/Lumen Onderzoek naar…
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october 2016 by geekzter
Bob Graham: Release More 9/11 Records
Erik Carter In July, after approval from the Obama administration, Congress released a 28-page chapter of previously classified material from the final report…
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september 2016 by geekzter
The French Burkini story explained to my American Friends
The French Burkini story explained to my American Friends I’m a French journalist at Le Monde, in Paris, and a 2015 Fellow at the Nieman Foundation in the…
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september 2016 by geekzter
Why the world’s Muslim population is growing so very, very quickly
Pakistani Muslims buy balloons for their children after prayers in Karachi, Pakistan, in July. (Fareed Khan/AP) This week, I reported a story for The Post from…
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september 2016 by geekzter
Female genital mutilation needed because Egyptian men are ‘sexually weak,’ lawmaker says
People pass a kiosk, center, that is used as a clinic where girls are circumcised by a barber, in the Imbaba area of Giza, Egypt in 2012. (Maya Alleruzzo/AP)…
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september 2016 by geekzter
Imam betreurt ophef over Facebookbericht
AD maakt gebruik van cookies We zijn verplicht om je te informeren over en jouw toestemming te vragen voor het gebruik van cookies op onze website. Ja, ik…
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july 2016 by geekzter
Austria’s Islamic Reforms
In February, the Austrian Parliament amended the country’s century-old “Islam Law.” The new legislation, though controversial, is a significant achievement. In promoting a…
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april 2015 by geekzter
Caliphate of Fear
Font: - + REUTERS Images of Yazidis fleeing parts of Iraq and Syria have shocked the world and the battle against the jihadists with the Islamic State has united Americans, Europeans, Kurds and…
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february 2015 by geekzter

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