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Then-and-Now Photos of Communist Berlin
Photography and Camera News, Reviews, and Inspiration
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6 weeks ago by geekzter
German Grand Prix: How Hockenheim chaos unfolded - BBC Sport
A racing spectacle with so much drama - just what on Earth happened at the German Grand Prix?
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7 weeks ago by geekzter
Facebook says Russia did try to meddle in Brexit vote
BuzzFeed has obtained a statement from Facebook in which the tech giant admits, for the first time, that some Russia-linked accounts may have used its platform…
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november 2017 by geekzter
Britain’s May slams Russia for election meddling and fake news (unlike President Trump)
LONDON — Dispensing with diplomatic niceties, British Prime Minister Theresa May on Monday night charged Vladimir Putin’s Russia with attempting to “undermine…
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november 2017 by geekzter
Analysis | Angela Merkel is going to win reelection. That may not be good.
Want smart analysis of the most important news in your inbox every weekday along with other global reads, interesting ideas and opinions to know? Sign up for…
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september 2017 by geekzter
A Test of Maturity: Germany Must Abandon Its Military Reluctance and Lead - SPIEGEL ONLINE - International
Philipp Schmidt + Andreas Eschme/DER SPIEGEL Germany enjoys high regard around the world. But with American power weakening and authoritarian powers rising, the…
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august 2017 by geekzter
Europees Hof: terrorist mag niet worden uitgezet -
Een terrorist die wordt geacht in staat te zijn een aanslag te plegen in Duitsland, mag het land niet worden uitgezet. De man zit sinds maart vast en blijf - Buitenland
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august 2017 by geekzter
Philips koopt Duitse 'echo-analist' | Philips |
EINDHOVEN - Alweer een overname door Philips. Ditmaal lijft het in zorgtechnologie gespecialiseerde concern het Duitse softwarebedrijf Tomtec in. De onderneming…
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july 2017 by geekzter
3. Favorable views of Germany don’t erase concerns about its influence within EU
June 15, 2017 Post-Brexit, Europeans More Favorable Toward EU By , Richard Wike and Dorothy Manevich Across the European countries surveyed, Germany is…
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june 2017 by geekzter
Analysis | Europe’s far right is rising, but mainstream conservatives are the real winners so far
Marine Le Pen in Six-Fours, France, in 2015. (Jean-Paul Pelissier/Reuters) LONDON — The defeat of French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has mainly been…
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may 2017 by geekzter
Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands Want to Build an Island Hub to Support 100GW of Offshore Wind
A group of European countries is looking to build a giant island in the North Sea in order to support up to 100 gigawatts of offshore wind projects. If built,…
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april 2017 by geekzter
Philips Lighting installs first supermarket with indoor positioning in Germany
• EDEKA Paschmann supermarket in Düsseldorf first to pioneer Philips’ indoor positioning in Germany • Philips Lighting showcases new location analytics and…
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march 2017 by geekzter
German politician sentenced to prison over Nazi camp tattoo
Far-right politician Marcel Zech is waiting for the beginning of the appeal case with his lawyer Wolfram Nahrath, rear, at a courtroom in Neuruppin, Germany…
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november 2016 by geekzter
Why UK Brexit talk baffles Germany - BBC News
Image copyright EPA Image caption Are the PM and German
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november 2016 by geekzter
Extreemlinkse nachtclub in Leipzig: 'Migranten hebben zich misdragen, we zijn naïef geweest' | ThePostOnline
Buitenland De extreem-linkse nachtclub en jongerencentrum Conne Island te Leipzig heeft zich publiekelijk verontschuldigd voor een te na
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october 2016 by geekzter
Clashes between Germans and refugees spark new tensions. This is what ISIS envisioned.
Refugees and asylum seekers stand on the square by the Kornmarkt shopping center in Bautzen, Germany, on Wednesday. (XCITEPRESS/DPA via AP) The city of Bautzen…
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september 2016 by geekzter
What If Hitler Never Declared War on America?
Hitler declares war on the United States. Bundesarchiv photo What If Hitler Never Declared War on America? It would have bought the Nazis time in the…
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september 2016 by geekzter
The U.S.’s “Special Relationship” Is with Germany, Not Britain
The day after Britain’s vote to leave the European Union, President Obama went on record to reassure Prime Minister David Cameron that there would be no major…
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june 2016 by geekzter
Examining the cybersecurity landscape of utilities and control systems
Stephen Boyer Crunch Network Contributor Stephen Boyer is co-founder and chief technology officer of security ratings company BitSight. How to join the network…
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june 2016 by geekzter
If England loses the Euro 2016 will the E.U. lose Britain?
A Union Jack flag flutters at the European Commission in Brussels in January. (Laurent Dubrule/European Pressphoto Agency) LONDON — Next week's referendum of…
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june 2016 by geekzter
Post-Safe Harbor: Adobe fined for shipping personal info to the US 'without any legal basis' • The Channel
A German regulator has fined three companies for failing to change the way they share people's personal information following the invalidation of the Safe…
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june 2016 by geekzter
Turkey withdraws Berlin ambassador after German Parliament recognizes Armenian ‘genocide’
Demonstrators hold a Turkish flag in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin on Wednesday to protest a resolution of the German Bundestag on the Armenian…
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june 2016 by geekzter
German Manufacturing Is Leading a Digital Industrial Revolution
Germany’s automakers, auto suppliers, machinery companies, and machine tool builders have long been considered the world’s leaders in manufacturing in large…
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june 2016 by geekzter
Germany had so much renewable energy on Sunday that it had to pay people to use electricity
On Sunday, May 8, Germany hit a new high in renewable energy generation. Thanks to a sunny and windy day, at one point around 1pm the country’s solar, wind,…
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may 2016 by geekzter
Could this poem trip up Angela Merkel?
A composite picture made of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in 2015, left, and German comedian and television host Jan Böhmermann in 2012. (Robert…
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april 2016 by geekzter
Why a Bosch IoT Cloud? | Bosch ConnectedWorld Blog
Perhaps one of the most exciting developments happening in the Bosch Group at the moment is its transition to an IoT company.
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march 2016 by geekzter
EU leaders: 'No link' between Cologne sex attacks and migrant crisis
Prime Minister David Cameron, walks with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, second right, prior to a meeting at EU headquarters in Brussels
eu  politics  germany  migration  europe 
january 2016 by geekzter
Germany Risks Its Reputation With Idea of Greece Exiting Eurozone
LONDON — For decades, Germany saw its role as the financier and beneficiary of European unity, a combination of penance for the past and self-interest. The rest of the Continent came to rely…
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july 2015 by geekzter
How Germany’s ban of the Nazi swastika echoes in the battle over the Confederate flag
In this undated file photo from the 1930s a member of the Hitlerjugend - HJ (Hitler Youth) wearing his uniform holds a big drum as he stands in front of a tent in a camp looking at a flag of the…
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june 2015 by geekzter
Clube Português
Erkrather Str. 197
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may 2015 by geekzter
Germany's trade surplus is a problem
In a few weeks, the International Monetary Fund and other international groups, such as the G20, will meet in Washington. When I attended such international meetings as Fed chairman, delegates…
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april 2015 by geekzter
A Munich in Moscow
Russian President Vladimir Putin, French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Moscow February 6, 2014. Photo via USA Today Staunton, February 7 – The meeting of…
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february 2015 by geekzter
Open letter to the German readers: That which you were never told about Greece
Alexis Tsipras' "open letter" to German citizens published on Jan.13 in Handelsblatt, a leading German language business newspaper Most of you, dear Handesblatt readers, will have formed a…
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january 2015 by geekzter
German-designed ‘smart’ guns rerouted after cultural backlash in U.S.
One recent grey, rainy morning outside Munich, Ernst Mauch showed a visitor around his office, which sits next to a suburban shopping centre. A conference table was arranged with coffee, plates of…
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december 2014 by geekzter
Computer intrusion inflicts massive damage on German steel factory
A German steel factory suffered significant damage after attackers gained unauthorized access to computerized systems that help control its blast furnace, according to a report published Friday by…
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december 2014 by geekzter
Why Germans Work Fewer Hours But Produce More: A Study In Culture
When many Americans think of Germany, images of WWII soldiers and Hitler often come to mind. But what many people don’t realize is that Germany is the industrial powerhouse of…
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november 2014 by geekzter
The Berlin Wall fell 25 years ago — but Germany is still divided
A woman and a man walk along the painted East Side Gallery, a former part of the Berlin Wall, and are reflected in a rain puddle in Berlin, Germany, 08 July 2014. The weather forecast predicts more…
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october 2014 by geekzter
The Mall Of Berlin, A Whole New Concept For Urban Consumers
BERLIN — Fashion outlets, a chain bookshop, drugstores, bakeries, fast food joints: Shopping centers in Germany are all pretty similar, inside and out. Most of these temples of…
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september 2014 by geekzter
Boxcryptor | Encryption for cloud storage | Window, Mac, Android, iOS |
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november 2013 by geekzter
Melli-Beese-Straße 1
Flugfeld Böblingen/Sindelfingen
D-71063 Sindelfingen
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april 2013 by geekzter
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